Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is It

Someone commented to me the other day that it seems like I've not gotten over the Ex and that really made me stop in my tracks and go, WTF?

Anyway, I realised that perhaps it's because I keep comparing my life today to what it used to be life. I don't know. But I've decided that this is it. No more talking about the Ex. No more bringing up the past and gushing about how good my life has been since I left.

It's a fact. My life is good. I don't need to compare it to anything or to anyone.

So from today onwards I'm going to stop looking back and just concentrate on the now, on the future, on appreciating the good stuff for what it is.

Do I even make any sense? Lol.


Woohoo it's Friday and I'm in a good mood. And it's not even 7am!

Spent the last half hour or so in an sms conversation with the young grasshopper. He was asking about my bad day yesterday (not really day, more like a really bad moment. The rest of the day was actually quite alright) and I was telling him about my plans to go up this end-November.

26 more days to go. *grin*

So yes, talking about holidays always puts me in a good mood, and it's always great to have something to look forward to. Helps make dreary days pass faster.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes

I was reading through old entries in my happy notebook and came across one that I wrote exactly a year ago.

"Although it seems that there is no end in sight, things will get better one day and I'll start to feel happy again."

When I look at how I am today, it's hard to remember the gloom and unhappiness I felt a year ago when my marriage had broken apart. It's hard to remember the pain I felt, the sense of loss and unjust and anger. And honestly, I don't even remember how I managed to muster the strength to just move on.

Getting a job really helped the process though. Having something to do, meeting new people, learning new things, immersing myself in the corporate world. Being valued for my inputs and ideas, getting to know my colleagues, earning an income and feeling worthy once again.

It also helped that I had amazingly supportive and loving friends and family.

It's funny how resilient we are. One year on, I'm traveling a lot more than I ever did. I'm meeting people from all over the world and having the time of my life. I look at myself today, and I'm happy.

What a difference a year made, huh.

Happy Birthday!!!

Aww my sister came up to me today, hugged me and moaned that she's going to be in her 30s soon. *hugs* And here I am complaining that I'm officially in my late-20s!

Well this post is dedicated to my dear sister. May your 30s be blessed with lots of joy, love and laughter. Thanks for always being there for me through thick and thin, and for loving me despite the weirdness you've had to endure.

*slobbery kisses and gropey hugs*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 2

Hehehe got a bit lazy and didn't finish my list the last time, so here are 5 more things I'm thankful for.

6. Silly chats that make me smile. Don't really need any explanation for this, right?

7. Travel, travel, travel. 2009 is probably the year that I've travelled the most so far. Doesn't matter that I seem to be going back to the same country heeheehee. :P Here's to more traveling to come!

8. The Internet. Lol, the Internet seems to be a recurring guest on my thanksgiving lists (along with travel, friends and family haha). What can I say, without the Internet, we wouldn't have IM.

9. Being able to love myself and to love my life. Things are definitely way better now than they were this time last year. And they can only get better!

10. The Universe, who makes everything that 's good in my life happen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Early Morning Thanksgiving

It's 6am and I don't know why I'm up so early. Probably because I slept a tad earlier last night than I normally do.

Anyway, here's some early morning thanksgiving. Ten things I'm thankful for:

1. That Yummy had a safe delivery of baby Andrea Zara. I visited them at home a couple of days ago, and wow, the baby is such a cutie. Really got my biological clock ticking in overdrive. Hehehe.

2. Friends, both near and far. I'm so glad for the people in my life who listen to me gush about boys, tell me about their mother's latest groupie behaviour, share their personal problems, and offer to kick butt if I get hurt. Doesn't matter which country they are in, I'm thankful that I'm loved enough for them to care.

3. Family who give me strength and comfort just by being there. It's so easy to take for granted the steadfast presence of your parents, and we really ought to treasure them more when they are around.

4. That my sister's wedding is falling into place. I'm so happy that after 7 years, they are finally going to tie the knot. *hugs*

5. That I have fantastic colleagues, well most of them. I like how we are able to work well together and get things done, despite the circumstances.

... Hmm getting lazy to type. Haha. Shall stop at 5 and continue later.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Because All You Need To Do Is Visualise What You Want

When it comes to setting aside a little time each day to visualize, Bona, look at it like this:

No matter how distracted you become or how confused you are about the process, the simple fact that you gave your dream this time and attention means you did it correctly, you did it long enough, and that by the time you open your eyes, already in the unseen, huge wheels have begun turning.


You think I'd make it hard?

Your humble servant,
    The Universe

Monday, October 19, 2009


I like this quote:

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released. -Jean Houston

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Week That Past

It's already mid-October and time is just whooshing by. Haven't really had the time to update much cos I've been busy organising a conference which just ended.

Things in the office have been rather interesting. The department has been put through a pressure cooker organising this event and it really was eye opening to see how incompetent some people really are. And it's amazing that they managed to survive for so long in the working
world with such a lack of common sense.

But anyways, this is a Happy Blog so I shall not complain.

One of the plus sides of this pressure cooker treatment is that I've definitely grown closer to some of my colleagues. And that's always a good thing, I guess. It's quite clear that most of us do not appreciate ass kissers, and would happily ignore such people. Heehee.

Well, I'm just glad this event is over and that I can take a breather. One more work trip and then it'll be the holidays. Yay!

Anyway, I think I'll end here and update more when I'm more rested.

