Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sorting Things Out

Wah lau. And I thought just needing to decide what to keep and what to throw was bad enough- now I find out that there are a lot more other things I need to sort out too. Stuff which I can't do now until I learn/find out more. Gah.

Yes, I'm deliberately being vague. But, argh!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Logistics Of It All

I think one of the hardest parts about splitting up, (other than the fact that the person you thought you would be spending the rest of your life with decides to break your heart) is having to sort through everything. Years worth of memories in the form of photos, stuffed toys, clothes and the general accumulation of stuff.

How do you decide what to keep and what to throw or give away? What about photos, do I delete them all? Keep pictures of me-only? Just leave the folder alone? Is it alright to sell jewelry you know you'll never wear? *sigh*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Stuff I Do In The Name Of Babysitting

Brought my niece out again yesterday when she came over after lunch. The plan was to catch a movie and walk around for a bit, and we had more time because she didn't have to rush back for any tuition in the evening.

The last time we went out, I managed to avoid watching singing, dancing kids prance about on their graduation day (aka HSM3). This time, however, she wanted to watch magical fairies get gifted with great powers on their graduation day which they will use to save the universe from the dark evil forces. Or something like that. Hello, Winx Club.

The cinema was full of kids, which is expected because it's a cartoon about fairies and evil witches and magical swords. All I can say is, I'm glad she enjoyed it (I'm still trying to recover from the shame). Lol. I have to admit that I enjoyed it better than Madagascar 2, maybe it's because my inner child wants to be a fairy too!

Walked around Vivocity after and got a strange request from her.

"I feel like running," she says.
"Ok, go. I'll wait for you here."
"I don't want to run alone."
"You run with me?" *expectant look*

So if you saw 2 people running around Vivocity yesterday afternoon with no particular destination in mind, yup, it was the both of us.

After running around and making her do other strange things like sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Chinese in the middle of the mall, we headed back home for dinner. Somehow or another, she managed to get me to promise to bring her to Timezone after dinner and when we were done eating, she packed her little album of cards and we made our way to the arcade.

Love & Berry Dress Up And Dance! is the game she tried explaining to me which I didn't quite understand till I got to the arcade. Basically, you sit at the machine, feed it money (actually now it's very high tech- you have to swipe a prepaid card) and you will get a card. This card could be one of 4 items- a hairdo, a dress/outfit, shoes, or eyewear.

Apparently different items have different "lucky points" and you swipe these cards in the machine to dress up your character, and if the combination is right, you'll have a really lucky character (Love or Berry- you choose). And then the music starts and you have to "clap" your hands to the rhythm of the music. Of course, the "clapping" action is just you having to push the big bright yellow button.

The luckier your character, the easier it is to score points and if she wins the dance-off, you get to go to the next round. If not, you'll have to start all over again (read: pay more money).

I sat at the arcade in amazement at how kids these think nothing of spending so much time and money at the arcade. Were we ever like that? (And I can't believe I devoted an entire blog article explaining the game.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just Because I'm Bo Liao

 Hi Ki!

Jeans it is. Lol. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It's Almost Official (Yes, The D-Word)

Ah, I guess it's about time to write about what has been going on in my personal life in the past couple of months. I've been rather silent about it here (except to my close friends who have gotten every single detail haha) because I just wanted to see how things pan out. Plus, I didn't want to write anything while I was angry and hurt.

Anyway, it's almost official. The Hubby and I are splitting. The papers have been filed, the first mandatory counseling session has been attended (yesterday) and the clothes have ALL been packed.

I've got nothing tying me back now, I guess, except that I've got to wait for the courts to continue processing the paperwork and make everything official. Plus, I guess I should update my Facebook status too. Hahahahaha.

I sound so calm now because I've had plenty of time to think about things and have come to accept the decision that has been made. The Nepal/Bhutan trip was a perfect opportunity for me to reflect upon the situation and really think about what I wanted and I've also had the support and counsel of my family and close friends.

