Monday, January 15, 2018

Alphabet Dreams

Tonight while sleeping, babyAC yells out "E! ... Eggs!" 

Friday, January 12, 2018

A New Milestone

We managed to get a spot in a childcare near our home, and babyAC started daycare this week. I was allowed to join in for the first three half-days, to help him get used to the new environment. 

Before starting, there were so many things to prepare. Although there was a trial period and didn't need to buy a school uniform so soon, I decided to do so anyway because the likelihood of us withdrawing him was pretty low. I also had to get stuff I never thought of needing- labels for clothes, stickers for his water bottle, and a wet bag to put his stuff in after showering.
Got the necessary items and packed his bag. His grandma bought a cute little ladybug bag for him but after packing it with the stuff he needed, he could barely carry the bag (eeks). So I packed his stuff in a slightly larger backpack and carried it instead. 

Day 1: Got to daycare and the teachers were already expecting him. He cried through the necessary medical checks, but happily traipsed into the play area. There's an allocated space for his shoes, bag and water bottle. 

The boy was naturally curious and was exploring all the new toys while the teacher explained some administrative stuff to me. There were a number of kids (the ones who get there early) who were singing songs and dancing with another teacher. 

He would explore and play, but regularly come to me to hold my hand or sit in my lap. It was a rainy morning, so there were no outdoor activities. He had lunch there (didn't seem like enough eeks) and showered too. Wasn't happy with the shower and struggled throughout. 

Day 2: Explore and play, and the teacher set out some paints and stamps for arts and crafts. He struggled when having the apron put on him, but enjoyed playing with the stamps and paint. The class also went to the community garden and he started to get really clingy instead of holding his classmate or teacher's hand, and kept wanting me to pick him up. His body was feeling rather warm so I had his temperature taken and he was having a fever so we headed back home instead. 

I was hoping it was just teething but... 

Day 3: Outdoor activity for the day was sand play and after that they had some dough play. We took his temp and he had a fever so I had to bring him back. 

The panadol I gave him at home did not seem to kick in and he was still feverish in the afternoon, so I got nurofen. When that didn't seem to kick in, I brought him to the clinic where the doctor said it was probably a viral fever, and that I was managing it the right way. 

So I guess he picked something up from one of his classmates. I didn't bring him to daycare today as he was still having a fever at night, and will probably go on Monday instead. 

All in all, I liked the teachers and the many activities that the little ones get to experience. I've a newfound respect for early childhood educators cos the amount of energy and patience you need to have is incredible. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Sometimes I wonder what the little one dreams about. Tonight, he suddenly sat up in his sleep and shouted CHEESE!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Before I Write About 2018

I wrote about our Genting Trip but didn't write down what happened after. A quick summary.

Got back from Genting on Monday night (18 Dec) and had taken the next day off (19 Dec) so we could rest a bit, knowing that a road-trip would be quite tiring. We had lunch at Lawry's to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (3 years! and I'm still madly in love) and then headed to the cinema to catch the latest Star Wars movie.

I was having a bit of a headache, and the 3D glasses made me feel worse, so by the time the movie was done and we were having dinner at Ichiban Sushi, I was feeling so ill I could barely eat. Popped a couple of panadols and went back home to rest.

Took another 2 panadols before heading to bed, but couldn't really sleep. Took my BP measurements and they were high - 185/111. By midnight, my headache was THROBBING and it was worrying that the panadol didn't really seem to kick in. CH suggested I go to a 24 hour clinic or the A&E so I made my way to Raffles Hospital.

At the clinic (or was it A&E), my BP had risen to 194/133 and the doctor ordered some blood tests and a CT scan. My BP kept rising (217/133!) so they had me warded in the ICU. They wanted to observe me so I had an ECG thing stuck and a BP cuff (actually 2 BP cuffs) and a very expensive hospital bill.

Long story short, I was in ICU for 2 nights, and moved to a normal ward for the third night. I had to do CT scans (brain looked ok), and echograms (heart looks ok - a bit thicker than normal but the doctor didn't seem too worried). I was on pain meds and new BP meds and had stabilised before the doctor gave me the OK to be discharged.

I was wondering why I had to do so many heart tests and why they assigned a cardiologist to me, but later read that high blood pressure (hypertension) is a warning of more serious cardiovascular problems. Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases the risks of aneurysm, heart failure, heart attack, kidney damage and stroke. SO THAT'S WHY.

Frankly, knowing I had high BP didn't really worry me all that much till this hospital scare. Cos now it's not a BP issue but one potentially to do with my heart. Ack.

All my tests came out ok so the doctors weren't sure why my BP spiked so high. Which I reckon is quite dangerous because that means my BP could easily spike highly again. Gah.

