Friday, September 28, 2012


I was in town the other day (a rare treat!) and walking around the mall, killing time before my dinner appointment. I chanced upon a Crabtree & Evelyn store, popped in, and decided to get a tube of hand lotion.

Oh my, I've been using the tried and tested unperfumed QV for so long that I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to use a lovely, scented hand lotion! I rubbed my hands together, enjoying how the lotion felt and smelled. I was in ofalctory heaven.

It was a great reminder to stop and smell the roses, and to pamper oneself once in a while. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Would It Kill You Not To Kill Me?

To the young lady who decided she needed to smoke while walking to the bus stop: I don't really care if you want to inhale nicotine and tar-laced smoke that slowly cooks your lungs from the insides. But do it where other non smokers cannot breathe in all that second hand smoke lah.

Seriously, puff away all you want but at least do it in a place where people have a choice about where to walk and therefore are not forced to battle with that unending stinky cloud of dust particles, ash and CANCER.

Why do you have to smoke on the go? What's wrong with lighting up where every other civic minded smoker does - at allocated smoking points?

What if the person walking behind you was pregnant? Or asthmatic? Ever thought about that? Pfft probably not, otherwise you probably have waited to take a puff somewhere else.

Bah. So now not only did I have to endure walking behind you while on the way to the bus stop (since you did not let me overtake you when I tried to speed up), I now have stinky hair. Thanks hor.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bus Insecurities

It makes you wonder if you're smelling funky when someone who sits next to you on the bus, suddenly ups and sits next to someone else. And when it's a full bus and no one sits next to you.

*sniffs self*

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things I Did Differently Today

My usual morning routine when getting to work is pretty simple. My alarm clock rings at 6.50am, and again at 7am and again every 10 minutes until I finally wake up at about 7.30-7.40am.

After I drag myself out of bed (and turn off the snooze function on my phone), it's a mad rush. Pee, brush teeth, wash up, look for underwear, look for clothes, put on underwear and clothes and I'm out the door after giving my mom a quick hug. This takes all of five minutes.

I put on my music, walk to the bus stop, wait for my bus. I get on the bus, listen to music / play dragonvale, get off the bus. Pick up a cup of kopi and maybe a bao or sandwich on my way up to my desk. Turn on my computer and slowly have my breakfast while the day unfolds.

But not today.

Today I did things a little differently. I woke up (unwillingly) at 5am and lay in bed trying to fall asleep. By the time I was sleepy enough for my eyes to start closing, my 6.50am alarm clock rings.

I press the snooze button and roll around in bed, trying to figure out whether 30minutes of sleep now would help or hinder me. Somehow, I decide that I'd get up and have breakfast at home instead. Wouldn't it be great to have a healthy bowl of oats and a nice cup of coffee?

The alarm rings again, and instead of hitting the snooze button, I turn it off and sit up. I make my way to the kitchen, scoop up some oats, pour in some milk, and nuke the bowl for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, I head back to brush my teeth, wash up and figure out what to wear.

Fully clothed, I gather my bowl of oats and make myself a cup of coffee. Somehow in my sleep-addled mind it makes sense to open a pack of 3-in-1 coffee, and add two spoons of Nescafe.

I sit at the dining table and spoon mouthfuls of oats. The creamy, almost slimy texture feels odd against my minty fresh breath. I wash it all down with my coffee which tastes stronger and thicker than the one I have in the office.

With a full stomach, I make my way to the bus stop.

While walking, I realise my tummy has started hurting. I'm not used to eating so early in the morning.

I keep walking, the caffeine slowly working its magic. I suddenly realise that I shouldn't have added those extra spoonfuls of Nescafe. Well, too late. I also realise that I have not peed all morning.

So now here I am on the bus, legs tightly crossed. It's not exactly the best way to start my day. Lol.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Wow it's almost coming to the end of 2012 (and the world, if all the supposed Mayan and I-Ching prophecies are true). Yada yada yada, time flies and all that. Thanksgiving dinners are being planned. Christmas presents are being bought. Time to reflect.

It's been an interestingly uneventful year, the highlight of which was probably my dad's very successful 70th birthday bash. All the relatives flew in, and we had a blast. Passed out in front of the 100-something guests, and the extra wine from the event is supplying me with booze for the next couple pf months.

Next eventful thing would be a toss up between me changing jobs and my brother getting on Whatsapp. Lol.

Ah well. Uneventful is good, for now at least. Need to be more settled before embarking on anymore new adventures. Meanwhile, the plan is to enjoy the rest of the year, good book and glass of wine in hand.

Cin cin!