Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taking The Bus

It's the first time I've taken a bus in a long, long time. Short two-stop trips from the train station to my old office because I was too lazy to walk don't count.

Hopped on the bus and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't all that crowded. There were more than enough seats, and I chose one that seemed to have plenty of legroom.

Just as I was going to update my FB status about the apparent lack of crowd, the bus pulls in to a stop along a main road and a surge of people get on. So my delight was premature, and now the bus is so crowded that people on later stops can't get on.

Oh well.

Anyway, time to log off and start paying attention to the road. I'm supposed to get off after 22 stops, but I've forgotten to count. Lol.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The End Of An Era

Amazing how much coffee and snacks one consumes on the last day of work. Everyone wants to say farewell, and I'm now so buzzed my heart is racing.

It's.. bittersweet. I've had many wonderful memories and made so many friends. Yet, the circumstances left me with no choice but to leave and I feel a sense of relief.

On to greener pastures. I guess I can only treasure the good memories that I have, say good riddance to the bad ones, and look forward to a new beginning.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Good

After more than ten years since Diablo2 was out, we finally have Diablo3. And while I don't really care for having to create a account and only being able to play while connected, I feel like an itch has been scratched and that all is well in the world once again.

It's been so long since I played any computer game (iPhone games don't count) that my brain has forgotten how to navigate such interfaces. Had to keep asking Alf how to get to the menu, how to drink a potion and how o pause the game. But it's all good.

Happy days are here!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's been a while since I've done one of those "I'm thankful for.." type posts, so I guess today's as good as any day to do one.

1. My foldable umbrella
I used to be one of those people who never carried a brolly. Nevermind that the skies were overcast and that you could almost smell the rain, I was tough and didn't need a brolly. After all, skin is waterproof, right?

Who knows what happened to that tough chick. I now carry my foldable brolly in my bag, and I'm so glad I do. With the unpredictable weather these days, the brolly protects against the elements.

Example: Decided to walk to Orchard Road after I was done with my appointment at Nassim Road. It wasn't all that far, about a ten to fifteen minute walk, but the sun was scorching. Before I knew it, I had whipped out the brolly (just like my ma).

But at least I was cool and the sweat wasn't pouring down my face. Which allowed me to watch videos on.. 

2. VLC media player app on my iPhone
VLC released an app for the iPhone which allowed users to view videos of any format without having to make them iPhone compatible. But not too long after the app hit the iTunes store, it got pulled. So for those people who are trying to find it, I don't think you can.

I'm pretty sure that there are other apps which allow you to watch videos, but everyone knows VLC! Plus, I'm too lazy to find out which ones they are. Lol.

Thanks to this app, the commute to work is no longer boring and I can (try to) keep up to date with the latest TV shows. Which brings me to...

3. Chris
aka Provider of All Videos. Where would we be without him and his obsession with getting hold of the latest TV shows and movies?

4. LGG
Well, seeing as how I'm too lazy to meet up with Chris, LGG is usually the one who does the grabbing. Of digital files. (Of course, no one is stopping her if she wants to grab more.)

On top of being the more sociable of the two, and generously sharing all her friends with me, LGG is the best friend anyone can have. Actually, the best friend *I* could have.

She is actually as bo liao as me (if not more, don't be fooled!), and is usually more than willing to partake and suggest nonsense shenanigans to keep us occupied.

From LOTR movie marathons, to cooking marmite-themed meals. From kissing random strangers just for fun, to getting drunk on too much champagne. From planning holiday destinations, to MSN conversations about casting actors for Edding's books.

Anyway, without LGG, I wouldn't have been introduced to the show Vampire Diaries.

5. Vampire Diaries
OMG Damon is so hot. He should appear topless in the show more often. Enough said. Lol.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cutting Down

I just realised tonight how much I can and do drink. Hanging out with people with the same level of alcohol tolerance kind of breeds this sense of normalcy, but when you start to hang out with "normal" people, you're not so normal after all.

Had drinks at No5 today with some of the guys (and gal) from work. Started off with a vodka lime while we ordered food, while the others nursed a beer each. Polished off my drink pretty quickly and ordered me a second one, when I realise that I'm the only one who has finished my first drink.

As the evening wears on, I finish 2 vodka limes, 1 beer and I think 4 martinis. And I'm perfectly OK. A little more chatty than usual, and grinning from ear to ear, but very OK. And everyone else? 2-3 drinks each, max 4-5 drinks.


It made me realise that I really need to stop drinking so much, and that it's not normal to be able to polish off a *bottle and a half* of wine for dinner. Health reasons and bla bla.

I guess I really need to make a conscientious effort to cut down abd drink less. Plus I can save more money too. :D