Thursday, May 17, 2018

Speaking in Sentences

Today, the little one told me "Nana go gong gong house". He's also said before,  "Take train go gong gong house". 

He also recognises where to stop when we take the train, and will say "OK! " when the train is at the station or the bus is pulling into the bus stop. 

Aaaah my baby is growing up so fast. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


In his sleep: Bubbles? Bubbles. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Jibber Jabber

It's so cute to see the little one express himself. He can articulate what he likes and does not like ("I like it. I no like it!") and is sometimes crafty enough to say he does not like something (eg, Scott's cod liver oil) and ask for something else that he likes (multivitamin gummies). But give him the cod liver oil anyway, and he'll take it. Haha. 

He also says "hungry" and can tell you what he wants to eat "oats, eggs, bread". He has a great imagination and will put a ball in a flower pot and hold it up to you and tell you that it's ice cream. And I love how his dad encourages him by changing different coloured balls and asking him what the different flavours are. 

He can sing quite a few songs too. Pearly Shells and Tiny Bubbles aren't your typical bedtime lullabies, but are songs that his lola has been singing to him since he was a little bub and now he sings along, and can even request if he wants you to sing it to him. 

We also watch a fair bit of Super Simple Song videos, and he can sing a long to quite a number of their songs. And if he doesn't like what he is watching? "Change!"

These days, he describes what's going on pretty well. "Mama go office", "Daddy outside", "Nana sleeping". And sometimes he can get pretty detailed too. "AC blue car where?" "Put orange donut inside".

One day, +3 was playing with him and gave him 5 coins. Later on he only gave him 3 coins, and the little one actually reminded his dad "some more?" until he handed over the other 2 coins.  Awesome memory. 

We got a letter in the school communications book inviting us for our first ever Parent-Teacher Conference,  and I have to say I'm really excited. It's only been 4-5 months and already we can see how much he has developed, grown and learnt.  


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers' Day

I wouldn't be the recipient of mother's day celebrations if I didn't have the little one. At 2 years and a little over 3 months old, his personality is really developing and it's quite clear he inherited the joker genes from his parents. 

Waking up in the mornings on the weekends is probably one of my favourite things about being a mother. We're still bed-sharing so when I wake up, I see a little face staring back at me, who breaks out into the sweetest smile. Sometimes we start the morning singing songs, or giggling over funny faces. And if we're lucky, the little one will let out a long, loud fart which he will proudly announce "FART! ".

The hubby wanted to go out for breakfast this morning, but I didn't feel like forking out 20 bucks a person for eggs, bacon and toast. So we prepared toast, sausages and scrambled eggs, and set out the picnic mat and had a simple picnic on the balcony. 

We're now hanging out at home cos it's raining, and the boy is playing with his "donuts". +3 bought some small wooden discs for the busy board and had some extra and the little one is feeding us with banana, carrot and broccoli donuts. I love how imaginative he is - one of his favourite things to play now is pretend cooking and eating. The other day,  he squeezed folded up umbrella and told us he was putting ketchup. 

He's also the sweetest boy. He saw a bruise on my leg and said "pain pain, put cream" and brought me to the room so I could get some cream for him to put in my leg. 

Of course, we're not exempt from the terrible twos but honestly, it doesn't feel all that terrible to me. It's sometimes quite funny to see him have a meltdown over the smallest and oddest reasons,  but I know it's all developmental and he usually is a sweetheart anyway. I think being an older mom really helps me with perspective. 

Anyway,  enough here and off to spend time with the family. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

8 Days in Bandung and Tasik

Wed 4 Apr
- Flight from SIN to BDO was the little one's first time on a flight with his own seat. He did not like being buckled in and struggled so much that he bit his tongue. He also only preferred the fruit from the on flight meal. 
- Got picked up and went to SIL's new home. Parts of it were still under reno so we decided to book a hotel room cos it was dusty and not too safe for the lottle one with all the tools and sharp pieces lying around.
- Had my massage with Bu Made. 
- Little one had a massage too and peppered her with kisses after. Hehe 
- Dinner at home before checking into the hotel (Mason Pine Hotel). 

Thu 5 Apr 
- Breakfast was included in the bookimg so we head there in the morning. Nothing exciting.
- Had lunch at a cafe called Miss Bee's and I love love love the place. Apparently it gets really crowded on weekends and I can see why. I had pasta and sweet potato fries and a fruit bowl which was my favouritest thing I ate in the cafe. 
- +3 was supposed to go to the dentist but the wait was too long and I was exhausted carrying and even more exhausted toddler so we went back instead. 
- Had dinner at the hotel. Food was pretty good. 
- Discovered that the little one thinks it's hilarious to have what little hair he has tied up in a fringe-ponytail. Have to admit he looks super cute with that hipster hairdo. 

Fri 6 Apr 
- Decided to explore the hotel and discovered that there was a kid's club and a rather nice water play area. Didn't pack a suit so we stayed indoors in the kid's club. We were the only ones! 
- Bu Made came in the afternoon for more massagey goodness. 
- Had dinner with SIL at a nearby restaurant. Almost wanted to punch a Korean guy who kept tripping over babyAC's baby chair. YOU CANNOT SEE ISSIT.
- Did not know you can download youtube videos which allows you to watch them offline. This is awesome and I downloaded so many videos from Super Simple Songs. Hehe. 

