Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So what does one do when you can't sleep at 4am? Play Diablo3, of course!

Trying to get the items to craft my Staff of Herding, yo.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh No What Is Happening To Me?!

bon says:
i just realised on fridays we get off at 530pm
LGG says:
what will u do with that
half an hour ok
bon says:
wah now that i suddenly got extra 30 min
i feel like i need to go for a drink
esp since thats wat we were doing at this time last week
LGG says:
lol yeah well we can always go
bon says:
where shall we go!
shd i spend more money
considering i spent 45 yest
LGG says:
bon says:
$45 = 21 bowls of yong tau fu!
omg did i just say that

Monday, June 11, 2012

Coffee Is An Evil, Evil Thing (But Oh So Delicious)

Was over at Carol's on Saturday. She had just moved to her new place and needed hands to help with unpacking.

We did quick work of moving her stuff from the boxes, and soon unpacked her swanky little coffee machine. After digging around some more, we found the accompanying coffee capsules, and decided to christen her new place by celebrating with a piping hot cuppa.

Nevermind that it was 4pm. Give me the strongest brew!

The coffee was good, and the following hyper-ness even better. I was bouncing from wall to wall, talking a mile a minute, and basically behaving how I do when I have too much caffeine in my system. I figured that since we were heading to the beerfest, the alcohol would cancel out the effects of the coffee and balance in the world would be restored.

Fast forward to after the beerfest, where we consumed just enough beers as my bladder could hold (no peeing in the portable toilets for me!). Headed home, showered, and went to bed.

3.30am and I was still wide awake. Bah.

Thankfully, though, that was a Saturday night and I could sleep in on Sunday. Woke up at noon and then could not sleep on Sunday night, and the whole vicious cycle continues. I slept at 2am, forced myself to wake up at 7am to get to work, got home after work AND FELL ASLEEP COS I WAS SO TIRED.

As JM so famously told me while I was at the ripe old age of 24, "You're not getting any younger, you know."

Now that I've woken up from my ill-timed nap, I'm wide awake once again.

The moral of the story? It's exactly what the blog title says. Coffee is an evil, evil thing. But oh so delicious.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Wendy T says (2:56 PM)
i have decided to never again drink so much
so tiring

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walking In Right Angles

Decided to walk home after work today. The total distance isn't all that far, about 6-7km, and it's along a straight road so the chances of me getting lost was really quite minimal.

Packed my stuff in a trusty backpack, changed into comfortable walking shoes and attire (comfort is key!) and set off.

The walk back was actually quite pleasant. Most of the way was along a park connector, so there was ample greenery, and although the main road was just next to the path, the traffic fumes weren't that bad.

Playing music helps as well, and I was happily singing along to Queen. Think I might have startled (or amused) some of the bangla workers at one of the construction site as I warbled along.

I don't know why people are making such a big fuss of this though. I've walked longer distances back home before (last time it took over 4 hours!) so this was relatively simple in comparison. There wasn't any particular reason why I chose to walk back either, except to see if I could or not. Lol.

The last part of the walk was a little challenging though. Getting close to home but not familiar enough to take short cuts. Decided to stick with the main roads instead of risk getting lost. Perhaps next time.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hard to imagine that it's been months since I left the country and went on a holiday. Amazing how much discipline I needed to have to stay put, but at least I managed to get a nice fat leave encashment.

Cha ching!

And now I've got no passport, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't go anywhere. *itch*

With a couple of large expenses coming up, I guess being grounded is a blessing in disguise. Plus the workload in my current office will be picking up, so.. best to be a good girl and behave.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to be content with trawling travel websites and using my imagination.