Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Gonna Be Legend-... Wait For It... -Dary!

Was chatting with the grasshopper yesterday and ended up talking about doing a roadtrip some time next year. He's always wanted to do a cross country bike trip but apparently life got in the way, and now he's lamenting the loss of his prime years. Lol.

As always, I was keen on the idea and we started researching countries as potential destinations. Our criteria was that the place had to be generally safe, the scenery breathtaking and the people friendly. After googling about for a bit, we decided that New Zealand sounded like the right place.


So now we've got a little more than a year and a half to plan and start saving up. I'm going to be a biker chick!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back From Bali!

Woot! I'm back from Bali, and like all holidays, I had an awesome time. What could go wrong when all you do is eat, sleep, drink, and laze around?

Had some rather interesting firsts during the trip. First time to Bali, first time trying a shake, first time in a gay club.

I think I'm a fan of gay clubs now. It was so liberating to be able to dance and smile at people without having to worry about anyone who is going to try to pick you up, or grope your ass. Whee! And where else can you get a bunch of men dance along to Barbie Girl? Lol and Single Ladies too. *grin*

Am glad to be back though. (Ok ok, I ran out of money, that's why.) Headed to the office after I landed, got some work done (why!) and then met Ching for dinner after. Went to bed early and here I am right now.

8 more weeks to Tibet!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To Do List - Update

Hahahaha it takes me a really long time to clear my To Do List huh.

1. Backup stuff on macbook.
2. Read up on cheap massage places in Bali.
3. Change money.

Let's see. So far I've only updated stuff on my macbook. And the Bali trip is tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Someone On The Train Smells Like A Car Freshener know, that fake pine scent? Eww. Anyways, the clock turned to 5.45pm and all of us left the office in a flash.

I'm now on my way back home and have had a fairly interesting evening yesterday and afternoon today. Today is the day of the revealing, where the grasshopper tells his folks about me. Yep, everything about me, even down to the dirty little details of my divorce and *gasp* age.

It's going ok so far. His mom just cautioned that we might be rushing things (what exactly we might be rushing, I don't know), and that we ought to take the time to really get to know each other before deciding on committing to a lifetime together (a lesson I have already learnt and a mistake I care not to repeat again).

He's told her a summarised and somewhat censored version of how we met, they know I'm older, but he's yet to drop the bomb on my marital status. I'm not too sure how they are going to take this information, but I hope it's openly and without any judgement.

Ah well.

His mom wants me to call her, and I'm not quite sure what to expect or how I should behave. Lol. I'm asking him to repropose a Skype session instead, with him around just in case. Methinks that might be better (yes, I'm worried about getting a grilling from her).

If she's agreeable, we'd do the Skype chat tonight because my macbook is going to the shop tomorrow. Let's see how that goes. :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Brain Works In Mysterious Ways

What I said to LGG: I think I'll go skip.
What I actually did: Take off contact lens.

Now I can't see. How to skip like that?

So Much For Having A To Do List

I had 3 simple items on my To Do List today.

1. Backup stuff on mackbook.
2. Read up on cheap massage places in Bali.
3. Change money.

Number of items I completed on that To Do List? Zero. LOL.

Spent the day in the office doing nothing much. Sent out a couple of emails. Made a few phone calls. And then I decided to take a couple of hours off so I could come back home and read a couple more emails and make a couple more calls. (Why do we need to go to the office?)

It's 7pm. I've had my dinner. Chatting with the grasshopper and waiting for my food to digest before I go for a jog at 9pm.

Bali, Baby!

Woot! How exciting! 3 more working days and we'll be off to Bali for 4 days of eating, drinking and lazing around. Shiok.

Anyway, despite it starting to get busy on the office and peak period starting, I'm not as kan cheong as I was last year and I think my interviews will be managed much better and smoother this time. I'm aiming for less late nights and less weekends. *grin*

I should be getting my interview schedule soon and will pretty much know how many weekends I'll need to sacrifice. Hehehe.

Anyways, I'll probably send in my macbook to the shops while I'm in Bali. They need to send it in for diagnosis, cos according to the guy at the apple center, whatever is happening to my macbook is just weird. Lol.

To do today: backup stuff on mackbook. Read up on cheap massage places in Bali. Change money?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cutting Down

The grasshopper and I have an agreement. I'll cut down on my meat and booze intake, and he'll cut down on smoking.

It's been sightly over a week, and I must say it isn't as hard as I thought it'd be. Well, actually I didn't really think it'd be all that hard, cos I'm cutting down, not cutting out. My problem was just that I kept forgetting that I was supposed to be cutting down.

The problem was solved when the grasshopper suggested putting a daily reminder on my phone- the one thing that I always have by my side. So i did that. Every day at 1155am (just before lunch), my phone beeps and a reminder that says DON'T EAT MEAT comes up. Lol.

And of course, it helps that the one person I hang out with the most (LGG) is vegetarian.

So I guess I have to say I'm doing so far so good. And it's interesting, once you start paying attention to what you put in your mouth and start making more conscious food choices. Hehehe.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

White Blood Cells, Painkillers And A Lot Of Sleep

Woke up yesterday morning with a headache that seemed to go all the way down to my neck. By the time I got to the office, I was feverish and feeling light headed.

Couldn't go home early because I had a seminar, but went home immediately after and hit the sack. Took some painkillers, chatted a bit with the grasshopper, then slept.