The reasons are personal, of course, but I must say I have no regrets. I cannot say that I didn't try hard enough, and I can walk out of the door with my head held high and with the knowledge that I did my best. Whether or not I think the effort was reciprocated, I don't know but there wasn't any scandal, in case any one was wondering. No cheating spouses, no illegitimate children suddenly showing up, no physical or emotional abuse.

In fact, it was mostly circumstantial and splitting up was just the most practical solution that we felt would solve the problem. Of course, a split doesn't bring out the best in people, and I was surprised to see my spouse in an entirely new light. Sometimes wonder if I really knew him as well as I thought I did at all.

Of course, it's not been easy and in the last 24 hours alone, I've been through the entire gamut of emotions that one could possibly feel. But like I've said before, I'm surrounded by so many people who care.

Interestingly, the counseling session wasn't as tough as I imagined it to be (it was over in less than 30 minutes!). The counselor asked us why we wanted to get a divorce, listened to our sides of the story, asked us if we were sure whether or not we wanted to try, and when we said "no" she just said that she'll get the paperwork processed.

I was surprised that she didn't try to analyse the situation more thoroughly though, and I can easily think of a number of people who would probably do a better job at least in asking questions and trying to find out what the full story was (cousin.e comes to mind, hehe). Then again, we were rather adamant about going our separate ways.

Well, I'm fine ok holding up now. I've had some really low moments, and it wasn't the easiest thing to say that you don't want to try to make your marriage work anymore. However, I know I'll move on and that things will eventually get better. I know what are the things I need to do now (get a job!) and the steps I need to take to make this entire process easier to bear. *thinking positively*

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It was an interesting day today.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jiayee & Joseph's Wedding

I'm so glad I decided to go for Jiayee's wedding today. Made plans to have lunch with Tianxiang before the wedding and we met up at Katong to have laksa for lunch. Wah, it's been such a long time since I've eaten laksa. We had a good time catching up- I think the last time we met up was when he was considering whether or not to quit his job and go into full time wedding photography. Fast forward to 7 months later, I'm so proud of what he has achieved and I'm glad he's doing well.

The ceremony was alright I guess, I was surprised at how preachy the entire thing was. But I guess that was the wishes of the couple. Pingshan, Tianxiang, Yifan, Shiwen, Yuling and Yinming turned up, and it was really good to see all of them again. The most touching moment in the entire session was when the couple gave their thanks to their parents and seeing how emotional they got.

Jiayee and Joseph
The bride was stunning.

No one brought a camera! So we don't have any pictures, except for the group picture taken by the bridal photographer (which I'm not sure if we'll get). Interestingly, as I was leaving after taking the photo, the photographer looked and me and said I looked familiar. I said I was the bride's ex-classmate and was shocked when he asked me if my name was Bona. Turns out he remembers me from when I used to go to church when I was in secondary school! Amazing.

Didn't stay for the reception and headed to Suntec with Pingshan to catch up. I think it's been 8 years since we last saw each other- how fast time has passed! We had cake and drinks at NYDC and chatted for hours. Funny how you can still be close even thought you've lost touch for so long.

All in all, I had a good time despite being tired from the few hours of sleep I got the night before. It's so interesting to see how different our lives are and how far we've come from our innocent secondary school days more than 10 years ago. Who would have imagined that we'd be where we are today. Everyone is getting married, having babies. We're adults now!

Wedding Bells

I think I finally went to bed at 5.30am and was woken up 5 hours later, when the SMSes started streaming in to ask if I was going for Jiayee's wedding. I was so tempted not to go and to just sleep in, but it's not everyday that you get to catch up with old secondary school classmates.

I'm actually more excited to meet up with Tianxiang and Pingshan than to attend the wedding- so bad hor. I've also heard that quite a handful of others that I don't keep in touch with will be there, so why not. Will see if I can stuff my camera in so I can take pictures. Lol.

