Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Kerbs Are Not Safe While I'm Behind The Wheel

Happy Moments of 31012009:

- Feeling the love and support of all my friends and family after they found out that I've failed my driving test for the third time in a row (mounted the same kerb again! THE EXACT SAME KERB!). Good news is, I've had a couple of offers from friends to ferry me around. Wahahahahaha.
- Chatting with an ex-JC classmate who is now in Indonesia. Hmm actually I'm not sure if we were in the same class, but we definitely hung out a lot last time. 10 years ago! Made plans to meet up in Jakarta if and when I do travel there for work.
- Napping the entire afternoon away and being excused for it. Am emotionally delicate now because of failed driving test. Lol.

So, sorry Guppie and Yummy. Terrorising the roads will have to wait.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Visiting The Relatives

Just got back from cousin.e's place. Can't believe how fast time flew by, before we knew it, it was 3am already. Lol.

Happy Moments of 28012009:

- Sharing the joy of Edward Monkton with Ki.
- Eating delicious home cooked food at cousin.e's. We had very, very yummy chicken soup- fish maw, dried scallops, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms and of course, the chicken. Also had this really delicious barley and gingko dessert. Celebrated Aunty GM's birthday with a sugar free chocolate and banana cake from Olive Tree. And ended the evening with Sara Lee chocolate pound cake with vanilla sauce from Ikea. Lots of good food. *slurp*
- Chatting with the sister and cousin till 3am. Caught up on lots of family erm stories (*cough*gossip*cough*) and realised that I actually was quite blissfully unaware of a lot of things that happened in the past.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Edward Monkton's Got It Right

Happy Wednesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday-but-is-actually-a-Wednesday-which-means-it's-three-more-days-to-the-weekend!

How To Be Happy

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

Hahahahahaha was chatting with Ki this morning and she told me that she read this recipe which ended with this line, "Eat plain, or with sauce of your choice. Make a noise like this: NOM NOM NOM."

Lol so cute. And you know, "nom nom nom" pretty much sums up what I did the entire weekend. Hehehehehe.

The Lunar New Year


As the SweatshopOwner said, you're not celebrating Chinese New Year right if you don't put on a little weight. Heehee.

Been eating way too much this past weekend, thanks to the discovery of a nice little bakery at the market nearby that sells the most delicious pineapple tarts. The first container was finished even before the relatives came over for our reunion dinner so we had to run to the bakery hoping that they would have some more, and stocked up on them.

It's also been such a long time since I had so many mandarin oranges and I've been happily gorging myself silly on them. I think I've gotten the year's quota of Vitamin C already. Hehehe.

Interestingly, I've been piling more vegetables on my plate this CNY than usual. Barely had a bite of meat these couple of days, unless you count prawns and abalone. Yummy would be appalled. Lol.

Anyway, my here's my Happy Moments of 26012009:

- Finally watching Quills. The SweatshopOwner was right, it was a good movie. Now to find out what other DVDs to grab hehe.
- Having lots of yummy dishes for CNY. Love love love love love the fa cai.
- Finding out that my aunt got her green card in the States! Yaay!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Time To Drink Yakult

Lol, here's an article from the New Paper that I think Wenz will appreciate.


Think of faceless online critics as bacteria
THE online flaming brigade was certainly busy over the last two weeks. The target was senior civil servant Tan Yong Soon who wrote about his family holiday in Paris.
By Eugene Wee
26 January 2009

THE online flaming brigade was certainly busy over the last two weeks. The target was senior civil servant Tan Yong Soon who wrote about his family holiday in Paris.

Then Pasir Ris-Punggol MP Charles Chong became a target when he was quoted as using the term 'lesser mortals' to describe Mr Tan's critics.

Online comments typically are hard-hitting and vulgar at times. Everyone, it seems, gets a big dose of courage when they wear a Harry Potter-style invisible cloak. Hiding behind fake names and untraceable e-mail addresses, it's easy to act like a warrior.

Online lynch mobs, of course, exist everywhere.

Last year, AFP reported that Internet thug attacks have become so nasty in the US that a new breed of reputation managers had emerged to help clients who have become victims of character assassination.

So, is the online mob a boon or bane?

