Sunday, March 30, 2014

We Bought A House!

We did it! Went down to the showflat with my parents today and signed on the dotted line. Man, buying a house sure requires a lot of paperwork and signatures.

But oh yeh! First step is done. Still need to finalise the bank loan yada yada, but will focus on that next week.

It's so exciting! Our place will only be ready in 2017, so that gives us a bit more time to save up for furniture and think about what we want and how we want to do up the place.

And it does feel like a load off our backs now that we've kickstarted the whole process. Looking forward to a new chapter in our lives! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's Been A While

It's almost 4am and I'm wide awake. It's been a while and I blame the cup of teh-o I had this afternoon for my tea break. It doesn't help that I'm hungry too.


Maybe I should get me something to eat. At least my belly will be happy. Lol.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I mentioned in an earlier post that +3 recently bought a juicer and I have to say, that is one of our favourite purchases to date.

We've stopped juicing lotus root because it clogs up the juicer and we have to wash it a couple of times just to finish juicing one lotus root. Much too troublesome.

Instead, we start our mornings with a fruit and vegetable juice. I try to vary it and so far we've juiced the usual- apples, carrots, celery, tomatoes, spinach, to the not so usual- brocolli, bittergourd, grapes, ginger.

It's fun trying to mix and match and create yummy juices, and it's good for our health too.

While buying the juicer, I chanced upon a water filter jug that was selling for only $39. It was the display piece and was originally sold for $59. I'd been looking for a water filter jug but was always quite reluctant to buy one as they tend to be quite pricey.

Anyway, I bought that water filter jug and use it in the office. No more buying bottled water, yay! Use less plastice and drink more water. Wheee!

A couple of weeks later, the electric kettle at +3's place died and he had to get a new one. Found one that was silver and black and matched the juicer (heehee). Small purchase but I like that we are slowly accumulating things that will go to our new home.

Speaking of which...

We are buying a place! More details to come once we have finalised the purchase but wheeeee! We are going to be home-owners! Our parents have given their blessings and now all we need to do is confirm the unit that we want and make the first payment and hope our application is successful.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fart of Love

Sometimes when you are feeling bloated, it feels really good to let rip a fart. Hehe.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Seven Minute Workout

There's an app that I came across the other day that guides you through a series of short, simple exercises which takes a total of seven minutes to complete. The science behind it is that this will get your heart beat going and raises your metabolism bla bla bla.

We downloaded the app and never really did anything about it until Saturday, when +3 suddenly asked, "Do you have seven minutes?" and started doing jumping jacks.

So I joined him in the exercises- jumping jacks, wall sit, push up, crunches, planks, leg steps, running on the spot with high knees, lunges, tricep dips, rotating push ups, and side planks. All for 30 seconds per exercise with a short rest break in between.

The exercises are easy enough, but considering our fitness levels, we were huffing and puffing towards the end. You do work up a good sweat though, and today I ached in places I forgot existed.

We did the seven minute workout again today, and all I can say is sorry to our downstairs neighbours for the sounds of elephants stomping on their ceiling. Lol.

It's good though and hopefully we can sustain doing this more often. Do you have seven minutes today?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Weekends

Been really lazy to write here, but here are some happy stuff that happened in the past few weekends.

- Paint! We bought a small piece of canvas and decided to paint together one day. I must say +3 is a really good teacher, explaining concepts of light and colour and going through the basic steps. We decided on a painting of a sunflower, and I got to draw the flower, paint the base colours, and mix the paint. I'm really bad at the details though, so he took over and made my flat sunflower come to life. A couple of hours later, a masterpiece was born.

- Walk! We realised that our weekends were beginning to get increasingly inert, and decided to make more of an effort to get off our arses and walk. Plus, what's the point of living in the city if you don't get out to enjoy the convenience of its location? So while home cooked brunches are awesome, going out to jalan jalan is also just as fun and it gets us out and about.

- Juice! Went to the TCM cos +3 had been having some stomach cramps. Turns out it might be a stomach ulcer and the poor guy has had to cut coffee, spicy foods and sour stuff from his diet. It was recommended that he also take lotus root juice every other day, which is apparently good for the stomach. Bought a juicer and we've been juicing. Not just lotus root juice, but fruit and vegetable juices as well. Yummy!

It's already March! 2 months down, 10 more to make a fantastic 2014!