Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Early Morning Lessons

Was chided by my dad this morning about not giving second chances to people. I'm currently working in the education industry and apparently I shouldn't be terrorising kids who were no shows (when we made prior appointments with them).

A lesson in ethics and social responsibility. The industry I'm in requires me to nurture and encourage, and not scare the bejesus out of children who withdraw their application out of fear. Dad says that everyone deserves a second chance and didn't fail to remind me that at 19, I was no angel either. Pfft.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Lack Of Updates

Yeah I have realised that I'm not updating here as often anymore, but there really isn't much to say when all I've been engrossed with the past few weeks were *gasp* work. It's busying up at the office and the late nights and working weekends have started.

I worked through a cold and fever on Wednesday and Thursday and was still feeling under the weather on Friday and Saturday, but the citron honey tea that my colleagues bought for me really did help speed up the recovery process. I canceled all plans to go out on Sunday, even though I was sorely tempted to meet up with LGG and Pam for lunch. The rest was much needed and I most of the day in bed just reading a book and chilling out.

Met up with Ki for diner and drinks on Friday night- leaving the office earlier than I had been the past few nights and just spending a nice time chatting and catching up. She paid for evening (yaay!) so it was the closest thing to a date that I've had in a while. Lol. We didn't stay out for too late because we were both tired and I had to work the next day.

Was in the office till hmmm 5pm on Saturday and headed down to Vivocity to meet my sister for dinner there. We had those charcoal-grilled skewer things at Shin Kushiya and walked around for a bit before stocking up on more citron honey tea for the home. Yaay!

Cousin.SF came over for dinner on Sunday and we had popiah for dinner. Was nice to just chill out and watch TV and much on koniyaku jellies. Hehehe.

Alright, better get ready to go to the office now. It's already Monday and the end of the month!

(Oh and in other good news, Eunice delivered a healthy baby yesterday afternoon!)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

I feel so loved. I'm down with a flu and it was really bad yesterday. I kept sneezing and sniffling and having a runny nose and watery eyes and my body ached all over. I went to the doctor who said I was having a full-blown flu and told me to go back home to rest but I had some work that really needed to get done, so I had no choice but to just glug whatever medicine he gave me and bear with it till everything was complete.

Came in to the office today and was feeling slightly better (all drugged up!) and had a really pleasant surprise after lunch. I was on duty during lunch, so I ate in while my colleagues went out. When they came back, they actually went to buy a jar of citron honey for me! Another colleague came back with some fruits, and told me that I needed the vitamin C to get well.


Mama Knows Best

I'm sitting here at the computer while my mom brushes my hair. She said, "I have a feeling you will just leave your hair to dry without combing it if I don't comb it." How true. Lol.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Early Bird. But No Worm

I don't know why I've been up since 5am this morning. I just woke up and somehow couldn't get back to sleep. Pfft. So after tossing and turning for a bit, I decided that I might as well just get online and surf the net. Lol.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but the weather seems to be rather hot and humid these days. I wake up all hot and sticky in the mornings now.

Anyway, I think I'm going to make me some breakfast. Got to start the day right!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Bunny Moment

I was sitting in the office, all alone, finishing up the report that I needed to prepare for tomorrow. I was literally freezing my tits off because I was probably the only person on the entire floor and the central air conditioning was nonadjustable. My fingers were frozen, and typing on my keyboard was slowly beginning to hurt more and more. I trudged on, determined to finish my report and when I was finally done, I pushed myself away from the desk and stood up.

Rolling my chair back into place, I looked down and the soft material that my hands were on and realised that all that suffering in the cold could have been totally avoided. Draped across the back of my chair was a hoodie which would probably have kept me nice and toasty, and a pretty shawl.

... "Hi! My name is Bunny! B-U-N.... Hi! My name is Bunny!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Eye!

Argh! I don't know why my left eye is all swollen and puffy this morning. I look like I punched myself in my sleep. It was really bad when I first woke up, I could barely open my eye! But thankfully the swelling has subsided some (I can see!) and my eye is not red, so I doubt it's an infection.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This has been bugging me a little more than usual this past week or so, I wonder why. Sometimes I 'question' why I made the decision to continue practising Islam, instead of reverting back to my old ways of boozing and eating everything that catches my fancy (bak kut teh ah,
xiao long pao ah, char siew ah).

Of course, I know my struggle stems from knowing and enjoying my past lifestyle, and discipline has never been one of my fortes. However, ever so often a little voice whispers in ear and encourages me to just take that sip and enjoy the moment. Damn you, Satan! Oh hang on,
you're already damned. Lol.

I thought it'd get easier adjusting to a new lifestyle as time passes, and it does to some extent. But sometimes, just sometimes, you hanker for the good old days.

