Friday, April 30, 2010

Ironman2 and Other Stuff

Had a couple of free tickets to a sneak preview of Ironman2 last night. Benny, Fey, Shini, Juncong, Ching and myself went.

Typical storyline but an entertaining movie nonetheless. Wonder why they never let the bad guy win though. Sure, he had bad hair and wasn't a looker, but his weapons were much cooler!

Got back home and spent the next hour or so chatting with the grasshopper. We were supposed to go to Wayanad (in Kerela) over the weekend with some of his friends, but decided driving for 20 hours just to spend one night there wasn't quite worth it.

Apparently one of the girls who tagged along on the trip was a right bitch and everyone has been complaining about her for the past 4 days. Lol. Part of me wished I went so that I could see it for myself, but I'm mostly glad that we didn't go. Imagine being stuck with someone you didn't like when you're on a holiday!

I don't get it. Why do some people do the things that they do? Traveling is meant to be fun, not stressful, and everyone is supposed to enjoy themselves.

Ah well. 28 more days before we leave for China / Tibet. Whee!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's All Out Of Whack

One of the downsides to coming back after a weekend with the grasshopper is that my eating and sleeping cycle goes completely out of whack.

Although the time difference is only 2.5 hours, the late nights and different meal times just confuse my body and now I can't sleep or sleep at my usual hours.

I'm not too worried though. If all it takes is 3 days to screw everything up, all it'll take is 3 days to get everything back to normal. Hehehe.

Ah well, I'd gladly screw up my sleeping cycle anyways. The weekend was great, and like the grasshopper said, we have fun even when doing nothing.

Anyway, I bought the iptv dongle for him and it worked beautifully. I was a little worried because it didn't work in my office laptop, but I guess it's because we have all sorts of firewalls and security whatnots set up. A billion channels and movies and dramas, all waiting to be watched. The grasshopper will never leave the house any more! Lol.

Alright, time to head to the office. 3 more days to the weekend. Whee!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time Goes Zooming By

I'm not sure how I did it, but my peak period is already over. Heeheehee. A huge bulk of my interviews are already complete and most of the calls have already been done.

This is much better than the same period last year where my peak period stretched all the way to mid-end May. Whee!

Anyway lunch with Yvonne today and shopping with Chui Hua after. Yep, I'm taking the afternoon off. *grin*

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Gotta love my friends. It's about 5 weeks to the Tibet trip and recently when I told Chui Hua and Claire about it, they grilled me on how well prepared I was.

'Base camp is no joke!' was a phrase that was repeated many, many times during that chat. They gave me plenty of advice on what I needed to bring (warm windproof clothes, chocolate bars for energy etc etc) and how much training I needed to do (run up a 20 storey flat ten times!).

Knowing that I'd probably just nod and agree and slack off, the girls have now made plans to train with me. *heart* On top of the Japanese dinner at Claire's favourite restaurant, and on top of the let's get Chui Hua drunk session, we're going to walk along the Southern Ridges- all 15km or so of it.

How hard can it be? As long as you have good company, a 4 hour walk is really nothing. Hehehe.

Well, now to make sure I have enough clothes to keep me warm in -15degree weather.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ring, Ring!

I've been brought back to my teenage days of yakking on the phone nonstop. Ever since I discovered that international calls could be so much more affordable with free idd, I've been speaking with the grasshopper on the phone almost every day.

Most days it's just a simple wake up (hence my latest nickname: snooze button), and other times we chat on the phone for much longer. Combine that with instant messaging and skype, and we're actually in touch with each other as much as, if not more than, most couples.

Of course, the only difference is that we're in different countries, but with cheap budget air tickets, this long distance relationship really ain't *that* tough to maintain.

I'm happy and thankful. *grin*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mid April

I'm into my second week of peak peak period and I must say that everything seems to be settling pretty nicely and that we've got a good momentum going on. My temps have a better idea of what to do, and things are running pretty smoothly with minimal fuss on my end.

*grin* Anyway my tickle-word of the day is: manscaping. Lolololololol.

Monday, April 12, 2010


We decided to finally go to the Bukit Timah Hill for a climb yesterday morning. Picked Wen and Ching up on my way there, and met Jeanne at the carpark.

As per all our Sunday morning jaunts, Ching bought some coffee and bao for breakfast, so we'd have some fuel before setting off. I was innocently standing there with Wen, and grabbed a bao from the plastic bag that Ching was carrying and had already peeled off the paper skin, when I noticed two monkeys (macaques?) STALKING me and greedily eyeing my bao.

In that split second I had to decide what to do. Run? What if they chased after me? Try to hold the bao away from them? What of they attacked and tried to grab the bao out of my hands? Stuff the bao into my mouth? What if they attacked and gouged the bao out of my mouth?

So I did what any normal person would do. I screamed and threw the bao at them. It was in self defense!

Soon after the monkeys gleefully ran off with their loot, we saw families of monkeys eyeing us, as if to check out if we had more food. Omg.

While still in shock, an elderly park warden came up to us and pointed to the 'Do Not Feed The Monkeys' sign. He said had he not witnessed us being frightened and throwing the bao as a reaction, he'd have to take down our particulars and that the consequences would be very bad. He told us that the monkeys were human beings too, with emotions and that we had to treat them like children. Er ok. He even pointed out a mating pair of monkeys to prove how similar they were to us.