Anonymity itself is not the enemy. In the case of corporate or government whistleblowers, anonymity encourages people to come forward with essential information that may reveal wrong doing .

The media, too, sometimes relies on anonymous sources when reporting sensitive stories. This usually happens when these sources agree to give up important information, which is otherwise unavailable, only if their names are not revealed due to fear of reprisal or embarrassment.

But a crucial point is that these anonymous sources are known to someone, like a reporter, and efforts are made to verify the information supplied.

But online critics are largely faceless. You can't tell if it's just a small group or an individual kicking up a storm, or if there is widespread discontent.

The value of online opinions rise considerably when people are prepared to show their faces and stand up for what they believe in.

If you won're not brave enough to put your name or face to strong views, others are unlikely to take them seriously.

Don't blame 'Big Brother' for not identifying yourself. See the punchy comments in the letters to newspapers. These readers have the guts to speak their minds openly.

Why can't more do the same in cyberspace? Blogs like, and have names to them. And Messrs Alex Au, Eugene Yeo and Choo Zheng Xi have earned themselves a growing number of readers.

As for the anonymous bunch, think of them as bacteria who feed on dead plants or animals. Online flamers feed on those who are 'dead' when public opinion turns against them because of some act or omission.

The flamers play a part in breaking down issues and dissipating pent-up anger. Their rants might lead others to disclose information that might expose hidden practices.

Just like good and bad bacteria

Like the bacteria that decompose tissue and nourish the soil, there is some good in having such online critics.

But there are also vicious online critics who can destroy reputations with baseless accusations.

They are like the bacteria that cause diseases in plants and animals, making them sick or even killing them. One bacterium caused the bubonic plague or the Black Death (so named because of the colour of the victim's face after death).

TB, anthrax, cholera, food poisoning, and pneumonia are all the work of ugly bacteria.

So, Mr Online Critic, please decide what kind of bacteria you want to be.

Keep your anonymity, if you lack the guts, but play a useful role - like the bacteria that eats oil ( a big help to clean up oil spills), and the bacteria used in sewage treatment plants to purify water.

Many bacteria are harmless when they are contained. For example, the bacteria, E. coli, live in the intestines of people, helping them digest food as well as producing vitamins.

But when E Coli escapes, it can contaminate water and food. The same can happen when the wild comments of faceless critics get into the mainstream.

They can wind up leaving nothing more than a pile of s***.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ushering In The Year Of The Ox

Wishing everyone a prosperous lunar new year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bunny At Coffee Bean

I'm waiting for my sis, she had to go to the office for a bit to check on something and I took the bus to Vivocity after my driving lesson.

Got the uncle instructor again today and for some reason he decided to speak to me in Malay today- in broken Malay anyway (not that I'd understand even if it was grammatically correct). Bizarre.

Got me some shampoo from that shop at Harbourfront that sells shampoos and such cheap. Paid $26 for something that'd cost $38 at a salon. *grin* I love a good deal.

Hmm I'm feeling hungry now. Was late for my driving lesson because I discovered that there was chee cheong fun and chwee kwee at home. Yummy, my favourites! I've not had chee cheong fun or chwee kwee in the longest time, how could I resist?

Ooh my sister is here. Update more later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dead Molluscs And Silly Conversation

I met my mom for dinner last night after work. Called her in the afternoon to ask if she was free to go shopping for CNY-goodies and we headed to Plaza Singapura. Had dinner at Thai Express and relearned a lesson I keep forgetting- never let the hungrier person order food because you'll always order too much. Lol.

Realised that my mom was just as clueless as I was when it came to choosing CNY goodies. We've always had the good fortune of having others buy these snacks for us over the past few (say, 20?) years but circumstances have changed this year and now we have to settle it ourselves.

Walked about quite aimlessly as we had no idea where to even start and eventually decided to just get some abalone and then worry about the cookies etc another time. (Yes, I know CNY is just what, 3 days away?)

My sister called and we made our way to TCC because she hadn't eaten and I had my favourite Azuki freeze. Mom had a pot of tea and my sis had the lasagne and Azuki freeze too. It was wonderful just sitting there, talking and laughing, and making the silliest jokes about the silliest things.

