Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

After our gun experience today, Mark and I went back to pick my sis up (she slept in). We decided to go to the laudromat to do some laundry, then headed to Firefly for some tapas.

Food was good, but we were careful not to eat too much. Headed to the outlet malls to pick up a handbag for my mom, and then walked around.

Headed to Tom Collichio's craftsteak at the MGM Grand for dinner. Oh my, food was so good! Now that's what you call good food. Compared to Bottega Louie, the service wasn't as good (no "my dears" or "love") but it was still a wonderful meal nonetheless.

We then went to get our tickets to Zumanity- one of the Cirque du Soleil productions. I was originally toying with the idea of going to a strip club (in Vegas mah), but I'm glad I didn't. Zumanity was such a visual feast. I loved it!

Went to the casino, lost a bit of money, then headed back. Early and long day tomorrow. We are headed to Lake Tahoe!


Just had an amazing experience at The Gun Store with Mark. Went there thinking of getting a few shots in with the basic package, but after chatting with the guy at the counter, we decided to pick the package that allowed us to shoot 6 guns.

I want the full gun experience, is what I said.

So we picked out 2 hand guns, 2 semi-auto rifles and 2 machine guns.

Started out with 40 shots with the Glock 19 (9mm). Initially being in the gun range was quite "shocking", the gun shots were really loud and you could feel the impact. My first few shots were quite tentative, but with 40 shots, you really got to experience how it's like to shoot a handgun.

Second gun I had was a semi-auto rifle, ghe Beretta CX4 (9mm). I got 20 shots of that, and the impact and recoil was definitely larger than the Glock.

Third was a big handgun, the Dirty Harry (44magnum). Although I only had 10 shots, it was a much heavier gun to shoot. But oh my, what an experience. Apparently the Dirty Harry is one of the 2 largest handguns in the shop.

My fourth gun was a shotgun (12 gauge). I originally chose an Uzi but after chatting with the guy who was supervising us, he suggested using a shotgun (since I wanted the full gun experience lol). Got 10 shots out of that.

After that we moved on to the machine guns, and I had the MP5 (9mm) and the M249 S.A.W. (.233), with 50 and 40 shots respectively. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

The MP5 was a little harder to handle as it would veer to the right, but oh my, what an experience! The S.A.W. is apparently the gun that they mount on humvees, and when you finally get it hot enough to shoot all the way... ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!

I'm so glad we decided to do this. It's really been an epic trip!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From the Grand Canyon to Vegas

Woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow. It was amazingly awesome, so Mark had me gear up and we went around taking silly pictures of me and snow. Sis and Mark snowballed me as I was getting out of the room. Raaar!

Apparently I'm really lucky that my first snow experience looks so beautiful.

We drove out to an overlook and it was completely blocked by clouds. Stood there for almost 30 min and could barely see the canyon.

Went to the visitor centre, caught some video about the origins of the Grand Canyon, and then walked back out to the overlook again. And I'm glad we did.

The skies had cleared out and the view of the canyons was simply breathtaking. It's really humbling standing right there.

We left soon after and made our way to Vegas. Unpacked at Aunty Pat's place, and headed down to the strip. Lost money at both Caeser's Palace and the Bellagio casinos. Boo. (I prefer the Bellagio though.)

Watched the fountain show, walked around, and headed back home at almost 2am. Who would have thought just a mere 24 hours ago, we were at the Grand Canyon?

Monday, January 28, 2013


Spent the day with Aunty Fe. Mark and my sis were still sleeping in so Aunty Fe and I decided to go to the shops to buy some stuff. Picked up these really yummy yogurt pretzels, and a nice gallon jar for ma.

Went back home, and snoozed for a bit, and when Mark and my sis got up, we headed to Abuela's (I think) for mexican food with Ate Cheche and the kids.

The last time I saw them was during our holiday in the Philippines! Maxine was still a bub and Jacob was a little boy. How time has passed!

We went to the outlet malls and also picked up some groceries for dinner. Had a nice home cooked meal of roast chicken and vegetables.

Left early in the morning, and made our way to the Antelope Canyon. Amazingly beautiful. Then we headed to the Grand Canyon, and arrived when it was dark. So we will explore tomorrow.

