Monday, April 24, 2017

Food Panda

What with us just coming back from our holiday, +3 going back to work immediately, and babyAC and I feeling under the weather, I've not had the time or energy to go grocery shopping. 

So I downloaded the food panda app, and we've been having dinner delivered to us for the past couple of nights. 


I know I'm late to jump on this bandwagon but better late than never. How convenient is it to be able to choose from eateries in your vicinity, so food arrives quickly and piping hot. I likey. 

We had pho from So Pho, some tze char from Gurney Drive, and some rice and noodles from Uncle Leong's. And we're beginning to figure out what's worth ordering and what's not. Hehe. 

The only downside is that you can only get food delivered when these eateries are open (normal working hours). It's 2am and I'm hankering for some supper but the eateries that work with Food Panda are all closed. Oh man, how nice would it be to have some prata now. 

The Rest Of The Hong Kong Trip

Whoops. Just realised I didn't finish writing about Hong Kong and now a week has passed since we got back. Lemme recap the trip: 

Tue 11 Apr - Arrive in Hong Kong, meet with cousin Zhen and her husband. Make our way to Da Ma's house. Dinner with the cousins at some Chinese restaurant. 

Wed 12 Apr - Head to Causeway Bay for dim sum. Supposed to go to the Peak but got turned off by the long queues at the tram station, so walked to the botanical gardens instead where we got caught in the rain and waited under a shelter for over an hour while babyAC napped. Shiok to be a baby. Think we had Thai food for dinner. 

Thu 13 Apr - Went to Macau. The lobby of the hotel had lots of family friendly activities but babyAC and I had a nap while +3 and cousin Ming had coffee and chatted. Ming took me to the casino to have a look, then we had dinner at the food court. 

Fri 14 Apr - Scrapped the plan to go around Macau in favour of lazing in after a yummy dim sum breakfast at YumCha. Discovered the use of a luggage bag belt to convert normal chairs into baby chairs! Dinner at Ming's restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui - Padang Indonesia Restaurant. Delicious Indonesian food. 

Sat 15 Apr - Met Andi to go hiking at Tai Tum reservoir. It was an easy flat path and we walked for about 2 hours or so, before it started to get really hot. Took a cab to Stanley, and had Mexican food for lunch. Went back to Da Ma's place for a rest before heading out again for a seafood dinner somewhere in Kowloon. We had to take a ferry, then walk through shops and shops selling fresh seafood (cousin Ling and her husband chose the seafood), which would then be brought to your restaurant of choice where they'd prepare the meal. Fresh and oh so delicious, I wish I paid more attention to where we were! 

Sun 16 Apr - Had breakfast at McDonalds because that's what +3 and his uncle used to do when he visited last time. HK McDonald breakfasts have macaroni soup! Then we packed our stuff and took the train to Disney. Checked in but the rooms weren't ready, so we left our luggage at the hotel and went to explore the park. Took some kid friendly rides, and waited while +3 took the more exciting ones, had overpriced lunch and dinner there and watched the night parade and fireworks. 

Mon 17 Apr - There seems to be a running theme in our holidays that we always end up booking our trips when it coincides with the local long holidays. This time it was Easter and HK had Fri and Mon off. Andi and his daughter joined us at Disney, but babyAC was sleeping so +3 went ahead first, which was good cos that meant I got to rest as well, and they could take any ride without worrying about me waiting with babyAC. Had a late lunch at the hotel (not that much more expensive and better quality and comfort!) then went to the park by about 4+pm, just before Andi and his daughter went back home. Took some rides, and even managed to go for a few on my own. Went back to the hotel for an early night and dinner. 

Tue 18 Apr - Enjoyed our buffet breakfast at the hotel, went back up to pack and made our way to the airport. BabyAC was having a temperature at night so we bought some kid panadol and gave him some after breakfast. He was rather miserable on the flight back and his fever had returned when we landed so we didn't stay out too late with the grandparents who had come to the airport to pick us up and have dinner together. 


Brought babyAC to the doc on Wed and he had a mild throat inflammation. Got some more meds and a few days later, he's now feeling better. Poor boy though, falling sick twice in a short span of time. 

All that fried food at the park and the lack of sleep made me have a cough as well, but I'm also on the mend. Phew. 

I think my favourite part about this trip was getting to know the relatives better, and watch how babyAC interacts with them and is such a joyful spirit. And of course, I'm looking forward to more trips to HK in the future. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Conversation with my dad the other day. 