Happy Moments of 22012009
- Calling my dad on the phone and having a silly conversation with him, demanding to know how much he missed me.
- Being able to chat with my mom quite candidly about men.
- Having an Azuki freeze to end the day.

Acquaintances vs Friends

Sometimes I wonder, how much effort should one put into a new friendship? I was having a chat with my colleague over lunch the other day, and we both agreed that in the initial stages of any
relationship, one really needn't have to try that hard.

It's all about chemistry, getting along and a mutual desire to deepen and strengthen the relationship.

As harsh as it sounds, I don't really need new friends. I have a core group of people around me that I know will always be there for me. People I love, value and treasure. It's the relationships with these people that I'll put in my utmost effort, and I know they'll do the same.

But once in a while you come across someone you think has the potential to be a good friend. However, if one party is obviously putting more into the relationship, especially at the beginning, it's not a very balanced relationship, is it?

So at what point do you draw the line? When do you say, ok no more. Or do you try to lower your expectations and just leave it be. When do you decide to stop trying?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Can You Do With $1092?

21840 SMSes
728 cans (if you're buying them individually) or 1092 cans (if you're buying them by the 6-pack) or 1820 cans (if you're buying them by the case) of red bull
546 items at Daiso
546 double cheeseburgers from Macdonald's
160 grande Starbucks lattes

Buy one fucking single King Koil mattress. *sigh*

Happy Moments of 21012009

- Meeting LGG and getting the kitkat that Mr Kitkat bought from Japan. We have corn kitkat, azuki kitkat and chocolate chip cookie kitkat. *loves*
- Finally buying a mattress.
- Checking out the National Geographic shop at Vivocity with my sister.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Being Excellent

Lol, I'm late and I still have time to pen a quote. Saw this one and really liked it.

"We don't get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? And we've all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. It better be worth it."
- Steve Jobs

How true.

Not The Brightest At This Hour. Me, That Is.

Hahahahaha sometimes I can be quite duh. I blame the pathetic one hour of sleep I got last night while trying to rush something out (yes, yes I know I'm a procrastinator). So I've got to head to this event this morning and I'm all dressed up and ready to go, and I've been sitting in front of the computer for the past 15 minutes and I was wondering why I'm still here.

1. I'm on the computer!
2. I haven't called a cab!
3. Have I mentioned that I'm on the computer?!

Lol. Now where's my phone?

Catching Up

Just got back slightly over an hour ago from dinner with the cousins. It was fabulous (as usual), lots of gossip and laughs. The usual bunch was there, SF, SY, JH, my sis and myself, and we asked Kate and little Taylor along as well. Too bad cousin.e couldn't make it, it would have completed the group of (Singapore) female cousins!

Had drinks at Harry's bar at the Esplanade and decided to get food there instead of heading to Glutton's Bay as originally planned. The portions at Harry's was quite filling, I had the pesto-dory-something which wasn't too bad and a shirley temple. It was fun watching Taylor run around up and down and up and down and up and down. Conclusion? Three year old kids have a tonne of energy.

Moved on after dinner to get some ice cream (that's what happens when you put a bunch of females together- we ALWAYS find room for dessert) and then stayed on till the shop was closing. We had a good catch up and filled each other on what's going on in each other's lives.

With families getting smaller and smaller, it's important to have good relationships with not only your immediate family, but cousins as well. There'll always be someone you can count on who will be there for you, even if it's just to seek some advise or counsel. I realised that I've been quite blissfully ignorant of some of the family politics that's been going on, but it's never too late to find out more.

Anyway, here are my long overdue Happy Moments of the Day.

Friday - 16012009
- Watching Red Cliff 2 with LGG, Ching and Jas. Thought the show wasn't too bad, although there were certain bits that I thought were quite unnecessary.
- Having yummy beef noodles for dinner at this place opposite Bugis Junction. I *think* it was called Lai Lai Beef Noodles, but I can't remember. Peppery beef noodle soup, slurp!
- Chatting with Towsuan over the phone and catching up. It was sad to hear that his grandmother had a bad fall but she's recovering well, so that's good.

