Monday, November 25, 2013

The One Week Foot Detox

+3 and I are going to do a one week foot detox. We came across one of those foot detox sticker things, where you stick a herbal patch to the soles of your feet, and leave it overnight. The herbal patch is supposed to draw out toxins, and the next morning the patch turns brown.

We bought one to try, and sure enough, the patch on the soles of our feet did turn brown after. Seemed to have a rested sleep as well, so we thought we would try doing this for a week.

Day one and the patch is on and I'm going to sleep. I'm going to try to document this so here's to a good night's rest and toxins exiting my body.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

On My To Do List

- Sleep early. I'm trying to do that sleep early, wake early thing, but it's hard when you're pulling late nights in the office. Left work relatively early today, so I'm quite pleased that I'm already in bed and it's not even 10.30pm. Will need to try to keep this up.

- Ride. It's been months since I last rode and I finally got me a pump so I can pump my tires. Bike is all ready (albeit a tad dusty) and the plan is to take it for a spin tomorrow morning. Need to get used to being on the saddle again!

- Make almond butter. Just because it's so yum and it's been a while. Might try to make nutella too if I can find cheap hazelnuts.

Random thoughts. :)