Anyway, now to get ready and figure out how to get there. *looks at watch* I have an hour.

Caffeine Is Not My Friend

Argh it's 4.30am and I'm still wide awake. Anyone wants to hazard a guess why? Let me give you a hint. Or two.

Anyway, I've decided to make a list of things one should not do if one wants to keep normal sleeping hours.

1. Do not drink 2 cups of coffee if you know it will keep you awake all night. Different people have different levels of caffeine tolerance and can have espressos right before bedtime and still manage to fall asleep. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. A coffee in the afternoon is guaranteed to keep me up all night, what was I thinking when I had 2?!?! (Actually, I wasn't thinking. So there.)

2. Do not spend all night uploading old pictures onto Facebook. Although, you might as well check them out since they are up already. Here, here and here. Don't worry if you can't see them though, they were all pictures that were taken from my old blog.

3. Do not start reading a book that you know you can finish reading at one go. This usually happens when I read books that I've read before and enjoy. And just in case it wasn't obvious- one book is bad enough, don't take out the entire trilogy.

4. Do not fight that sleepy feeling and blog about how you cannot sleep.

Oh. Oops.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Morning World!

Woo! I'm up early today. But I shall not rub it in the faces of my employed friends who have probably already been in the office for an hour. Hehehe.

Don't know why I'm in such a chipper mood today. But who cares why. La di da!

Need To Sleep

Argh. I have an early day tomorrow and I really ought to be sleeping now. But the coffees I had today are keeping me awake. Wide awake.

Clearly, I do not learn from past mistakes.

Loot = Love

It's been a good day today. Was rather productive and made several appointments, and managed to catch up with some of my girlfriends.

Sharon called me last night and we decided to have lunch today, since I was going to be near her workplace. She bought lunch as a belated birthday celebration and we had a nice time just catching up. Unfortunately we didn't have as much time as we would have if we met for dinner, and she had to rush back to work when her lunch hour was up.

Had coffee with Cheryl who brought along the peri peri sauce that she brought back from KL for me. The poor girl actually forgot to bring it with her, but rushed back home to grab it since she knew I've been anticipating getting the sauce from her for the longest time. Had more time to spend with her, and we had a nice latte and chatted for a couple of hours.

Then I had dinner with Wenzz, who brought me Ghirardelli chocolates from the States. And the timing was perfect too- I had already run out of chocolates at home. Hehehe. We had dinner at this Japanese place in Plaza Singapura (can't remember the name) then coffee at TCC after. *stuffed*

Got back home feeling really full, but really pleased. Chocolates and peri peri sauce make me a happy bunny!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Career As A Babysitter

My aunt has been bringing my niece (her grand-daughter) over since it's the school holidays and it's kind of fallen on my plate to entertain the girl and help with her tuition assignments.

I don't really mind, Jean's a really smart kid and quite fun to be around. Yesterday, my aunt suggested that I bring her to the movies.

Decided on Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa because there was no way I was going to sit through a bunch of singing, dancing kids in High School Musical 3. Yes, singing and dancing animals are fine.

The movie was alright, I had a bit of a sore neck at the end because we were seated really close to the front, but I think Jean enjoyed herself tremendously. Plus she was kept warm thanks to my shawl, which the ungracious child called a rag. Hmph.

Walked around Plaza Singapura for a bit, and had fun at Spotlight trying on various hats and boas and silly costumes. Took quite a fair bit of photos as well, but I'm too lazy to resize them and post them up. Lol.

Headed back home and the poor girl napped on the way back. That's what you get for missing your daily afternoon nap to go watch movies and try on silly hats. But we had a good time, and I think I didn't do too badly as a babysitter.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why I Am Wide Awake

Had a cup of coffee at about 5pm this afternoon. But really, I have no one else to blame but myself.

