Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weird Dreams

It's finally Thursday and then it's the long weekend! Yaay!

Had a really weird dream last night. Dreamt that as part of our bonus, we were given $70, and not even in cash but in mahjong chips. I don't play mahjong so I decided to just use the chips as magnets and got told off by my colleague who had an uncanny resemblance to Summer. Lol.

Anyway, no plans for the long weekend. I'll be attending the AWARE EGM this Saturday and might go see Wolverine too. But the good news? I don't have to go back this Saturday! Yay!


Got a mailer from Time with promotional prices for subscription to their magazines, and I must say, I'm quite tempted. I had no idea subscribing to a magazine would cost much less than buying them off the shelves!

Anyway, it's already Wednesday? One more day and it'll be the long weekend. Finally can enjoy my weekend uninterrupted.

Ok, feeling sleepy now. Zzz.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Is The Universe Trying To Tell Me?

Had a dream about my vision board last night. In my dream I was filling my vision board with lots of pictures of lots of really yummy men. Hahahahaha. The last image I remember is a naked guy smiling (hey, I'm just being honest), lying on his tummy with a really good looking ass.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh man. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to blog about this
earlier. Anyway, please click on this link and pass it on.

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Spam Spam Spam

No updates for days and then *wham!* 3 (or was it 4?) posts about my
morning. Hehehe.

I'm eating a banana now.

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I Love My Mom

I'm sitting at the dining table having a wonderfully melty (chicken)
ham and cheese sandwich. Yummy. My mom prepares these sandwiches for
me and my sister, so we'd have something to eat on our way to work.

And since I don't have to be in the office so early today, I'm sitting
with my mom having breakfast together. I'm happy. :)

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No Shut Eye

Closed my eyes and before I knew it the alarm was ringing, signalling
time to wake up.

Interestingly, I haven't felt reluctant / dread to go to work in the
mornings. Just a huge sense of inertia that has more to do with me
wanting to laze in bed than not being happy at work.

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Sleepless Night

Don't know why I woke up at 4am this morning and was unable to go back
to sleep. Tossed and turned in bed, and tried making myself drowsy by
reading a book, all to no avail.

Finished my book though, reading in the dark with only the light from
my mobile phone to dimly illuminate the pages. Lol. Yes, I know. It's
really bad for my eyes.

And of course, I'm only beginning to feel drowsy now. And I need to
get out of bed in 20 minutes. Ah well, shall take a power nap.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Being A Tai Tai Is Hard Work

I remember watching this documentary a long time ago which featured the lives of really rich women (or rather, the wives of really rich men). One of them was this Russian lady who married some banker (haha bet he's not so rich now eh) and her only job was to look beautiful. In one of the scenes where they were interviewing her, she says something along the lines of how hard it is and how busy her days are having to go for massages, the hair salon, manicures, pedicures, facials.. you know, the works.

Anyway, fast forward to lunch yesterday and the department was having a farewell lunch for one of my colleagues who has found greener pastures. The whole team was there and we were chatting over Japanese food, when my boss asked how my weekend was. I gave him an accusing look and said I WAS WORKING ON SATURDAY and I think the bitterness on my face was quite apparent because he immediately said, oh why don't you take the afternoon off.


The moment he said that, I whipped out my phone and sms-ed Ki to help me make an appointment at the hair salon. Hehehehe. I was grinning throughout the rest of lunch and when we got back to the office, I finished up whatever work needed to be done and then made my way to the hair salon.

I decided to get my hair rebonded because the straight hair looked really good after my haircut on Saturday. Plus, my mom kept nagging at me for leaving the house with unruly hair. Hehehehe. I knew the process would take 3 hours, so I went to the salon all prepared with a book, ready to transform my hair. Long story short (it's getting late, I need to get to the office), I also had a manicure and pedicure done and the total time I was at the salon was a whopping 5 hours. OMG. I was drained by the time I left and was horribly late for my dinner appointment.

My hair is really straight now, a tad flatter than if it had just been blown dry, but I guess that's the trade off. It's really neat now, although I have to resist the urge to tuck my hair behind my ears. Lol. Apparently I really need to take care of my hair because it's all dry and whatnot, but nothing that a treatment now and then plus regular conditioning can't solve.