Saturday - 17012009
- Tea with Yummy and LGG at Olio Dome. Had their margherita pizza which was DELICIOUS.
- Finally got Trainspotting from Yummy! Watched half of it before dozing off. Love love love the show.
- Sleeping at 8pm

Sunday - 18012009
- Waking at 11am (aka Getting lots of sleep. Do the math!)
- Going bed frame shopping at Ikea with my mom and sis. Finally! A bed to call my own! No more sleeping on the couch! YAY!
- Discovering that you can make A LOT of gold coins in Pet Society on Facebook by betting on races and subsequently losing it all (and realising it doesn't matter because it's just a game)

Monday - 19012009
- Having lunch with my colleague and getting to know her a little better. I think it takes time to know the people that you work with on a personal level, and sometimes you need to make the effort to talk to them. Can't be shy about things like this.
- Finding my iPod. My iPod had gone missing for a week or so and then I realised I left it in the laptop bag in the office. Silly me!
- Having dinner with the cousins. Read above.


Work's been getting hectic these days, hence the lack of updates in the day. And by the time I reach home, I'm usually too knackered to update. So patience, people.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bunny Has A Blog Hater!

Woohooo what a way to start the week! Apparently I've got a blog hater now. I'm going to be famous! Is it time to quit my day job and live off ad revenue? The possibilities are endless!

I'd write a blog post dedicated to my new hater, but that takes time and seeing how I'm not earning a single cent off this blog (yet!) I better concentrate on my day job. Hehehehe.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Movie Weekend?

Ooh I'm quite pleased. I've actually got a few movies that I'll be getting my hands on over the next few days. Firstly I've got Quills which I'll be watching with LGG once she gets her stash of strawberry and azuki kitkats (please hurry!). Then Yummy's got a copy of Trainspotting, which is a movie I really enjoyed but only got to watch once. And of course, Summer's going to pass me Slumdog Millionaire.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Moments of 15012009

- Chatting with Yummy about going for an umrah together
- Going to Compass Point with my mom before dinner and buying a blouse for her and a shirt for my dad
- Eating a healthy dinner- we had tofu, japanese cucumbers, stir fried prawns with beansprouts and omelette (no meat! Seafood doesn't count.)

Freudian Slip?

bon says:
i'm so excited i'm humping ard
bon says:
bon says:

Blog Explosion

Yes, as Ki so accurately pointed out- when I don't blog, it's quiet for days. But when I do, suddenly there's an explosion.

Deal with it. Lol.

And The Claws Come Out

About my current colleagues? I must say they aren't childish or immature, unlike some people I have worked with in the past who are willing to throw away a friendship over I don't even know what. (Well if it was that easily thrown away, it wasn't much of a friendship to begin with eh?)

I know you read my blog, and I'd call you a bitch but you know, positivity and all. So I'll just stick with calling you a loser. Lol.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creating Good In My Life

I am constantly creating good in my life.

Got this affirmation from Ki's blog. I like it.

Busy Bunny

I've been rather busy these past few days, hence the lack of updates here. And I guess it's about time I write about what I've been up to. Hehe.

Some of you would already know that I've started working. For those of you who don't know, well, I've started working. Lol. I must say that I'm so thankful that I've managed to find a job during uncertain times like this.

I started my job a little over a month ago, and December is probably the best time to start a job in any company. Everyone in the office will be in a festive mood, there are holidays that make the work week short and generally you join a very relaxed and happy environment.

My boss is fantastic (don't worry LGG, you're still the best) and I have really enjoyed working with him so far. He knows his stuff (*sigh* so cannot bluff), is open to suggestions and discussion, and isn't too uptight or fussy. It's a new industry that I'm joining, and he understands that and has been very patient as I learn the ropes.

The department is quite small, there are about 11 of us in all. My colleagues are all very friendly people, and we get along pretty well with almost no politics at all (very, very important!). In the month that I've been there, everyone has been extremely helpful and there's a strong sense of teamwork too.

Work-wise, I've been enjoying the scope and responsibilities that I've been given so far. I've been able to manage, despite being new to the industry, and *gulp* I actually enjoy what I have been doing so far. There is a fair amount of paperwork that can get quite dreary, but it's balanced with several events that I have to plan and some traveling in the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year. Yay!