Had dinner and was hanging out in the room. Forgot to get my flip flops so was outside heading to the car when I realised it was snowing!!!


My first snow! I wasn't so sure, thanks to my last experience in Ladakh, so went back in to ask Mark and my sis. I WAS RIGHT! IT WAS SNOWING!!!


:) So I'm glad I went out to grab my flip flops.

Snow! For Real!

I just saw snow!!! Yaaaaay!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day ?

Oh man, I've lost track of time.

We got into LA, had ramen (I had a bento set) at what was supposed to be the best ramen place in LA- Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. There was a looooong queue, and after a 30 min wait, we managed to get seats.

Food was good, portions too large, as usual.

Next day, we did the touristy thing. Drove along Sunset Boulevard (singing Sunset Boulevard, of course), walked along the Walk of Fame at Hollywood Boulevard, and drove up to see the giant Hollywood sign.

Had tacos at Guisados, where everything was freshly made. So yum. I had the half of 6 samplers, cos I wanted to save my stomach space for dinner.

Dinner was at Botegga Louie, and oh my, it was probably the best dining experience I've had in the states so far. It reminds me of that italian restaurant at SAM, but larger and more bustling. The kind of place I'd go if I wanted to have a nice meal.

Had a bottle of pinot grigio, some appetisers and amazing desserts. The service was excellent, and I was a happy camper at the end of the day.

Checked out this morning and made our way to Sun City, Arizona. We had donuts along the way, not krispy kreme though, and an In n Out burger for lunch halfway through our 7 hour drive.

Got to Aunty Fe's place by almost 8pm and it's so lovely to see her again. She's got a nice cosy apartment, and I love getting hugs and kisses from her.

We'll be meeting up with cheche tomorrow, and she suggested driving up to Sedona. I googled the pictures and the place looks pretty, but I'm rather tired of being on the road. More tempted to stay home and just spend time with Aunty Fe.

We're off on Sunday and going to the Grand Canyon, and maybe even the Antelope Canyon if we push it. Halfway through my holiday. Am enjoying myself but feel like I need a break from this break. Lol.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 6: Roadtrip

We drove this today-

And we had the most amazing time. Sang "Under the Boardwalk" while actually under the boardwalk in Pismo Beach, drank malibu in Malibu, and listened to "Santa Monica" in Santa Monica.

My inner bo-liao queen is satisfied.

Also ate the most amazing tri-tip sandwich today. It was so good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 5: Roadtrip

We drove this yesterday-

About 300 miles down south and now we're spending a night at the Ocean Palm Motel.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 3 and 4

Oh my. I'm getting lazy to update. Lol.

Yesterday we did the touristy thing and went to the Ferry Terminal and Fisherman's Wharf. Had clam chowder and sourdough bread- it's so good. Slurp.

Also walked around some market at the Ferry Terminal and had some raclette, and fresh oysters.

Today, I went on a short walk in the neighbourhood. Then we drove around, and checked out the crazy steep streets and the world's most crooked street (Lombard? Lambard? Jialat I cannot remember).

Also went past Chinatown, Little Italy and Little Japan. Stopped at Coit Tower, ran some errands, went to Haight and Ashbury. Ate tacos, had lunch and cocktails at a pub, and ate some ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.

Climbed the golden gate bridge and hung out at the lookout point. It got really cold once the sun set, but it was really beautiful.

The weather has been great- clear skies and warm sun. I say I brought the good weather lol.

We set off tomorrow for our road trip. Packed our bags and getting ready for an epic adventure. Wheeeeeee!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 2

Had a nice walk with Mark around the neighbourhood. The houses are not the typical suburban cookie cutter houses, and have so much character.

Went to an award-winning deep dish pizza place, Zachary's, for lunch with Mark's momand aunt, and we had 3 small pizzas and 2 salads to share. Could barely finish half of it!

Browsed at a bookshop next door but did not get to buy anything as we had to take my sister for her appointment with the acupuncturist. While waiting, Mark and I went to pick up my local sim card and grabbed a coffee at Peet's coffee.

Headed to Costco after, and it's scary how huge portions are. 4l bottles of wine. Blocks of cheese and butter larger than bricks. Oh my.

Picked up some stuffand headed to Tommy and Tina's place to have dinner with their friends. It was brilliant, great food and great company.