Dinner was at Handlebar at Gillman Village. We had the beer butt chicken which was nice, but I really really liked the beef chilli. **slurp* It was quite a nice place, albeit a little out of the way, but I doubt I'd go back there any time soon.

Alright, time to get ready to get to work. Watching CATS tonight with Ki! Wooohooo.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Late Night Snacking

I just finished up the leftover crabs that we had for dinner. So full now, but I'm feeling oh-so-satisfied.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Mood

I'm in such a good mood today, and I can't explain why. Not that there needs to be any reason to be happy, so I'm not going to think so much and just enjoy the chipper mood. Was a tad grumpy and grouchy yesterday, but cheered up once I met up with LGG for a movie with Jas and Cotton Candy.

Fast & Furious 4 was apparently disappointing, but I didn't mind because I have such low standards when it comes to movies. There was no plot, the cars weren't fancy, and the lead actor had a much bigger nose than I remembered, but I thought it was alright anyways. Lol.

Slept in today and went to the office at lunch time. Had lunch with my temps and then headed to the office and did a bit of work while waiting for them to finish up their work. I know I've been going to the office every Saturday for almost 2 months now, but ok la, I'm meeting Ki after so it's not so bad.

Watching 17 Again tonight after dinner. Now to think about where to eat. I'm still quite full from dinner and the coffee I had hasn't quite kicked in. I think I might need to get eye drops because my contact lenses are feeling rather dry and I'll be out the rest of the night.

It's the weekend! Yaay!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My off day tomorrow got cancelled. Sigh.

On the bright side, I can take off today. Lol. Will leave the office when I am done with my work.

Yum Yum

I'm eating my soft boiled eggs now, yum yum. *This* is why I want to get an iPhone. So I can do inane things like blog about what I'm eating. And I can twitter too, since I have an account. Hehehehe.

Being able to have breakfast at home in the morning is really something most of us just take for granted.

Anyway, other things I want to do on my iPhone (if I get one):

1. Play stupid games like that bomb bomb one that my sis and Mark have on their phones, and also that annoying shoot the pig one that LGG has on hers.

2. MSN, FB, blog (and now twitter! Lol I'm still tickled that I have an account) on the go. The world will get minute-by-minute updates of my life!

3. Er I'm sure there are more reasons but I've just finished eating and need to leave the house. Lol.

4. It's so pretty!

Ok, more later.


I'm so pleased! I've had to go to the office half an hour earlier than my normal working hours every day for the past three weeks, and now that I don't have to this morning, I'm going to have breakfast at home! It's normally a mad rush as I wake up with just enough time to get ready for work and dash out of the house, and breakfast is either a grabbed slice of bread on the way out or bought on the way to work and eaten in the office.

This morning I've got soft boiled eggs, some toast and a nice hot cup of hmm.. I don't know what I'll drink. Ooh I love having the luxury of time to make such decisions! *grin* (Yeah yeah, I know some of you will say just wake up earlier so you can have breakfast. That's not the point.) Maybe I'll have coffee. Or milo. Or honey citron tea. Hmm. Decisions.

Anyway I've got the day off tomorrow (YAAAAY for understanding bosses) and I'm so excited. I've got nothing planned, maybe I'll go visit Eunice at home tomorrow. Might hang out with Summer if she's free, and if we're good, might get some exercise in.

Also, I'm thinking of getting me an iPhone. No, I don't need a new phone (my current one works perfectly fine) and I don't need to have an extra bill to pay. *sigh* But it's so pretty. And if I get it I can claim the cost of the phone as part of my company's flexible benefit programme. And have I mentioned it's so pretty?

Shall think about it this morning. Now, breakfast time!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lol I just remembered that I have a twitter account. And my last twitter update was a year ago.

Why I Use A Pre-Paid Card

It's interesting the reaction I get from people when I tell them that I use a pre-paid card instead of a post-paid subscription with the mobile phone operators. "WHY?" seems to be the first question that everyone asks, and they don't seem to believe when I tell them that it's cheaper for me.