Need to stop thinking about it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Half A Day.. And So Far So Good

I'm trying to cut down on my coffee intake and decided that the best way to do it was just to go cold turkey and stop drinking it completely. From being super sensitive to caffeine, I imbibed so much coffee during the weeks leading up to my event that it took 2-3 cups to give me the same effect. Not good, not good at all.

So now I'm glugging green tea, which I know has caffeine, but not as much as coffee (I hope) and it's anti-oxidant properties will be beneficial too, I guess. One tea bag of green tea lasts me the entire day and all I need to do is top up the hot water in my cup.

It's been half a day and I've been yawning quite a fair bit, but it's manageable. Let's hope I can last the day. *grin*

An Udderly Good Time

Discovered a new place to have Chinese food last night! Cousin.SF recommended this restaurant in some obscure little corner at Novena Square called Zhou's Kitchen (I think) and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. After using the $40 voucher that she had, we paid about $30 each, which got us 1. sweet potato leaves fried with sambal 2. this super huge spring roll 3. crispy fried chicken 4. 800g worth of patin fish 5. fried rice.

Yum yum.

Before we knew it, it was already 9pm so we got the bill and made our way to U.D.D.E.R.S. which was just down the street. For those not in the know, U.D.D.E.R.S. is an ice cream place which sells custom flavours of ice cream. Customers get to suggest flavours that they'd like to see made into ice cream, and suggestions are put to a vote and the popular ones actually get developed into new ice cream flavours.

They also hold ice cream taste sessions and classes on how to make ice cream too.

The best part of the place was that the ice cream wasn't as expensive as the premium brands out in the market but it was oh so yummy. I had the chocomarsh (chocolate and marshmallows) and the snickers mars honeycomb ice cream- 2 large scoops for $4.90. Of course, I was so happy once I got my ice cream that I skipped out of the shop forgetting to pay, but realised my boo-boo a couple of minutes later and went back. Lol.

In other news, mom made a ham and cheese sandwich for me today. Yay!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Complain

I was whinging on MSN about getting a papercut when Ki messages me to put me in my place.

Kierin says:
only one?
in between fingers? double ow. In between index and thumb? OWOWOWOW.
I had to hold my hand yesterday, because there was so much blood, and i didn't want my documents to be bloodsmeared, LOL
bon has a paper cut. ow. says:
Kierin says:
although...then i could have evidence that i put my blood into this project, LOL
bon has a paper cut. ow. says:
Kierin says:
bon shall not complain about the lone papercut that she got seeing how ki's hands were bloodied yesterday says:
i dedicate my nickname to you
Kierin says:
bon shall not complain about the lone papercut that she got seeing how ki's hands were bloodied yesterday says:
Kierin says:
*is honoured*
Kierin is honoured at Bon's nick says:
i'm honoured
bon shall not complain about the lone papercut that she got seeing how ki's hands were bloodied yesterday says:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Went to Malacca over the weekend with 3 girls from the office. We took a coach up on Saturday morning and spent 6 hours getting there, thanks to the crazy jam at the checkpoint. Checked in to the hotel, dumped our very empty bags, made our way to some coffee shop to have lunch, then got dropped off at one of the malls for a marathon shopping spree.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of *any* place that we went to, because I just followed them blindly. But I did manage to score some toiletries and a nice banana-yellow bag. Stocked up on tidbits and snacks and disposable toilet seat covers in preparation for upcoming work trips. Lol. Went to a night market where the girls went crazy and bought all sorts of stuff- I was too tired by then.

Did the tourist thing this morning and took pictures at the church and jetty area. Got quite a number of fun and quirky pictures, so we were quite pleased. The sun was blazing though, so I think all of us got a little sun-burnt. I forgot to bring my sunblock, sigh. Had the famous chicken rice balls and then got on the coach and slept most of the way back.

Hard to believe that this time last night, I was in another country checking out their night markets. But it was a much needed break and a weekend filled with too much good food. *rubs belly contentedly*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

That's Tomorrow, Not Today

And guess who thought it was a Friday and wore jeans to work?

Looking Good

Oh I have to add this. So, I took the day off to go for my court appointment, but since it was supposed to be in the afternoon, I decided to follow my mom to the Chinese doctor while she went to get her acupuncture treatment. We made our way there in the morning to get her queue number, then had breakfast together.

Mmm hotcakes. We had a really nice chat, sitting in the middle of an almost empty MacDonald's outlet and just catching up and talking about everything and anything. I really missed the days when I wasn't working and we'd go for our daily walks and sing songs on the karaoke in the day. Hehehe.

