Sunday, July 17, 2016


Wow time really flies and soon the little one will be 6 months old! This past month... 

- He has gotten really good at turning from back to front, and does it with ease. He only turns to his right though. 
- We bought swimmers for him but haven't brought him to the pool yet.
- Went for a check up at the clinic and the doctor says he is doing well. I think he picked up a little bug from the clinic because his nose got really congested at night for the couple of weeks after.
- We got a "nose bong". I'm sure there is a proper name for it, but it's a contraption that you use to suck out snot. We had another that was a bulb-type but it didn't work so well. Little one doesn't like having snot sucked out though. 
- Guess who discovered blowing raspberries this week. And also grabbing his toes. 
- We also got the OK to start on solids. El cheapo me couldn't bear to spend $200 on one of those fancy steamer/blender things, so today's pea puree was steamed the old fashioned way and pounded with a mortar and pestel. Strained it through a sieve and ta da! 
- The boy likes his peas and finished the whole lot. Used 1/4 cup of peas, but got about a tablespoon worth of puree after chucking the husks. 
- He likes being in the ergobaby in a front facing position. Can see more. Swings his legs and waves his arms when he is excited. 
- Still a very chatty boy. 

Anyway, I was walking around downstairs with him one morning and came across a guy who had a newborn across his leg, getting some morning sun. Aiyo, the newborn baby was SO SMALL! She had a full head of hair too. Really can't believe how fast babyAC has grown and feel so blessed and lucky that I get to be his mom. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Date Night

I had a work meeting in town yesterday which ended at about 5.30pm, and hung around and waited for +3 so we could have dinner together. We decided to do what we used to do together pre-baby (and when we were living in town), and headed to Liang Court to have ramen and grocery shop at Meidi Ya. 

To talk about our day and have a conversation which wasn't about whether the little one poopoo-ed already, and just enjoy our meal without having to pry curious fingers away from our bowls of steaming hot soup. Oh what a wonderful evening it was!