Happy Diwali to all!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

If We Lived On Krynn

LGG: well i'd be an elf and be annoyingly superior
bon: eh but kender travel!
bon: scarly we really become kender
bon: LOL
LGG: WAH dun want la
LGG: so annoying
LGG: talk nonstop
LGG: oops
bon: ahem

Birthday Celebrations Part 2

Had dinner with Ching on Tuesday evening. She was going away to Bintan on Wednesday, and wanted to meet up before her trip. She brought me to the Shashliq (Shashlik?) Restaurant- an old Russian restaurant at the 6th floor of Far East Shopping Center. We had borsch soup, and a steak each, and shared a banana flambe. The food was REALLY good and I was a happy camper.

Went to the office on Wednesday and was pleasantly surprised when my boss got me an ice cream birthday cake from Ben & Jerry's. The department got together to sing a birthday song and it was hilarious when the cake started melting because of all 28 candles that they decided to put on it. The ice cream cake was also really yummy. Hehehe.

Had lunch with Li Min, Joe and Shini at Sun & Moon at Chijmes. Chatted about work and holidays and other nonsensical stuff. Li Min was having a bottle of sake and he ordered one for me, so I glugged it down not knowing that I was drinking alot. Got back to the office with flushed cheeks and feeling giggly. Hehe.

Met up with LGG, Pam, Anthea and Carol and had a nice dinner at Cedele at Raffles City in the evening. We decided not to go boozing and spent the evening catching up and chatting with each other. It's been yonks since I'd seen Pam and it was really nice to know that she's doing well.

Went for a karaoke session with my colleagues after work on Thursday. This was a combined birthday celebration for me and Michelle and the few of us had a good time warbling out song after song. I think it's important that colleagues get along not only in the office, but outside the office as well, and occasionally it's really great that we make time to hang out together.

Had a meeting which ended late on Friday (how cruel!) but managed to hit the gym and did a light workout- chest, back and legs. Didn't spend any time doing cardio though, which means the next time I go, I really need to try to work up a sweat. Headed to LGG's place after that and the 2 of us really seemed like an old married couple. I got through the door and she was preparing dinner and I was complaining about what a long day I had. LOL.

We set up the DVD player and made sure the movies were all in working order and then watched a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls, and also watched the Hangover before crashing and heading to bed. Woke up early this morning for a Lord of the Rings marathon session.

Carol, Ching and Anthea came over and we ate SO MUCH. There was porridge, omelette and braised peanuts for breakfast. Cheese and crackers. Grapes. More cheese and crackers. Potato salad. Raita. Mooncake. I'm sure there was more food that I can't recall. *slurp* We had a blast of a time dubbing the script (my favourite were the Chinese dubs lol) and basically dissing Frodo throughout all three movies. Total time to complete the LOTR marathon? 10 1/2 hours. Lol.

Anyway, one more day and it's back to work. *breathes*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feeling Blessed

It's incredible having such a wonderful bunch of people in my life.
Feeling such an outpouring of love from everyone.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!!!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Awesome Week To Date

One week into October and so far things have been a blast.

Stayed at the Oriental with Carol on Wed and Thu night. She was having an event and had a free room stay, and she invited me to bunk with her. Aah, it was so blissful. Waking up to a wonderful breakfast spread.. *contented sigh*

Had drinks with Li Min, Joe and Benny at Harry's on Wed. Strongbow cider is yum! Learnt how to bounce coins off the table top and into a glass and eventually I want to be able to bounce it in to a shotglass. It's all about the trajectory.

Dinner with my sis on Thu at some ramen place at Central. Note to self: never order the spicy soup. Lol. After that, she bought me a really cute dress, and then we had margaritas at Cafe Iguana. It's so nice to be able to just have a drink and chat.

Went to KPO with LGG and met up with BT, Jeanne and a couple of other people. Vodka cranberries all night long. Then crashed Carol's event at the Guildhouse and headed to smoke shisha at Arab Street. Whined about boys to each other while lying down on the couch. Lol, felt like we were 15 again, except with more money and no curfew.

Met Junie finally on Saturday. I did the vit c infusion in the morning (3 hrs! I have tiny veins) and went over to LGG's place. Hung out at home and then went to Food#03 for dinner with Anthea, Ching and some other gals. Celebrated Anthea's birthday with lots of food (think we ordered everything on the menu!) and a couple of Vitagen vodkas. Yummy.

Miraculously, we could all wake up in time to do the tree top walk at MacRitchie in the morning. 2 1/2 hours walking with Ching, LGG and Junie. It was very nice. Hard to imagine we still have such nature-y places in Singapore. Had brunch after at the Green Room.

Went home, napped, and had dinner with the relatives and an early birthday celebration. The food was good, the cake was yummy, and the family was as gossipy as ever. Lol.

Met Chui Hua last night after work and she sponsored a Javanese massage and scrub. Had a really yum dinner at Little India after. *bliss*

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Saturday, October 3, 2009


And another month has just passed us by, it's already October!!! Wow.

Had an enlightened week at work, and my mood in the office has
improved considerably. I decided to distance myself emotionally from
work, and I find myself being able to take a more neutral stand on
things these days. Yay!

My birthday present to myself for 2009- a gym membership at Fitness
First again. Nope, not a plane ticket to Bangalore, haha.

It's time to whip myself in shape. Think I'll need to get more workout
attire heehee.

Weekend is here, yay! Birthday is coming, double yay! Life is good.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's In My DNA

True, you can't see what you can't see, Bona, you can't hear what you can't hear, and you can't feel what you can't feel. But still, you can know that you're not alone, that you're adored, and that absolutely everything will continue to work out for your very best, as it always has.

It's built into your DNA -
    The Universe