So 2018 is a year where I really, really need to make lifestyle changes and focus more on getting healthier. Let's work towards that!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Genting Family Holiday

What a week it's been. Quite a few things happened in the past week.

Last Friday, I got off the bus to work and saw a lady crying. She approached me and asked if I could help her be a hair model for her hair exam. Apparently the person she asked didn't show up and if she didn't take the exam she would get sacked from her job. Long story short, I ended up helping her and now have bright red highlights and really damaged hair. Thankfully it's only hair and I'm glad I was in a position to help. (But no, not gonna make it a regular thing).

I also had my first professional supervision session on Friday afternoon, which was very insightful. It's good to be able to talk about your cases and get feedback about how to better approaxh similar situations in the future. It was also reassuring to know that something that was bugging me was out of my control, and to learn to let go of things that I cannot help.

On Saturday, the family headed to Malaysia for our weekend in Genting. I booked a minivan that picked us up from our home, and stopped along the way for breakfast and lunch before dropping us off at our hotel. Immigration was a pain and took such a long time, but once we cleared it and was on our way, the fun began.

First stop for breakfast was Yuan Yean Fishball in Yong Peng. Fishballs were yummy but I'd recommend taking the noodles in soup rather than dry. Next stop was a toilet break midway, then lunch at Chuan Kie Restaurant in Gohtong Jaya. This was a typical Chinese style restaurant, dishes that I liked were the steamed egg and 3 flavour chicken. Their ginger chicken was good too. 

Checked in to the hotel and rested while my brother's kids checked out the pool. Awana Genting has heated pools but we forgot to bring any swimwear. Took the free shuttle bus to the Skyway place which was right next to the premium outlet malls. Had dinner (forgot the name but the hor fun was yum) and walked around the shops for a bit before heading back to the hotel. Note to self: If we ever stay at Awana Genting again, get the shuttle bus schedule from the receptionist. 

Breakfast was at the hotel buffet and then we made our way up to the new Genting Mall. Papa and Mama kept saying our different the place was since the last time they been to Genting (20+ years ago?). Had lunch at a pizza place where babyAC had 2 slices of pizza then split up with the group so we had time to do our own things.

We went back to the hotel to rest and made our way back to meet up for dinner. Had bak kut teh, walked around a bit and went back. The next morning we had breakfast and prepared to checkout.

While waiting for our minivan, Boon Seng's brother drove up from KL to meet up and say hi, and soon Boon Seng came as well. A quick change of plans and we had durian and lunch at Gohtong Jaya before making our way down to Singapore. Dinner was at Yi Jia Seafood, which was really good, and then braved the immigration before heading back home.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lost... and Found!

So I lost my wallet last week after sending my dad to the hospital. I stopped by the ATM, hurried to the cab stand to rush back to class. My sis had called me and I was admittedly quite distracted with our phone conversation, and by the time I got to my destination, I realised my wallet wasn't with me. 

It's such a hassle to lose your wallet. First, I had to call my colleague to come down to help me pay for my cab fare. And after thoroughly checking through the cab and my backpack, I then had to call the banks to cancel my credit cards and ATM cards, and call my husband to do the same with his cards that were with me. 

I then had to ask the school to deactivate the access card, and issue a new one (damage: $30 - but thankfully the school was gracious enough to absorb the cost for me). 

After that, I went online to make a police report detailing all the items I lost- not really a must-do but it's good to have a record in case someone uses my IC and pretend to be me on carousel or something. 

Had to make a new condo access card ($30), get new ATM cards ($5), and get a new IC ($100) and drivers license (no idea how much it would cost). The police lady who was in charge of my case advised me to wait for a couple of weeks before renewing it, to see if anyone returned my IC.

My wallet also contained my wanyang card with the details of the balance number of sessions, all ny discount cards from various places, my spare ezlink card, kopitiam card and hundred over dollars in cash. 

I kept track of my ezlink card through the ezlink activate page (PSA: register your ezlink cards so you can block them if they are lost), and since there was no activity on the card, I maintained a glimmer of hope that my wallet would be returned. 
+3 thought my wallet was pickpocketed because he thought there were people who targeted distracted people at the ATMs to make sure there is cash in the wallet. And over the weekend, I grew slightly more resigned to the fact that I would probably have lost everything forc good.

To my pleasant surprise, I found a letter in my mailbox yesterday stating that there was a found item! *dance! I took some time off and made my way down to the office and everything was returned! The lady gave me a list of all the items inside and there were all 40 items (6pcs of bandaid too). 

Thank you to the kind stranger who returned my wallet intact, the world is made a much better place with people like you in it. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Potty Training

So proud of the little guy. He can poo and pee in the potty, and can even tell you when he wants to do a poopoo.