Me: Mebbe he (babyAC) is cranky cos he is teething.
Dad: How many teeth does he have now? 
Me: Well he has 4 on top and 4 below, and another 5 coming out. 
Dad: Wah 13 teeth! That's more than me, I only have 12. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Met up with cousin Ming at the ferry terminal. Bought tickets and boarded the ferry for the hour long journey to Macau. BabyAC was rather restless on the trip there because he didn't get to run around. 

Upon arrival at the Macau ferry terminal, we boarded the shuttle bus to the hotel. Most of the major hotels provide a free shuttle service to their respective locations. 

There was a long queue at checkin, so while +3 queued, we walked around. Holiday Inn Cotai Central is part of the Sands group, and is one hotel under a large complex made of casinos, shopping mall, and various hotels. Walking around reminded me of MBS back home. Hehe.  

Saw some characters like the lion from Madagascar and a dragon and his trainer from How to Train Your Dragon. These and also the dance performances lent a buzz to the air. 

BabyAC and I were tired, so opted to nap in the room while +3 and cousin Ming went to grab a coffee and catch up. Made a quick round in the casino before dinner and learned how to play bacarat hehee. 

Had a nice rest at night (KingSized beds, I love you!) and had dim sum breakfast at Yum Cha. Walked around abit before we packed up and took the shuttle back to the ferry terminal to Hong Kong. 

Back in HongKong, we left our stuff at cousin Ming's restaurant which was at Tsim Sha Tsui. Walked around the shops, had a yummy Indonesian dinner, and back to dama's place for the night. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

First Family Holiday To Hong Kong (11-18 Apr 2017)

Whee! We're now in Hong Kong and the weather is almost perfect! It was raining today but otherwise the temperature was between 19-21 degrees celcius, which is such yummy weather for sleeping in. But we didn't, of course. 

Arrived yesterday at around 2.30pm, and had a late lunch at the airport. Went to Tsui Wah and had some noodles and their toasted bread with condensed milk. Rented a wifi router (60 hkd a day because I forgot to collect the one we booked at Changi), bought the train tickets for the airport express to town (170 hkd for 2 pax, one way to Central Station). 

Met with +3's cousin, Zhen, and her husband who took us to Da Ma's home in Siu Sai Wan. After unpacking and chatting for a bit, we made our way to have dinner with the rest of the family. 

At dinner with Zhen, her husband and 2 kids; Hui, her husband and 7yo kid, Ling and da ma. It was really nice to meet more of +3's family, and being able to speak in Mandarin helped me communicate with them much easier than with some of the relatives in Indonesia. Bought some fruit for babyAC at a supermarket after dinner. 

This morning, we went to the supermarket again and bought a few more snacks and stuff (diapers too hehe), then had a quick nap before making our way to town with cousin Ming and his daughter Christine. 

We went to Causeway Bay to have a dim sum lunch. Was originally planning to go to the Peak but the queue for the tram was ridiculously long, so +3 and I walked to the nearby botanical garden instead. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it started to rain, so we took shelter and waited for the rain to pass. BabyAC had a nice hour long nap too. 

Made our way to Tai Ku for dinner and had Thai food at one of the restaurants at City Square. Ling and Christine actually managed to get babyAC to eat more than a few mouthfuls of rice today! We need to come to HK more hehehe. 

Settling down for the night and tomorrow we are off to Macau. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tee Vee Time!

We just finished watching season 1 of Westworld and I'm not sure if it was the show, or the act of watching TV again that I found more enjoyable. Hehe. 

I've figured out how to lay babyAC down on the pillow and how to arrange it such so he sleeps quite comfortably without me having to hold him. He still perspires a fair bit, but at least it's on the pillow and not my arm. 

Feels good to be doing such mindless activity again. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Morning Routine

I think mornings are one of my favourite times of the day, these days. 

I wake up at about 7-730am as +3 gets ready for work, and usually go back to sleep and try sleep in for as long as babyAC allows. Sometimes we wake up at 8ish, sometimes 9ish. I change his diaper and get ready for breakfast.

+3 prepares a cup of oats for me in the mornings, and I add a bit of hot water to it. I prepare a cup of water, some bread and some fruit to have breakfast with the little one. Put him in his high chair with something for him to play with: a spoon, a toy, the remote control, and try to give him oats. Or bread. Or fruit. (He currently LOVES mango.) 

Breakfast usually takes about an hour or so, and I try to do some laundry while he plays for a bit on the playmat. Two hours after he wakes up, I try to prepare him for naptime. We read a bit, nurse him and hope he falls asleep. 

If I'm tired, I'll nap too. If not, I'll do some chores or play some games or prepare lunch. Heheh.