Sat 7 Apr
- We were supposed to head out to the Factory Outlets but that didn't happen so we had lunch in the hotel and napped and decided to just take it easy.
- Checked out the chinese restaurant in the hotel for dinner and ordered too much food. 
- Video called gong gong cos the little one kept asking "gong gong where?"
- Have to add the little one is also super friendly and always saying "Hello!" to everyone he meets. 
- MIL is in Bandung but she had to head out with my SIL to Sukabumi for some ching ming stuff. Didn't get to meet them cos by the time they got back to Bandung was super late. 

Sun 8 Apr 
- Meet up with MIL and family (both SIL's and their families), and also one of +3's  cousins. Had an early breakfast in case they picked us up late and I was right. By the time we got to the dim sum place it was 939-945am?
- Dim sum place was in a mall. Did a spot of shopping after. What did we buy? Ice cream and underwear from Mark's and Spencers lol. 
- Finally left Bandung at 1+ with the little one passing out in the middle of Zara. 
- Drove and stopped by Asep Strawberry for a late lunch. Yay! Ever since we discovered how convenient it was to take the train to and fro Bandung and Tasik, we hadn't been to Asep Strawberry. MIL was sweet enough to hire a driver to drive down to Bandung so we could all drive back up and pass by Asep Strawberry. 
- Yummy food. Happy me. 
- We ate at a pavilion which meant we were sitting on the floor with low tables. Little one was a happy camper running around. 
- Got to Tasik in the evening and picked up some groceries and diapers before heading back home. Was too full for dinner so I prepared oats for the little one and off to bed. 

Mon 9 Apr 
- Being in Tasik = lazy days. We didn't really have any plans. +3 and MIL caught up while the little one played in the garden riding a toy car that's more thab 10 years old. 
- Had chicken porridge for breakfast and mie (not from mie selecta though, but thr brother's shop) for lunch. YUM. 
- Took naps and got bitten by a gazilliom mozzies. (I'm the only one who gets bitten, by the way.)
- Dentist aunty came by as well. Little one is busy charming everyone he meets. 
- Just realised we didn't have bandrek when I was there! Oi. 

Tue 10 Apr 
- SIL was supposed to come to Tasik so we could all go to my FIL's grave for ching ming. The plan was then to go back to Bandung together. However Bu Made said that the timing was too late (SIL's home is outside of Bandung) so we had to think about what to do. 
- Decided to take the train to Bandung and check into a hotel near the train station. The hotel also provided a free shuttle to the airport so that settled our transport.
- SIL arrived much later than expected so we didn't get to go to my FIL's grave to pay our respects. 
- Did a quick run to the department store to buy some clothes and oranges for offerings.
- Got to the train station where the little one tired himself out pushing the (very heavy) luggage back and forth. That's one of his favourite things to do too.
- He was excited to see the train, then passed out in his seat while eating a bread bun. 
- Train ride was uneventful (which is always a good thing). Offline youtube videos helped. 
- It was a short walk from the train station to the hotel but the sidewalks were so badly maintained, +3 had to carry the luggage (instead of roll it) most of the way. With him doing all the heavy lifting, we were so glad that Bu Made was able to give him a massage when she came. 
- Called in-room dining for dinner and had an early night. 

Wed 11 Apr 
- How did a week just pass by so quickly?! 
- +3 was feeling bloated, probably cos he skipped lunch and wolfed down dinner after his massage. The aircon in the room probably didn't help as well. 
- Hotel brekkie, back to the room to pack, checked out and took the free airport shuttle. Something we'll look out for when we go to Bandung next time and stay in hotels. 
- Bought a book for the little one and some snacks for colleagues at the airport. 
- Didn't buckle up on the way back to avoid a meltdown. 
- Home sweet home. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Is Sharing With Yourself Still Sharing?

The little one loves cars and once in a while we'll get him a toy car. Today, +3 found a purple car that was on sale and bought it for the boy. 

As expected, the little one really loved the purple car and was carrying it around everywhere. Even to the toilet. He was in his room playing with the car, rolling it around on the table. 

Me: Can share with mama? Can I play? *reaching out my hand*
LO: *opens up his free hand and puts the car in it* Share. Thank you AC. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My Roundabout Train of Thought

Was at the kitchen this evening when +3 walked in. For some reason, the both of us decided to raise our hands in the air and pump it banghra style, which reminded me of an old blog post I read today at the office. 

I wanted to share the story of the night we went to the Rupee Room, but somehow ended up telling +3 about my meeting in the office this afternoon. Which led me to tell him about some back story about work. And by the time I finished telling him about my meeting, I had no idea why I was talking about it and he reminded me that I was telling him about my colleague, Jul. 

And I was talking about Jul because I was giving her a live blow-by-blow account of the meeting which she thought was funny and suggested that I should blog. Which made me read some of my old blog entries, which included the one about the Rupee Room which was what I wanted to tell +3 about because of our hands-in-the-air dancing just a few minutes ago.