Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Chungs!

I'm married! Wheeee!

We had a beautiful ceremony on 20 Dec 2014 at the Halia at Raffles Hotel. Family and friends flew in from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and the United States. It was amazing.

Hard to imagine that we have already been married for 5 days. The few days after the wedding was spent passed out from exhaustion, and also catching up with our relatives.

Had a nice dinner at home last night with mom's signature beef (and chicken) lasagne, that sour tang hoon dish, beef and lamb chops (courtesy of SY), a baked ham as well as macaroni salad and buku salad for dessert. Yumz.

Met up with the entire R clan and watched Big Hero 6. It was a fun movie and was glad everyone enjoyed it. Walked around Orchard Road and then headed back home.

2014 is coming to an end and I must say that it's certainly been an amazing year. I'm thankful that we are surrounded by so much love from family and friends, and blessed that everyone supports our union.

Here's to a wonderful 2015!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Counting Down!

A few more days to the big day and things have been hectic. The biggest surprise, however, is receiving one of the bestest wedding presents ever. My sister and baby-I surprised me by coming to Singapore!!! *love*

Apparently her father-in-law is not coming but she told me he was so that she would make sure she had a seat at the dinner.

It's great having all the kids in the house, and seeing the older cousins play with the baby makes me look forward to starting my own family.

Which makes setting up the marital room so important. Who knew so much was involved in getting that done? CK came over last night with all the necessary bells and whistles- bedside lamps la, face powder la, 13 different ang paos to be placed in strategic places in the room la, a plate of fruit la, bowls to eat tangyuan la, and of course lots and lots of shuangxi stickers to be placed all over the house.

We are also planning to get baby-I to bounce on the bed. No live chickens needed! Hehehe.

Friends and family have also started streaming in to Singapore and it's a mad rush having to co-ordinate airport pick ups, meet ups and various meals and hang outs.

But it's all good. I even managed to squeeze in a manicure and pedicure yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised that doing gel nails is faster and lasts longer (and probably more damaging to ones nails but I don't plan on doing this regularly anyway).

Don't think I'll be getting much sleep in the next few days but thankfully I have an awesome make up artist hur hur hur. Feeling so blessed by all the love around me!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 16/30

Went to the eye doctor today. Woke up with a sharp pain behind my right eye, and it hurt when I looked around. Worried, I thought about heading to the GP to check it out, but my boss asked me to see an eye doctor instead for a more thorough check up.

She recommended her opthamologist, and I made an appointment and headed down to the clinic. The location, Mt Elizabeth at Novena, was an indication of the price tag that would follow.

Registered, and had a quick eye check by the assistant. She checked my eye sight, and also eye pressure. She did that by using a machine that blew some air into my eyeball.

Saw the doctor who said such pain was quite common and could be due to sinuses not draining properly, and the resulting blockage could cause pain. He did a quick check involving shining bright lights at me, and poking and prodding my eyeball to see if it hurt (it did).

Had an ultra scan (ultra sound?) done of my eye balls, and went back to have it checked by the doctor. According to him, there was some swelling in my right eye, and I was prescribed anti inflammatory eyedrops.

Got my bill and am now poorer by 308 bucks. Although I feel the pinch, I am immensely thankful that I can afford to see a specialist and that my medical problems are taken care of by professionals. Not everyone is so lucky.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving 15/30

Yikes I'm 3 days late. Don't really have an excuse except that I was feeling lazy and forgot hehe.

Over the weekend, we did our laundry. 5 loads worth! For the first time in months, our cupboards are bursting with clean clothes and linens, and our laundry bin is empty. I threw in a pair of pants on Monday and realised I forgot to empty my pockets, and had to bend down to reach inside the laundry bin. A rare occassion!

So I'm thankful that we do not have an overflowing pile of clothes that need washing, which means we can relax for a couple of weeks. Hehehehe.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 14/30

Met my parents this evening to catch Interstellar at the Shaw Lido IMAX. So exciting!

IMAX is one of the things that +3 introduced me to when we first started hanging out a couple of years back, and we've always enjoyed watching movies together. The first movie we caught together at IMAX was Life of Pi (the first movie we watched together was The Perks of Being a Wallflower).

I'm glad we managed to introduce this to the parents, although my dad wasn't all that impressed. "The screen is only a little bit bigger mah, and the sound is so loud. Anyone with a weak heart can get a heart attack." Lol.

So today, I am thankful for new experiences for me and my family. May we never stop trying new things!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 13/30

Eeks I'm late! Forgot to do a post yesterday because I had a busy day. Work has been piling up and I rushed off to meet Summer for a quick catch up before going for my extraction facial.

I'm thankful for a good week at work. Despite it being my peak period, work on my big event started earlier than we did last year, so everyone has a bit more breathing space and it shows. Meetings with my vendors are more relaxed and everyone seems to be in a good mood because they don't have to rush as much.

I'm also thankful for friends like Summer, who I got to know in my very first job way back in 2003! Although we don't hang out as much as we used to, it's nice to catch up once in a while. Scary how quickly time flies. When I first met her, her kids were only in Primary school and now they are in Uni!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 12/30

Had dinner at home this evening. Met my mom at Compass Point, and she was thinking of getting a pair of earrings for me for my wedding. She was going to have dinner with some girlfriends, so +3 and I headed back after she had shown us off to her friends. Hehe.

Dinner at home was good, as usual. Nanny made mee hoon kueh, and we bought a couple of tubs of ice cream from Island Creamery, which we had with laopa after our meal.

The mood at home was happy and relaxing and all of us just chatted the night away. Mom came back and we continued talking about random things.

At some point, I asked the parents if theu wanted to watch a movie. See, my mom is game to go out and have dinner but she isn't a big movie fan, especially if it's a horror or suspense flick. Dad is generally anti social and prefers to stay at home.

To my surprise, they both agreed to watch Interstellar at the IMAX theatre at Lido on Saturday night! Waaah after all these years of asking them out, they finally said yes! I whipped out my credit card and made the booking on the spot. Hehe.

So today, I am thankful that my parents agreed to watch a movie with us. I'm always glad to spend time with them.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 11/30

My mom sent my sis a text this morning, saying that she had run out of a certain tea that she bought when she was in the US. She couldn't find that same tea in the supermarkets, so asked my sis to give me info so I could buy it online.

Thankfully, iHerb sold the tea my mom was looking for. I was also planning to get more essential oils to make poo spray, so added these items (plus a few more other stuff) to my cart and checked out.

I love that you can get a large variety of stuff on iHerb. And I was lucky enough to get a lifetime VIP membership when there was a promotion earlier this year. So all purchases I make on iHerb are discounted! Yippie!

Yummy is also sharing the account with (you can save a few shipping addresses and billing information), so I'm glad to be able to share these savings with her. Every cent saved adds up!

So today, I'm thankful to iHerb for stocking up on so different things and making it so easy to shop there.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 10/30

Aaaand it's December! I'm thankful for this whirlwind of a year, which was full of amazing life changes. Bought a house, travelled to London and Scotland, got engaged... and there is still one more month to the end of the year!

I'm thankful for all the good and the bad that has happened this year, and for all the changes in various aspects of my life. While some changes were painful, they were absolutely necessary and I've come out all the stronger.

Here's to having a fantastic December!

Monday, December 1, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 9/30

Will do a quick and short post today. I'm thankful for my life. For all the ups and downs that make me who I am today.  Sure, it's easy to wish for a better life, but the chances of that happening are about the same as getting a shitty lot too.

I'm trying to make my life a good one, to leave a positive impact on the people around me. Doing the best I can to be a good citizen of this world!