My office is quite conveniently located, and it takes me about 25 minutes to get to by MRT. Best of all, there are tonnes of eateries around, which makes me a very happy bunny. I've got a 5 day / 42.5 hour work week (not including lunch hours) but no fret, we seldom have to do OT. *grin*

Starting work has been key in accelerating the process of moving on. It's something to keep you busy, and having a dollar value pegged to you does wonders for your self esteem. Earning your own keep also makes you more empowered (not that I didn't know this before) and being able to contribute to something creatively and intellectually makes you feel better about yourself.

Anyway, so that's why I've been busy.

And here are my Happy Moments of ..

Monday - 12012009
- Admiring a well written letter that impresses even the inner BS-queens in Ki and myself
- Reminiscing with Ki about the anals of history (no typo there!)
- Having dinner with my sister and catching up on her trip to the States

Tuesday - 13012009
- Lunch with Wenz and having a delicious sandwich and ice cream after. Ice cream! At lunch! Woohoo!
- Eating milk chocolate eclaires
- Having someone admire my purple diary and say it's cute (yay!)

Wednesday - 14012009
- Getting hold of the Quills DVD!
- Having spaghetti for dinner at home- yummmmmy
- Making plans to get Slumdog Millionaire from Summer

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whoever Invented Ice Cream Deserves To Be Sainted

I'm sitting in bed, reading my book and finishing what's left of the pint of Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream that was sitting in the freezer. It feels like such a lazy Sunday, all I've done all day was stay in reading.

Feeling lazy to write much, so I'll just do my Happy Moments of the Day thing.

Friday - 09012009
- Finally found the sesame salad dressing that we used that time I
went over to LGG's place.
- Crashed a wedding with LGG and got ourselves some free punch!
- Met JM for dinner and drinks and had a lovely time catching up with him.

Saturday - 10012009
- Bought some greens, almonds and cherry tomatoes and made myself a very simple but delicious salad.
- Got myself a new blouse for cheap.
- Taking a long hot shower before going to bed.

Sunday - 11012009
- Spending the day doing absolutely nothing.
- Getting notified that my Quills DVD is ready.
- Making plans to meet up with my cousins.

Ooh, my sister comes back from the States tonight / tomorrow morning. So happy and excited!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Moments Of 08012009

- Chatting with my niece on MSN and having her tell me how much she loves the stuffed dog I got her.
- Snacking on the mixed nuts I bought- almonds, cashews and hazelnuts.
- Making plans to meet friends that I haven't met in a while for dinner next week.

Quick Post

I'm lying in bed now, getting ready to go to sleep. Interestingly, I'm not all that tired, considering I only managed to get 3 hours of sleep last night when I finally settled down at 4am.

Maybe it was the shower I just took. Maybe it's residual caffeine in the system. Maybe my body clock is totally out of whack now.

Oh well. Hope I have a good night's rest tonight.

Happy moments of the day - 07012009:
- Having dinner at home (on a weekday) for the first time in a month.
- Getting someone to agree to lending me the DVD of Quills.
- Finally breaking in the wrist pouch my sister gave me for Christmas.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brain Big Big

Sometimes I amaze myself. I really have a knack for procrastinating what needs to be done, pushing everything to the very last minute and yet I am able to deliver. Or maybe my brain just functions better at night. Now that I've completed what needs to be done, I can go to bed. If I can fall asleep.


Of Faith And Intellectual Reasoning

Ok this is getting a little creepy. I've been having this similar conversation with too many people recently, that I thought I'd just blog about it here and direct anyone else who wants to discuss this topic here.

It's 2.25am so excuse me if my thoughts aren't very coherent.

Lots of people have been asking me whether I'm going to "unconvert" now that I'm no longer with my soon-to-be-ex-husband (aka the Ex). I tell them no, religion is a personal choice and they all look at me like I'm missing out on something. What, the booze? Bak kut teh?

Come on, people! I've been boozing since I was 14 (what's the legal age?) 18! I've been there, done that. And honestly, I don't really miss the hangovers and dehydration. Getting high? I'm high enough on my own company. Lol.

Pig meat? You know, once you start cutting meat out of your diet, your body adjusts and suddenly, dead animal flesh isn't all that appealing anymore. I'm not vegetarian, don't worry, it's just that I've noticed the changes in my body when I eat less meat. And the changes are GOOD- you feel better, you poop better and your energy levels are generally higher.

