Saturday, February 22, 2014

Die Worms, Die!

Had a chat with +3 about worms. Specifically intestinal worms, and he shared his first experience pooping worms after taking some de-worming medication. Since then, he used to take the de-worming medication regularly when he was still living in Indonesia.

Anyway apparently most of us have worms, but living in sanitised Singapore, it's probably not too serious. However, +3 reminded me of my trips to the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Malaysia and suddenly the idea of having these creepy crawlies in my gut just got a bit more real.

The medication he used to take is called Combantrin but they don't carry it in Singapore. A quick check at the pharmacies produced Zentel, another de-worming medication also quite commonly used.

Spoke to CH about it and got her paranoid enough to take Zentel, especially since she has traveled to more exotic places than I have. No visible worms on her poop though. Phew!

+3 and I just took our dose of Zentel and will see tomorrow how its. Hoping I don't have anything too gross coming out of my bum tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Done and Done!

Ahhh it feels so nice to cross out items on the to-do list. +3 and I had a couple of things planned for the longest time that we never really got round to doing.

First was going to Universal Studios Singapore. My workplace had a promo on tickets to USS so I asked +3 if he wanted to go. This was way back, way back when we weren't even officially going out!

I collected the tickets and we kept saying that we'd go, but never really made it happen. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I looked at the tickets again and saw that they were going to expire on 28 Feb!

Nothing to motivate you more than a couple of soon-to-expire tickets, and we headed down to Sentosa on Sunday.

USS was pretty fun. The rides were interesting and the queues weren't as bad as when USS had first opened. We had a great time and even had 20 bucks off our food purchase, thanks to a food voucher that came with the tickets. Score!

The other item on the to-do list was to stuff face with crab at Mellben Seafood. I bought a groupon voucher and only got round to making reservations on the day before the voucher ended. Heehee.

We ordered crab bee hoon, salted egg yolk crab, and sambal kangkong. OMG so much food, so much yum. Everything that came was so yummy, and we were licking our fingers and rubbing our bellies at the end of the meal.

The only downside was that food took a really long time to come (an hour or so) but entertained ourselves with a drawing contest lol.

Anyway it was fun finally doing these things that had been planned months ago. But lesson learned, pre-planning is not one of our strong points. I think we'd be better off with impromptu plans instead.