Listen up, people. I'm not saying it's cheaper for everyone. It's just cheaper for me. And I can say this confidently because I know my mobile phone usage and compared to the hefty monthly bills that I used to get, I've been able to happily afford my pre-paid card. Here's why.

The bulk of my phone usage is on sending SMS-es. I'm a heavy SMS sender, and I can easily send up to *gasp* 2000 SMS-es a month. Using a normal post-paid subscription line only gives me up to 500 free SMS-es, which means I'll end up paying for the extra 1500 SMS-es, and at 5c/SMS, I end up paying $75 on top of the monthly subscription fee. So if the subscription fee is $25/month, my bill can easily hit $100 a month.

However, pre-paid cards offer excellent value on their top-up cards. I pay $28 and get $100 value. This means I can send 2000 SMS-es but only need to pay $28. Sure, the rate I pay for calls are a bit more expensive than if I had a subscription but because I don't make all that many calls, it doesn't really matter to me.

Roaming charges on a pre-paid card are also ridiculously high, as I found out when I went to Nepal and Bhutan last year. But then again, I don't travel that often and I can easily can a local line when I'm overseas.

So this is why I use a pre-paid card. It makes monetary sense to me, currently I only pay $28 a month, or $56 in months where there is slightly heavier usage. Making Ithis change has help me save tonnes of money on phone bills! *grin*

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Vision Board

How exciting, I've started on my vision board!

The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires.

So I'm taking pictures of stuff that makes me happy and collating them all in one place. One of the key things to note is that each image that you put on your board resonates with your heart and makes you excited at the mere look of it.

And so far, they are resonating with me and making me happy and excited. Yippie!

Off To The Office

It's Monday again? *yawn*

Feeling so so so so sleepy, I think the weekend wasn't long enough. Ah well, potential short holiday plans- Da Nang! My cousin will be there for a couple of months, so I might pop over to say hi. Something to look forward to. Now to plan my leave.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sleeping In Is Fun To Do

Aah it feels good to just sleep in and not have to worry about rushing in to the office in time. *stretches*

Stayed out late last night, had dinner with my sister at TCC. Had one of the sandwiches that I usually have, which was alright, but the sandwich my sister ordered came out burnt and tasted awful. Boo.

We booked tickets to the movie Knowing, and hung out at Starbucks while waiting for the show to start. The movie was not too bad until the ending, and we left the cinema feeling cheated that it was such a crappy end.

Finally got home at 1.30am, took a quick shower and collapsed into bed. I just got up and will see what I shall have for brunch.

Might head to the Botanic Gardens later, weather permitting. It's been such a long time and I think I really need to start exercising again.

Ok, time to look for food.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Life Changed In Less Than An Hour

Less than an hour was all it took for my marital status to change from married to divorced. It was amicable enough, although I think the Ex left feeling rather angry at certain demands that I made. Oh well, all I asked was to get what I was entitled to.

Still feeling happy, although the euphoria has worn off some. It feels almost like how you'd feel during the countdown to the new year- lots of hype and excitement, and and all the partying, but when the actual moment comes and goes, you realise the day is not much different from any other day (except you didn't have to go to the office). Lol.

I do feel a humongous sense of relief that everything is settled though. And a growing sense of excitement that, yes! I can date again! Yippie!

Met up with Peggy after the deed and we had a nice time out, and then headed back home (to take a poop, if you need to know). Gonna shower, and then going to have a celebratory dinner with my sister and cousin. Yaay!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing Can Take This Feeling Away

I'm supposed to be out having an impromptu neh-party (with LGG) but for some reason I'm still stuck in the office. The temps I have are so hardworking and they are willingly working late to get whatever needs to be done, done. I have no choice but to stay with them, otherwise there will be no one to lock the door when they leave.

Ah well, I'm still in a chipper mood. Feeling GREAT, and looking forward to tomorrow. Yippie!