Fever finally broke and I feel much better already. Props to my white blood cells (good job, guys!) and the painkillers. Hehehe.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3D Glasses and Me

Watched Alice in Wonderland with the girls last night. We only confirmed watching the movie in the afternoon and I was too lazy (ok, I forgot) to change to my contact lenses.

Sat down and put the 3D glasses on, in front of my spectacles. What I hadn't counted on was how short and flat my nose was, there wasn't enough to hold the 3D glasses in place!

They were heavy too, and kept pressing down on my nose, making it hard for me to breathe. Pfft.

Anyway, I spent the entire movie holding up the 3D glasses and balancing it on my nose just so. Lol. The movie was OK, nothing to shout about, and I don't think watching it in 3D was that much of a big deal.

Have a headache today though. :(

Sunday, March 14, 2010

In A Good Place

I take stock of my life right now, and I'm so thankful for everything that I've got today.

Family. Friends. Work. Relationships. Travels. Finances. Love. Self.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Run, Bona, Run!

Wah what a healthy 2 days it's been. Decided to go for a quick jog around the block, seeing how it's been such a long time since I did any running.

Took it slow and managed 1 3/4 rounds around the block, which I reckon is about 3+ km, which took me about 20something minutes to complete. Walked up all 16 flights of steps too, in preparation for our June trip to TIbet. Woot!

Met up with Jinfu after work today to jog. We made plans yonks ago to go for a run and I was so tempted to cancel on him because my legs were aching some due to the earlier run and climb.

Went anyway and I'm glad I did, even though I had to stop and walk after about 4km of the route. It was very scenic running along the river, although passing the restaurants and pubs were rather distracting. Lol.

My legs feel like jelly now and I wish I could get a full body massage, but I'm heading home. Quick meal, shower, and then to bed. Heehee.

Anyway, on a somewhat related note, I promised the grasshopper I'd cut down on my meat intake. Apparently he wants me to live for a long, long time and cutting meat and booze is the way to go. Lol. I've made him promise to cut down on the smoking in return too. Haha.

It's been 2 meat free days. Unless I have meat for dinner. Lol.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Finally got to satisfy my craving for popiah, not once but twice yesterday! So pleased.

Had lunch with Hera yesterday and she brought me to QiJi at Funan. One thing I really ought to remember more often is not to order when I'm hungry cos I often tend to overorder my food. Lol. So I had 2 popiah, 1 plate of chee cheong fun and 2 otah. Lol.

The popiah wasn't too bad but it wasn't homemade. I took the afternoon off and headed to Hair Mechanics and rebonded my hair again. Bianca was there and I was surprised she remembered my name because the last time I went there was a year ago!

Got a trim, rebonded my roots and did some leave in treatment thing. All for a hefty price of $318. *coughchokefaint* The trim was $48, the rebonding $230 and the treatment $40. *coughchokefaint*

This is why I only get my hair done once a year. Lol.

But with a neat hairdo on my head, I made my way to LGG's place and had homemade popiah. No hellos when I stepped in her house, just 'Let's eat'.

I think I had 3 popiahs, 2 half-popiahs (no skin, just the fillings wrapped with the lettuce leaf) and several spoonfuls of filling (no skin, no lettuce leaf). It was GOOD.

Topped off our meal with some jelly and chng tng and headed up to chit chat, plan our Tibet trip and just laze around. Hehehe.

I feel full just thinking about how much we ate. Lol.

Got home, chatted with the grasshopper for a bit and then finished reading my book and went to bed.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bimbo Post Alert

I'm bored of my hair. I had it rebonded some time in April or May last year, and now it's growing out. I've never been the sort to go for trims and such regularly, so the last time I had my hair trimmed was probably some time in November last year.

Now I don't know what to do with it. Sure, I could chop off a few inches, but that would leave wavy roots and straight ends. A bit odd, no? At least the length and weight of my rebonded hair 'pulls' the wavy hair straight.

Perm? I like the natural waves in my hair and I'm not too keen about having to maintain permed hair. Twirling my hair between my fingers? No thanks.

I could always colour or add highlights, since I've had black hair for quite a while now. Not too sure what colour to go for though. Lol. Decisions, decisions!

So I'm bored with my hair and have no clue what to do with it. How like that?

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Weekend

Spent the weekend with the grasshopper. It was a weekend filled with laughter, lots of nonsensical talk, chillin' and just hanging out.

- made mac and cheese from scratch. Very yummy but can't eat too much before you start feeling jelat jelak.

- the grasshopper made egg battered shrimp. Forgot the breadcrumbs but improvised using flour and it was still very good.

- cooking together = fun :)

- ordered mutton briyani. So tasty but so spicy. I couldn't eat much.

- drank 2 bottles of wine and chilled at home listening to music. Had a shot of absinthe too.

- made sunny side up eggs with the silicon molds i brought over! Heart shaped, train shaped and chicken shaped. So cute.

- went out and ate chaat. Need i say more? *slurp*

- stocked up on my lip balm, bought the foot stone and bought 2 books.

- cuddling = very, very nice.

Anyway, I got in to the office early and thought I'd walk around and grab breakfast. Am sitting at the MacDonald's near the office, eating a big breakfast meal. *burp*

Busy week ahead. And then, Bali!