One of my dad's friends came over today and my mom made a cup of coffee for him. It was the real brewed stuff, not the instant type, and it smelled SO GOOD.

Even though I knew all that caffeine would keep me up, I just couldn't resist and had a cup for myself. It tasted as wonderful as I thought it would, and I savored each and every last drop.

So now I'm wide awake. Hello there.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still Hibernating

Not sure when I'll be back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Because I Want This Day To Pass

I will be hibernating today. Add that to the list of things to do to make you feel better.

See ya'll tomorrow.

The Things That Tickle Me

Reruns of The Nanny have been showing on the telly and I was watching it this evening (like I do every other evening). This was one of the much later episodes because the Nanny already married her boss, and was trying to get pregnant.

After trying for a while (I think), someone suggested that she go to the Chinese medicinal shop and get something there. She comes back with some herbs for her husband to take and is in the midst of preparing it in this scene when Gracie comes in to ask some questions.




And I know it's the Nim Jiom Pi Pa Gao because I've been taking it for the past few days for my throat. Here's a picture of the box I have at home.


Same right!

Aiyah, I need to get a life. Lol.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Oh dear, I think I have overdosed on those yummy spiced cornflakes. I'm down with a sore throat which has developed into a bad cough, and I think I've also caught a flu bug, which has left me feeling feverish, weak and aching all over.

I'm miserable.

Anyway, I'm drinking lots and lots of water and hoping I'll get better soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

While The World Celebrates Obama's Victory..

LGG and I were celebrating our own little success in the kitchen. We have finally made the spiced cornflakes!!! Not only have we tried out the original recipe, we have also improvised and used some of the Montreal Chicken Spiced Herbs (MCSH) mix that I found in my pantry. YAAAAY!!!

For those who have somehow been lucky enough to avoid hearing me gush and obsess over these spiced cornflakes, here's the story.

Couple of months ago, LGG's friend let her try these spiced cornflakes. It was made using a spice mix of ground cumin, ground coriander, chili powder and salt mixed with some oil coated cornflakes. Simple and delicious.

I remember not being very impressed, and thinking, "How delicious can spiced cornflakes be?"

Anyway, fast forward to last week when we went to watch Tropic Thunder and I finally had a taste of those famous spiced cornflakes. Suddenly, I understood what she had been going on and on and on about. Those spiced cornflakes were DELICIOUS!

I've been obsessing about them for days and finally, we have recreated them ourselves! Instead of using chili powder, we used extra hot cayenne pepper in the original recipe and the final outcome came out spicier than the original (but still very yummy). The MCSH mix was also very tasty- a good mix of salty and slightly citrus-y flavour.

So pleased! Anyway I'd update more, but talking about them is making me drool and I think I'm going to make some more. *slurp*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'll be going to LGG's place tomorrow to make the spiced cornflakes! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

And Sometimes, Things Don't Suck As Much

I think when you're going through a rough patch, you need to know what you can do to make yourself feel better. Here's my list:

*Give yourself time to mope. Let it all out, but don't wallow in self-pity and misery.

*Surround yourself with people who will treat you normally. Yeah I may be having problems, but I don't need to talk about it all the time. Tell me about your latest dive trip and how you saw mola molas, mantas and whale sharks this year alone.

*But make sure they don't take it personally if you don't have the most enthusiastic responses to their stories. They also have to know that any time you want to talk, they have to listen. Hahahaha.

*Talk about things that make you happy. I've found out that talking to anyone about my recent Nepal/Bhutan holiday almost instantly puts me in a better mood. Better yet, shove the camera/laptop in their faces and make them go through every single photo with you, while you chatter on with your commentary.

*Chocolate. Get friends who are going to the States to buy Ghirardelli squares back for you. (Thanks Wenzzz!)

*Buy me stuff. I'll take anything- food, drinks, books, movie tickets, massages. The list is never ending and I have no shame. Gimme gimme gimme!

*Go out. You don't have to spend a tonne of money, but just getting out of the house makes a difference.


