Saturday, July 14, 2018

Oh really?

Daddy: You're coughing. What food cannot eat when coughing?
AC: Pasta
Daddy: Pasta is ok. Fried food cannot. Cold drinks cannot. Ice cream cannot. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Scooter Success

We bought the little one a scooter a couple of months ago but he never quite seemed to get the hang of how it worked. Instead of stepping on it and kicking off, he was happy to push it along like how he would push his luggage.

Fast forward to this lazy afternoon. We're lazing around at home when we hear the little one say "I learn! I learn! I learn scooter!" and he is scooting his way from the room to the living room. 

Hurrah! We never really pushed him to figure out how to use the scooter so it was quite a pleasant surprise to see that he had figured it all out by himself. 

The boy is growing up and learning ao fast, it's really such a joy to watch. 

Growing Up

I've written before that we bedshare with the little one. Even though +3 has said that the little one should be sleeping in his own room, I said that we should wait till he could open the doors to our rooms easily in case he wakes up in the middle of the night. 

I get it. We don't want the boy to become dependant on sleeping with us as he gets older, but he's only 2+, and I do enjoy having him in the bed with us.

However, last night, the boy trotted to his room after changing to his PJs and brushing his teeth. "Sleep in bed," he said, crawling up into his bed. 

I asked if he wanted to sleep in mama's bed and he said no. 


Anyway, I didn't want to discourage him but I wasn't ready for him to sleep alone in his room, so we brought his bed into the room with us. 

Last night he slept in his bed but woke up in the middle of the night crying. We ended up putting back in our bed and he slept soundly till late in the morning. 

Tonight, he said he wanted to sleep in his bed again and he just woke up again. Carried him for a while and when he calmed down, I put him back in his bed where he is still sleeping.


I've got mixed feelings. Part of me is happy that he is growing up and asserting his independence and need for his own space. But part of me misses my baby sleeping next to me, holding my hair and snoring next to my ear.

Parenthood isn't easy but I'm loving this journey so far. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Washing Hands

One of the things we do when we get home is wash our hands. We explain to the little one that it is because when he is out, he has been touching stuff and his hands are not clean.

Now when he goes to wash his hands and we ask him why, he will say:

"Touch bussssss! Touch taxiiiiiii! Touch leeeeeaaaveees!" 

Too cute. 

He also chatters a lot and will make observations about what is going on.

BabyAC eat egg. Mama eat bread. 
Bridge! Go up, go down.
Red light, stop! 

Love this little dude so much.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


This evening.

Me: Can Mama sit in your stroller?
Him: No!
Me: Why not?
Him: Mama so big!
Me: Can Daddy sit in your stroller?
Him: No!
Me: Why not?
Him: Daddy so big!
Me: Can you sit in your stroller?
Him: Yes! So small!


MOTN Toilet Runs

You know how you wake up in the middle of the night to pee? For most people, it's no big deal. You wake up, fumble your way to the toilet, switch on the light (or not), find the loo, pee and hope you're not peeing on the floor.

Not in this household. Not for me, at least.

We bedshare, and the little one has a habit of pulling on my hair when we sleep. Sometimes he stirs, which makes me wake up, which makes me realise my bladder is FULL. I need to go pee but I've got the tiny little fist of the human I created wrapped around my hair. 

I slowly untangle my hair from his fingers, and slowly get up. Which doesn't really work cos removing my hair from his hand triggers some sort of alarm bell in his hand and he wakes up. 

Mama's going to the toilet.
Mama will be back.

And cos I need to pee, and I don't want to wake the Hubby, I scoop him up and carry him to the bathroom with me and hold him while I do my business.

Sigh. The drama.

These days (ok just today, but I'm hopeful!) we can negotiate a little. I got up to pee and the little one says to me:

Mama's going to the toilet. I'll be back. 
Wait for me sweetie. 

But I managed to run off to the toilet without carrying him, go back (to a crying little boy) and shove a lock of my hair in his hands. 

"See? Mama's hair is back!" (just the hair, the rest of Mama doesn't really matter). It doesn't really work and he is still crying. I scoop him up, carry him for a bit and pat his back. 

He finally settles back to sleep, softly snoring and eventually, I lay him back on the bed next to me. I wonder when this nighttime drama will end, but I realise that I'll just enjoy each tiring moment cos there'll come a day when he won't ask for Mama (or my hair) in the middle of the night and I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for that yet.