Monday, June 26, 2017


In a couple of days, the little one turns 17 months. I'm now getting memories on facebook from a year ago when he was just a wee bub! 

I love seeing how he has grown so much. He seems to have put on the weight he lost since the hospitalisation, and eats better than before I started working. He loves noodles, fruit, and bread, will take oats (unless he sees something else he likes, then will point at that instead), and stopped eating rice and porridge. 

Today, for lunch he had 1/3 of a cheese scallion scone from Cedele, half a banana, some soup from a pork xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung, some soup and noodle from my beef noodles, and a few bites of prawn pancake. I was so happy with his appetite! 

He's such a happy boy and is quick to flash his pearly whites in a charming smile. He flutters his eyes when you ask him to show his beautiful eyes, and sometimes will open his mouth wide open when you ask him to open his mouth. He can point to his nose (and say NO!) and sometimes pokes his finger in his nostril, and sometimes points to his mouth, ears and head (flutters his eyes when you ask him to point to his eyes haha). 

And he has discovered how to scream and cry, pulling out the waterworks when something doesn't go his way. Take away something he is holding? Scream and cry. Pick him up when he wants to walk? Scream and cry. Put him down when he wants to be held? Scream and cry. Thankfully it is still relatively easy to distract him, especially when daddy is around. +3 has this amazing ability to make the little one laugh out loud. 

Things he recognises- "airplane!" when he hears the roar of a plane flying by, "arh kor!" at the aircon, "lai!" at the light, "beh!" at the bread when he wants to eat. He also says "eee!" when I show him his poopy diaper lol. 

As he lies in bed sleeping while I type this post, I can't put into words how incredibly blessed I feel to have my own little family and home. Now I know what it feels like when parents describe this deep love and joy that comes with having children. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Admitted 2-5 June 2017

It was a tiring weekend last week and I've finally got some time to pen down what happened: the little one had to be admitted to the hospital. 

The vomitting started on Wed night and he threw up about 8-10 times throughout the night. It was probably the most number of times I've ever been puked on. He finally settled down to sleep and I had to go for my class on Thu. Told my mom and nanny to monitor his situation. 

On Thu, he was still throwing up and was having wet-ish poo. He was also having a slight temperature throughout the day. At night, he threw up again but woke up when he had diarea all over himself and half his shirt was all pooed on. Showered him and went back to bed. 

Mom and nanny came over on Friday morning and he was still throwing up when given something to eat. Decided to take him to the hospital instead of the clinic (shorter waiting time). Turns out that Thomson Medical Centre does not have an A&E, but they do have a 24 hour family clinic so we still managed to get medical attention. 

The doctor had a suppository put immediately to stop the vomitting and sent us home while we waited for available beds. Got a call from the hospital at about lunchtime to say that there was an available bed, so we packed up and got ourselves admitted. 

The little one was put on a drip and given meds. The diarea on Friday in the day seemed to be ok, and we were hopeful to be discharged the next day, but at night he kept having the runs to the point that I ran out of diapers. 

Had to ask +3 to hurry in the morning with new diapers, and bathed the little one and basically let him go commando while waiting for his dad to come. Saturday's condition was bad, and we went through 8 diapers in about 4-5 hours. Informed the nurses who called the doctor, and they gave him more meds. 

His condition had stabilised by Sunday and thankfully we were able to be discharged on Monday, after three nights in the hospital. 

The doctor did warn us that he'd still have some diarea in the coming days (she was right) but by Friday, babyAC was having solid poos so we decided that we didn't need to go to the clinic for a follow up today (Saturday). 

It was heartbreaking to see the little one hooked up to a drip, and seeing him lose so much weight in just a few days. We had just managed to fatten him up in the last couple of weeks after his previous bout of flu, and now we were back to square one. 

Ah well. I'm just glad that he has recovered.

Now, time for me to go to bed.