Anyway, we went to the salon to get a shampoo (the stuff people do when they aren't working!) and I decided to get a trim since I was there. A nice head massage, shampoo, trim and blow dry later, and my hair was looking BEAUTIFUL and was all bouncy and shiny and every strand was just falling into place perfectly. *flick hair* Heehee.

Had a quick lunch with my mom before making my way to my appointment, and I even bothered to put on some make up. Hahaha. Didn't dress up too much though, wasn't *that* eager to impress.

It's Been A Long Week (Month?)

Phew! It's been such a long time since I've had the breathing space to sit down and write about the stuff that's been happening.

Work has been super hectic, what with our flagship event happening over the weekend, and most of my time was spent preparing for the event and working late nights in the office. I'm glad to say that event was a success (of course, apparently not everyone thinks so but who cares- it's over and no one died) and the last few days was spent clearing up the paper work post-event.

I think I've said this before, but I'm really thankful for the team that I'm working with. Everyone was super supportive and were my pillars of strength when I was feeling down (and homicidal- which is why it's really a miracle no one died. That's how angry I got sometimes. Hahaha.)

Despite the hectic schedule, I managed to meet up and catch up with some girlfriends. It was a week of good news (marriage and babies) and bad news (family deaths and breakups) and was quite an emotional roller-coaster ride for me too.

I also had my first appointment with the Syariah Court and met the soon-to-be-legally-ex for probably the third time in 6 months. It was all very cordial, of course, and we went in for the appointment and was done in less than half an hour. Our next appointment will be in a month's time and we should be able to sign the final papers and then I'll be free! Woohoo!!!

Was surprised I didn't feel any more emotional about the whole split- I was sort of mentally prepared to break down and cry or something. Oddly enough all I felt was a feeling of calm and peace and when I heard that freedom was but a month away, extreme joy. I guess I've really come to terms with the whole situation and am ready to just move on with my life. Yay!

Of course, one of the things that helped me to move on was realising that my divorce wasn't exactly a loss for me. Got to look for that sliver lining in every grey cloud yah. Even though I lost a husband in the process, I made a few new friends (my colleagues and contractor!) which I wouldn't have met if I hadn't needed to start working again. So I do feel blessed and very, very lucky.

Anyway, we're almost halfway into our third month! How quickly time flies!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bimbo Post Alert!

I'm in a very good mood, been grinning all morning. The Boss has been wondering why I'm so chipper, considering the raging homicidal state that I was constantly in last week. MSN nicknames were dark and angry and my tone was curt and snappish when spoken to. I was constantly pouting and sulking and stomping around the office.

The difference between last week and this? (Even though I draw nearer to my event date.)

1. I slept a lot over the weekend. Sure, I wasn't feeling well and I suspect I had a fever but I popped a tonne of panadol and slept the weekend away.
2. I managed to read most of my book and am at the point where I want to know WHY DID YOU KILL HER?!?!?!! Love it when you get drawn to a story.
3. It's only 3pm and already I've had almost 1.5l of water. Feeling happily hydrated. Think I didn't drink enough water over the weekend (you can't drink when you're sleeping).
4. My hair looks SO SO SO SO nice today. This is the main reason I'm feeling sunshine-y and happy and that all is well with the world. Lol. My hair is smooth and glossy and falling into place perfectly. I look good!

Ok, so there you go. A bimbo post. Haven't had one in a while. (Or have I?)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doing Your Part

A friend of mine wrote to me recently, asking for some support. She's taking part in a marathon in June in order to raise funds for breast cancer research. I made a small donation and told her that I'd spread the word.

I think even though times are bad, we can all still play our part and contribute to causes like these. No donation is too small, and every cent is appreciated. Click here to read more about her story and hopefully make a donation as well.

Time to earn those good karma points!

Anyway, Happy Moments of 01032009:

- Doing a good deed
- SMS-chatting with Yummy about absolutely nothing, just because I was bored
- Revolutionising LGG's online grocery shopping experience by pointing out the search box on the website

What I've Been Up To

I don't really have much to blog about these days. Been busy at work, and I haven't had the time to do much else recently.

One more week before my event, which explains why my workload has increased exponentially. Thankfully, I've got a really supportive boss and colleagues, so it's not so painful and you never feel like you're at it alone. Hopefully we'll all be able to laugh about it after it's all over.

Also, I've got a legal appointment after that I'm not exactly looking forward to. But it's a necessary step that I need to take to settle the split, so I guess I just have to focus on moving forward, no matter how painful it can be.

Hard to imagine it's been half a year since I moved back to my parent's place. And to think I've only seen my soon-to-be-ex-Husband twice in that time frame. It's a pity that it seems we can't even be friends anymore.

I'm just glad I've got something to keep me busy, plus family and friends who love me and keep me sane.