Last Day

WOOHOOOO LAST DAY AS A MARRIED!!! I should have a neh-party.. You know, opposite of a hen party, where I celebrate my last day of being a married. I'm so happy! *dance*



Monday, April 6, 2009

For Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction

Sigh. So much for catching up on my sleep this afternoon. I think I
must have overdone it, and now I am wide awake.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ooh I'm in a really, really good mood now. 2 more working days and then it'll be Wednesday! *dance*

I'm glad that work has been keeping me busy, making time fly by so quickly. Can't imagine that my last court appointment was almost a month ago, what have I been doing all this while?

Unfortunately I haven't had time to find myself someone to have a celebratory snog with, but that's alright. I've got an almost full day lined up after my court appointment this Wednesday, so all is well and fine.

Spent the day napping and catching up on my rest and like last week, it felt really good to just do nothing. *bliss*

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Feel Good, I Knew That I Would Now

In a good mood, don't know why, but who cares? :)


More Very Random Thoughts

If I had a million bucks (which I could potentially have, seeing how I have already wished for it), I would just got for an FULL medical examination. I'd just pay them to analyse stuff like all my blood vessels or something, and let me know which are the ones which are clogged up. Or make them calculate how efficient my organs are functioning. Or just check all my joints and tendons and posture and see which muscles are being overly strained.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Quite What I Expected

Okaaaay. I know I wrote to say that I want to float in the sea, but the lightheaded feeling that I'm experiencing right now, isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Breakfast of Champions

Hmm I can't remember where the phrase 'breakfast of champions' originated from. Probably some food ad.

Anyway, I'm having two slices of bread with butter and marmite andwashing it all down with a nice, hot cup of coffee. Yummy.

Yeah, so much for going caffeine free huh. Lol.


Oh well, he didn't. Lol. Which explains why I could send that last post. Hehehe.

Anyway, I'm awake and I can't sleep and I'm feeling hot and sticky. I'd take another shower, but I'm feeling so lazy. I wish I didn't have to go to the office so early tomorrow. I think I'm beginning to feel burned out.

Gah. I need to be positive and less whiny. Except that it's easier being positive when one has gotten enough rest. Sleepy people tend to be cranky, and cranky doesn't go very well with a sunshiney, positive attitude.

Very random things I feel like doing now:

Float in the sea.
Get a foot massage.
Go to a spa and get my body scrubbed and pampered.
Buy a grill pan.
Check into a 5 star hotel and sleep in a comfortable bed with lots of
soft, fluffy pillows.

Another random thing that doesn't really make sense:

Maybe the colour blue that I see is different from the colour blue that you see. Since colour is essentially different light waves (I think), maybe how your eyeball perceives a light wave of x frequency (or whatever light waves are measured in) differs from the way my eyeball perceives it.

It's just that we all recognise the same colour and call it the same colour because the wave pattern is the same and we're taught to recognise that wave pattern as a certain name from young.

Maybe this is why different people like different colours. Maybe the way you see red is actually how i see green and maybe everyone just likes the same colour.

Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

Interestingly, do you realise that no one else will ever see the world exactly the way you do?

I Can't Sleep!

It's 12.30am and I'm WIDE AWAKE. I didn't even have any coffee today! (Granted, it's only half an hour into the day, heh.) Ok, one small tiny cup in morning when I got in to work. But it was small! And tiny! And I had it in the morning! Why am I still awake?!?!

(No, it wasn't an espresso. It was just a cup of kopi.)

And the weather is so hot. And my dad just turned off the internet. Argh.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing Up

I was sitting in the office the other day and thinking about how far I've come in the past (censored) years. From being a willful and spoilt child who would slam doors, throw tantrums and yell at my parents, to a reckless and self-indulgent student who didn't give two hoots about grades or studying, to the naive graduate who would cry whenever my boss scolded me, to the confident (and very egoistic haha) and more settled person than I am today.

I've learned much in the past few years and I like the person that I have become. One of the things I realised recently was that I manage people a lot better these days. Perhaps it's because I've matured and have a better understanding of things than I used to. I'm definitely more patient than I used to be and I think I'm beginning to read people better as well.

I do know that there is still much to learn, but for the time being I think I'm just going to enjoy things the way they are for now and just look forward to the journey ahead.

[Countdown: ONE MORE WEEK!]