At the end of the day, you've got to know that things will get better. It just takes time. So look forward, not back, and keep on going.

More Random Updates

Went to Seletar Reservoir with Peggy for a walk a couple of days ago. We were chatting in the morning and decided in a spur of the moment to go out in the afternoon and do healthy activities. I used to go to such places (reservoirs, parks) quite regularly last time, but I guess it's hard to keep heading out there if you don't have someone to accompany you.

The environment around Seletar Reservoir is very peaceful and beautiful- I guess all large bodies of waters are. We just strolled along chatting, while other people jogged by us. It wasn't very crowded though, just a handful of people working out. About 10 in all?

After that we went to the nearby driving range to "practise". Peggy's got her golf clubs in the boot of her car, so she lugged them out, bought tokens for the golf balls and found a secluded corner in the driving range to hit 'em balls.

She let me try my hand at it, showing me how to hold the golf club and the right way to swing, and I must say I'm not too bad! Of course, my posture and everything else is probably wrong, and I only hit a couple of balls. Who knows, any more and I could have injured myself.

Had a good time though, so I sort of vaguely agreed that once I start working again, I *might* pick up golf. Well, we'll see about that. I have lots of plans that I want to embark on when I start working again. Hehehe.


Had lunch with Alfred on Friday. He'd just come back from a work trip in Abu Dhabi and we'd been meaning to meet up for yonks so I could claim my birthday lunch. Went to Marche's at Vivocity and was walking around after and since we didn't really know what to do, we decided to hop on the Sentosa Express and go to Sentosa. After all, it was only $3 to enter!

Was walking around Sentosa for barely 15 minutes (in the hot, hot sun) and I could feel the skin on my face burn. Hurriedly made my way to the Island Shop and bought me a tube of overpriced, but much needed, sunblock. Lathered it on and continued on our way.

Stuff we did while at Sentosa: Get burnt (me only), eat ice cream, pretend to be Swedish and ask for directions in what we think is a Swedish accent (yaaa?), took a ride on the new CineBlast, watched a 4D movie thing (really touristy hor), went to the fish spa to let the dead skin on our feet get nibbled off by hundreds of hungry fish.

The fish spa was a really interesting experience. As you place your feet in, the little fishes SWARM towards you and start nibbling. The sensation was so ticklish, we couldn't stop giggling. After 20 minutes of being fish food, we had a 20 minute foot massage and another 10 minute head and shoulder massage. All for $52- not the cheapest massage in town, but not too unreasonably priced either.

Eventually we decided to get the Sentosa Islander pass- you pay $19.50 and get unlimited free entry to Sentosa, as well as a whole host of other benefits (mainly discounts on entrance fees to attractions) for an entire year. All I need to do is go 7 times and I've more than made up the cost!


Also met up with Elena who had some news she wanted to share with me. Popped over her place after she got off work and did some catching up and also to see her baby. Baby Eva is so big now!

Anyway, the news she had to tell me wasn't exactly very good. Things aren't exactly peachy and there isn't much I could do. All I can do is hope that things work out in the end.


Just came back from watching Tropic Thunder with LGG and some of the girls. It really felt like a secondary school outing because there were 7 of us! Tropic Thunder is hilarious and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Plus, I finally got to taste some of the famous spiced cornflakes that LGG had been raving about for the past few months. Good stuff!

Few of us hung out for coffee at Coffee Club after. Chatted about everything under the sun (ok, not really, but more about stuff like traveling and food- yummm) and by the time they cleared our cups and gave us the bill, it was already almost 1.30am! It's been SUCH a long time since I've been out at night, let alone past midnight. Hehehehe.

Managed to get a ride back, but not before bungling my directions and having to circle Compass Point till I could recognise my block. Man, I really need to learn how to give directions to get home. Lol.


Anyway, it's 3.30am and I'm pooped. Time to go to bed.