Wednesday, December 28, 2016

11 Months

And the boy walks! Well, he's trying, at least. He coasts along holding on to the side of his crib, or the couch, or the wall but today he started taking a few steps unaided. 

He has also started to say mmmmama. Finally! After months of babababa, dadadada and papapapa. He is also making "t" sounds but not as frequently. 

I'm so blessed to be able to have spent the last 11 months watching him grow. From a teeny newborn baby, with me and +3 trying to figure out this parenting thing, to a little boy who loves laughing and has a cheeky grin on his face that melts your heart. 

Need to get him to be more adventurous with food though. He's rather picky and will purse his lips and turn his head if he doesn't want to eat. On the other hand, it's mouth WIDE open when he does. 

One more month and we're off for our first holiday as a family. I'm excited! 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chatty Little Boy

It's 2.30am and babyAC is lying in bed next to me. I just finished nursing him, and put him back down and instead of falling back asleep, he opens his eyes and smiles at me. *heart melt* 

Then he starts babbling softly. "Bababa bababa bababababa." And then starts blowing raspberries. "Pppffffbbffftttt." And then starts clapping his hands, while his eyes slowly flutter to sleep. He babbles a little more and I pat him on his bum. Wonder what he is saying hehe. 

He's finally drifted off to sleep and he's pulled off the blanket. I love watching him sleep. :) 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Two Years!

It's drawing to the end of the year, and since +3 hadn't taken any annual leave yet, he decided to take this entire week off. Whee! 

Took the parents out on Monday. My dad wanted to eat some wonton mee that was famous in Balestier a long, long time ago (which is now run by the daughter of the old couple that  used to sell it). Made our way to Balestier for lunch, and found the stall in the food court of one of the new malls there. 

I didn't try the noodles, but the old man was happy so objective achieved. 

Booked tickets to see Lulu the Movie, but the show was in the evening so we all went back home to rest first. Nanny babysat babyAC while +3 and I had a double date with the parents. 

Dinner at Dian Xiao Er is always enjoyable. I think I only started eating duck more cos of Dian Xiao Er. Heheh. Went to the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed the movie! 

Me to papa: 不错哦! (Not bad huh)
Papa: 很好看! (Very good to watch!) 

Thumbs up from everyone. 

Had a quick McDonalds "supper" (Papa: I don't mind having McDonalds) and went back home. 

It was our 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We had initially planned to have dinner at The Halia at Raffles Hotel but they were not replying my emails on making reservations, so we decided to go to Lawry's for lunch instead. 

Lawry's is another place that we know we will enjoy, and this meal was made even happier because we brought babyAC with us. Even though he's too young to eat the prime rib, he had fun charming the wait staff with his ready grin and infectious laugh. 

A quick trip to Kinokuniya and Spotlight, where +3 offered to buy me anything I wanted in Spotlight for my Christmas present. "Anything" is a dangerous term to throw around when offering to buy something for someone! 

Thankfully I'm not evil and didn't really need or want anything. 

Today (Wednesday) is 冬至 (winter solstice). We spent a lazy day at home, before heading to the parents' place for dinner and tang yuan. 

A few more days of our "holiday" left! 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Scaling The Great Wall That Is Our Bed

We've removed one side of babyAC's crib and moved his crib next to my side of the bed. BabyAC likes this arrangement, I guess cos it doesn't make him feel like he's all caged in. So he sleeps in his crib now, and it's easy for me to reach over and pick him up if he needs to nurse (yay almost making it to a year!) at night or has nightmares. 

These couple of days, though, the little one has discovered the fine art of climbing. He's figured out how to climb onto our bed from his crib and now we've got to teach him how to climb back down safely. 

Tonight, he woke up and decided to wake me up by climbing on top of me. Thankfully I managed to hold on to him before he lost his balance and tumbled back down to his crib. 

The boy is growing up so fast! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Conversations With The Dad

This afternoon, my dad decided to tell me about how lousy Chinese made movies are. 没有水准 (no standard), he says. 

A recent movie he watched was about a husband and wife. The wife was a CEO of a big company, and the husband had to go overseas for a work trip for a month. Apparently that was a long time to be apart and the wife was feeling frisky, and so asked her husband whether she could get a sex toy. The husband agreed and apparently her office got wind of her buying a sex toy and it caused some scandal or something. 

Dad: Haiya one month only, cannot wait meh? 
Me: Maybe they do it few times every day, then one month feels like very long lor. 
Dad: Some couples few days, few weeks, few months never do lor. 
Me: Different couples different mah. (Why are we having this conversation?) 
Dad: Shows that her mind cannot control. Haiya. 
Me: Huh?
Dad: Anyway if she is lonely no need to buy sex toy mah. If need to satisfy, just go to her bedroom and day dream lor. 

Yup. There you go. The conversations I have with my dad. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Is This The Beginning Of Sleeping Through The Night?

The little one slept from 10+pm all the way to 5am! Do I dare hope that this is the beginning of sleeping through the night?

We removed one side of his crib yesterday, and pushed the crib to my side of the bed since he still needs support to stand up and can't walk around on his own yet. This was done because we wanted him to learn to sleep in his own bed, but he didn't seem to like sleeping in the crib when it had all four sides up.

With this new set up, he could pull himself up to stand easily, yet didn't feel caged in so was quite happy to be in his crib and playing with his toys or standing up supporting himself on our bed (since his mattress was lower than ours).


And.... it's already December! Omg. The little one is already 10 months old and soon we'll be taking him on his first flight to Indonesia. How exciting. We wanted to plan a quick December getaway but since it was such a last minute idea, everything was too expensive so it didn't make sense to spend so much for just a few days.

We'll probably go around locally with the parents (grandparents) to eat and play tourist hehehe.