Then, somehow in the discussion, we'll start talking about our religious beliefs.

It's very simple to me. I believe in God. In ONE God, the same God that created the world bla bla bla. To me, Christianity, Juadism, and Islam all believe in the SAME God. It's just that somewhere down the line, (hmm how do I put this without offending anyone), some humans interfered and there were changes in the message of God, among other things.

(I'm not so familiar with Judaism so I won't talk about it here. And people, don't get offended. It's MY point of view, with MY reasoning. You don't have to accept it.)

Message of God = Word of God = Bible or Qur'an. It's already been proven that the Bible was put together by the church and somehow no one can give me a simple and logical explanation to prove that it is truly the word of God. Islam has been able to do that. (Don't ask me though, I can't remember hahahaha.)

So logically, if one can be proven and the other can't.....

And then the argument of faith comes in. We all believe in the same God! What faith are you talking about? If you're able to admit that the Bible isn't necessarily 100% the word of God, don't give me nonsense about faith and all that when it's probably fear (fear of change, fear of being different etc) that's holding you back from embracing the truth.

(By the way, I'm not attacking anyone in particular, ok? It just peeves me sometimes.)

Of course there are other reasons other than this for my conversion. But I won't talk about it now. Anyway I think I better stop here. I'm kind of losing my train of thought and it's getting late. Not that I think I can sleep any time soon. Boo.

New Eyes!

Oh I have to remember to go and collect my contact lenses from the shop tomorrow. So pleased! The promotion in most places is a free box for every five boxes you buy, but at the Spectacle Hut, you get one box free if you buy three! Sweet deal eh?

I Really Can't Sleep

OMG I overdosed on caffeine today, taking WAY more than I really should (recommended intake: zero) and now I'm up and wide awake. I had coffee in the morning, coffee again at lunch, and tea in the afternoon.

And the result of all this caffeine coursing through my veins? Was on MSN earlier and quoting Tenacious D lyrics to all and sundry. Apparently this is the first time Cheryl has seen me like this, and she got scared away and logged off as soon as she got the chance (pleading with LGG to MAKE HER STOP!). Hehehe.

Anyway, happy moments of the day - 06012009:
-Making a new friend. There is a moment in every relationship where you sort of realise that hey, you aren't mere acquaintances and have actually become friends. Today was such.
-Meeting Peggy at (ahem) the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Actually I had tea. But tea has caffeine in it. Bad, bad me. Spent the evening catching up with her and it's always wonderful to reconnect.
-Walking to the Ex's workplace, looking smokin' hot (well done, shoes and skirt!) and smiling happily to everyone I know there. Let them tell him that I've moved on, and to a better place. Yay me!

I seriously doubt I'll be able to get any sleep tonight, and anyway there are a tonne of things I need to do. Stuff that I should have done before but didn't actually get round to doing because of my new addiction to Pet Society on Facebook. La di da.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Doing Things For Yourself

I enjoyed the sandwich that I had last Friday so much that I decided to head back to Canele for lunch today. Ordered the same sandwich and a pot of peppermint tea, sat down with my book and relished spending some time by myself. The sandwich was fantastic, the tea refreshing, the book engaging.

While it's been great spending time with friends and catching up and breaking out of that anti-social shell that I had built around myself last year, I thought that being able to sit down alone today and just be quiet was wonderful. No need to worry about what to say, how to respond, when to laugh.

Anyway my happy moments of the day:
Had a nice email conversation with my sister who is now in the States.
Giving her a call and getting to chat with Mark for a quick bit.
Having a delicious and healthy lunch by myself.

Junk food contributes to poor health.
I am worth more, so I eat healthy food from now on.

Got this from the daily affirmations on Ki's blog. So true!

I've been thinking about making more conscious choices about the food I eat. As quick as we are to point the finger at foods we ate that make us feel bad, we always forget that the reverse is also true. The food we eat really does determine how we feel.

Mmm salad... *slurp*


I just realised that I totally forgot to attend Eva's first birthday party yesterday! Yikes, it slipped my mind completely and I only remembered when I was looking through my calendar.

