Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Update

Oh I might as well update about my latest app purchase- Zombies, Run!

I love it.

As someone who can easily find a million and one excuses not to run / exercise, this app actually makes me look forward to running.

Coupled with the fact that my new workplace is within running distance back to my home, it's perfect for me. (Cos one of my favourite excuses not to exercise is that I don't want to be sticky and sweaty on my way home hur hur.)

I have to admit that after using the app a couple of times, I was beginning to "cheat". If you turn on the zombie chase feature, you can kinda guess when they are going to make the zombies start chasing you and you can deliberately slow down your pace so that when they actually do start chasing you, you can run at your normal speed.

Recently, I've taken to just turning the chase feature off. I don't like losing my collected supplies, you see.

So I'm slowly growing my base, and getting a decent jog while I'm at it. It works even when you don't want to run but just want to take a nice walk. Have to remember to switch the workout time to an hour. (Or just complete more missions. Hur hur.)

All in all, I have to say I have absolutely no regrets purchasing this app. I do hope they update and add more missions. I'm already halfway through.