Anyway we asked what the correct reaction should have been, and all he could say was that we should have eaten before heading there. Ok. Doesn't answer my question though. (According to Reuben, you just walk away with your bao. He also says I have no balls now. It's SELF DEFENSE!)

We started the climb up and the initial part was really steep but it was still quite manageable. 15 minutes into the climb and we were at the summit already. Wtf? It was so anti-climatic! We walked back down, decided to explore some of the other paths for another hour or so then headed off to have breakfast.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Yay Me!

This time last year, I woke up for the first time as a divorced woman.

Amazing how fast time has passed and how many things and changes I've had in my life since.

Life is good. :D


I know I'm not supposed to feel gleeful over negative events or situations but I just realised that an initiative that we spent lots of money on last year was a giant flop.

Despite the large amounts of money that was poured into this initiative, the returns were disappointing. Not only did numbers not increase, they went down! Lol.

Of course the blame will somehow trickle down, but who cares. Teeheehee.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Eyebags! They Be Very Large!

Waaaah! My eyebags! They be very large! :(

Ah well.

I had a pleasant evening last night having dinner at Khansama with Chui Hua and Claire. Got back home at about 11pm (which is *way* past my supposed bedtime now). Chatted with the grasshopper online- a combination of talking on skype and on the phone (free idd calls rock!). Got off the line at almost 1am, and then drifted off to sleep.

It's nice to be able to talk endlessly about everything and anything- I'm sure the nonsense could have gone on for much longer if I didn't have to wake up early. A mutual friend commented that things between us seemed so effortless, and that's the way things are supposed to be, no?

I'm not saying that everything is easy peasy and that zero effort is required to make things work. Of course you need to make things work- the phone calls, making time for each other on skype, the trips to visit each other, being understanding when trips have always been one way so far (hiak hiak, yes, this is a dig.).

But I guess my point is, hmm do I even have a point? *thinks* Hmm. I guess what I'm trying to say is, even though our late night chats leave me with giant eyebags, it's all worth it. Lol. (No, I didn't have a point. It's too early in the morning! Lol.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meeting New People

Had dinner with Chui Hua today at Khansama. She asked another friend, Claire, along and we met up to have our fill of indian food and drink.

For three gals we ordered ahelluvalot of food: pani puri, aloo tikki, palak paneer, something kofta, raita, and a naan basket. It was waay too much, but oh-so-delicious.

Anyway, it was my first time meeting Claire and I have to say, it's been a long time since I met someone new. It's always easier to hang out with people you're comfortable with, but it's so refreshing to get a new perspective on things.

Tonight was a blast. I'm glad we got along and we were laughing and talking and having a good time. And between the two of us, we're already planning Chui Hua's debut drunken session- in a hotel room in Sentosa and a bottle (or two) of Grey Goose no less! Lol.

Need Sleep

It's only been three days of going to the office early and already I'm exhausted. Waking up so early every day is just so tiring. *yawn*

But I'm glad my hours aren't as long as last year. At least my days are longer than 12 hours, compared to the 14 hours we were pulling the last round.

I've been trying to sleep earlier, but the body is just used to sleeping late. I lie in bed tossing and turning and only end up falling asleep a few hours later. Sian ah, but what to do?

Anyway need to pick up on the exercise!!! Well, maybe not. Apparently we can hire a yak on our way up. Hmmm I've never ridden on a yak. Lol.

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's April, My Peak Period Has Started And It's Unnatural To Be Up So Early

I'm on my way to work. I woke up at 6ish, snoozed all the way till it was 5 min to 7, woke up and got ready and rushed out of the house. Gah. So early.

Now I'm one stop away from the office and on normal days, I'd be pressing the snooze button at home for the first time. Zzz.

Anyway this will pass. The long days, the 6 day weeks. Having done all this for one round last year means I'm better prepared this time and know what to expect. I also have 2 teams, which means I can shift my manpower around. Which means, I don't have tay back *too* late to finish all my reports and stuff.

Am in an OK mood today. Hope it'll improve once I get my coffee. Also I need to figure out what cold clothes I should get -5degC weather. Hello, base camp!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Feel so proud of myself. Climbed up the flight of stairs this evening, all 16 storeys, and then went back down and climbed up again. So don't say I'm not training for base camp hor.


Since Wen is blogging about me now, I thought I'd do the same and blog about her. Except mine isn't so cheem and I'm lying on my side and typing with one hand. I suspect I'll finish this entry before she does though. Lol.

Can't imagine it's been 6 years since I met Wen. From being my boss, three times over, to now msn buddy/ travel companion/ fellow sari-wearing Indian housewife in India/ BFF. (Uh oh, my hand tired liao.)

Ok I think I write in point form. 

- she rocks
- anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend
- amazing the nonsense that comes out of our mouths when we are together
- supportive through tough times
- willing partner to all my crazy ideas

Hand. Pain. Continue another time. But Wen, I love you. Thanks for being such an awesome friend. *gush*

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not Getting Any Younger, You Know

Gah. I am so tired. Met up with LGG last night and she was out with Johnny and his new colleague, Kennedy. Ching and Alfred joined us later as well.

3 jugs of margaritas later, we were talking about going to KTVs, 'tea parties', dancing girls at Indian weddings, and Johnny was going around from table to table telling everyone that he was a bitch and a slut. Lol.

Was back home by 11pm and conked out. Woke up at about 3 and had some food, then went back to bed at about 5.

Feeling knackered now and I think I've got a pinched nerve on my left shoulder blade. Ugh.