That's the problem with having all your appointments saved into different places. Outlook, Gmail calendar, my phone, and diary. Lol. Time to sync it all up!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Moments Of The Day

I think one of the things Ki is doing on her new blog is something fantastic- it's this "Happy moments of the day" thing, where she writes down stuff that made her happy that day. I did something similar before, writing down 3 things each day that I was thankful for, but somehow didn't manage to keep up with it.

Most of the stuff I write here are happy things anyway, but it won't kill to have more. So here are my happy moments of the day, backdated. Lol.

1 Jan 2009
Hugs all round with the family when the clock struck midnight.
Waking up and feeling happy that it was a brand new year.
Going out with my niece and buying her something she really loved.

2 Jan 2009
Having a most delicious sandwich for dinner.
Meeting up with LGG and getting Jellybean all excited about the 'notebook to the universe'.
Discussing how so many of the things we wished for came true.

3 Jan 2009
Learning how to make a simple yet tasty salad.
Hanging out at LGG's place with Yummy.
Homemade mee hoon kueh for dinner with the family.

4 Jan 2009
Homemade popiah for lunch (and dinner haha).
Chatting with my mom on the way to Compass Point to pick up some groceries.
Lying in bed reading the book, Pillars of the Earth.

Yes, I noticed a lot of the things that make me happy are food-related. Lol. So now you know the way to my heart. Hehehe.

Days 1, 2 & 3

1 Jan 2009
Woke up feeling really happy. For the past couple of years, waking up on the first day of the year didn't really feel all that different from waking up on any other day. This year, however, there seemed to be a palpable difference in the air.

I can't pinpoint what it was though. Somehow it really felt apt to say that everything was all in the past and that this would be a year of new beginnings.

My niece came over and I decided to bring her out to catch Bedtime Stories at Plaza Singapura. It's always a joy spending time with her, and she constantly amuses me with the various riddles and jokes that she's learned. Stuffed ourselves with popcorn (her favourite food, apparently) and walked around the shops after.

Bought her a stuffed dog from Build-A-Bear, and while it was slightly on the pricey side, seeing the huge smile on her face was well worth it. She's normally very prudent- she's actually turned down my offer of buying one of those anime drawing books because she said she only liked 5 out of the 500 images that they had.

Of course, I made her promise to study hard and be a good girl for the rest of her life so if she keeps her word, the dog would have been a really good investment. *grin*

2 Jan 2009
Met LGG and Jellybean for dinner in the evening. Was very pleased to discover that Canele had food on their menu (I've only gone there for desserts and tea).

Shared a delicious Salade Canele (Crab meat, tomato, hard boiled egg, mesclun salad, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with citrus vinaigrette) and I had a "Caprese" sandwich (Classic Italian favourite of buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, Parmesan cheese drizzled with pesto in between toasted homemade ciabatta bread, and side salad with house dressing).

Very. Very. Yummy.

LGG and I shared the secret of our 'notebook to the universe', and convinced Jellybean that she should get one and start writing in it. Went shopping at Prints, and while Jellybean was choosing her notebook, LGG and I decided to get matching 2009 diaries and exchange it with each other. Lol.

Popped over to Starbucks for some hot chocolate and proceeded to pen our first entries for 2009. I must say, Jellybean is very impressive. She started off her first entry with a quote from T.S. Elliot! Amazing.

3 Jan 2009
LGG had been bragging about how fantastic a salad maker she was, so I decided that I just had to try it for myself. Went to her place in the afternoon after buying the necessary ingredients at Cold Storage, and whipped up a salad.

The verdict? She makes REALLY GOOD salads. *slurp*

Spent the day just chilling out in her room, chatting about how happy we've been so far this year and with LGG laughing at Yummy (who joined us later) and her obsession over a certain fictional vampire.

LGG, just because you discovered vampire literature at the young tender age of 16, doesn't mean everyone had the same opportunity you did. Let them swoon!


All in all, 2009 has been great so far. Sure it's only the beginning, but I think it's an indication of how things are going to be for the rest of the year. And you know what? I like it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It's finally 2009. A new year, a new beginning.

Happy new year to everyone! May 2009 be a better year than before.