Woke up this morning to catch a beautiful sunrise. Gotta love the view from the house.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

SF: Day One

Ahhhh I'm finally here after an interesting flight from Singapore > Tokyo (Narita) > San Francisco.

The plane ride wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought, thanks to pre-planning and choosing exit row seats. They also allowed you to charge your phone so I was well sorted on the entertainment front.

A slight delay on the SG side meant I got to Narita late, which left me with very little time to catch my connecting flight. I had to run through the terminal, and managed to catch my flight in the nick of time. Hehe. At least I got a quick workout in to let the blood flow.

Finally arrive at SF and they confiscate my bak kwa. Ta ma de. Methinks it's cos CNY is coming up and the customs folks are going to have a good time. Bah. Oh well, at least they let everything else through.

My sister picks me up, and it's her first time coming to the airport alone. It's so niiiiice to see her, and awesome to see her show me this and that about the place.

We head home so I can take a quick shower. "So long on the plane and you don't want to shower?!" she says, when I asked if we can go eat instead.

I unpack, take a quick shower, check the goodies that we bought online that were delivered, and make our way out. Destination: The Cheeseboard, where we queue up for an amazing butternut squash and kale pizza. Mark later says that the buttersquash and kale is his least favourite pizza, lol. So I'm guessing we are heading back there again one day to try a different flavour.

Sister and I shop around- we go to Safeway, Trader Joe's, and Starbucks (so I can fuel up), as well as a couple of other shops. Go back home to meet Mark, nua a bit, and head back out to meet Mark's friends.

The view from their place is AMAZING. You can see the lights from the city and the sunset is breathtakingly beautiful. I plan to take a walk around the area and explore the neighbourhood.

We had dinner at Fat Fish, and ordered too much sushi. The face stuffing has begun. Went to Starbucks after dinner and just hung around chatting with Mark's friends.

It's so weird talking to so many Americans. At one point as I was walking down the street, I hear a large African American lady talking, and I wanted to say "Amen!" when she ended. Need to control self when here. Lol.

Weather is brilliant, although I had a not-so-bright moment wearing flip flops on the plane. It was 4degreesC at Narita and 10degreesC when I landed. Lol.

Alright, I think I should try to get more sleep. Woke at 430am and it's 5am now.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whoops. Clicked Too Soon.

Lol. Didn't get to finish my last entry cos I clicked on Send too soon.

But now I'm lazy and it's late and I want to sleep. Shall endeavour to do the Happy Moments of the Day more regularly.

Happy Moments of the Day

Had a random chat with ACG yesterday.

ACG: So how was dinner?
me: Last night?
ACG: No, three years six months and two days ago. Of course last night la..

Lol. Anyway, that got me thinking. How have things been for me over the past few years? Couldn't remember much, so I re-read some old blog entries.

One year ago- Jan 2012
Feeling blessed to have the love and support that I do from my family and friends.

Two years ago- Jan 2011
Had just come back from a holiday in Krabi and feeling hopeful about the year ahead.

Three years ago- Jan 2010
Discovered Skype and would use that to chat.

Four years ago- Jan 2009
Settling into work and waiting for the divorce to be settled.

Five years ago- Jan 2008
Few months into my marriage and getting used to living with the in-laws.

Six years ago- Jan 2007
Just came back from a holiday in the Philippines, engaged.

Wow. So much has changed since then! I'd dig even further back, but feeling lazy. Hehe.

One of the things I did in 2009, were daily entries where I penned down my happy moments of the day. And it was a great reminder to be thankful for the little things. So here are my thankful moments of 15012013:

- Catching up with Rodney and Jeanne for dinner. Yummy Japanese food at Irodori Japanese Restaurant at Riverview Hotel at only $35++

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pounding Pavement

Eeks. With the purchase of my bicycle, I've been neglecting my runs. It's just more fun riding- you get to go further with much less effort. Plus my Asics fell apart during my ride with E a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't had the time to get a new pair.

At first I thought I'd have the chance to do a couple of runs this week, before my trip. But with no shoes, and my schedule packed with dinner appointments, it looks like I'll be having to give it a miss. Boo.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm So Proud

Took my baby on the MRT for the first time today. Got on at Nicoll Highway and now heading to Outram Park. I'm so proud!