Sunday, May 11, 2014

Homeward Bound

Can't believe we have to head back to Singapore today. Where did all the time go?

Quick recap of our trip since my last update.

We took the train to Edinburgh on Monday, a four hour journey. Arrived, checked in to our hotel, grabbed lunch. Went to a place called Mum's - food was so good. Walked around the royal mile, to Edinburgh Castle, had some whisky. Also went to look for a Charles Jenck landform that +3 wanted to see.

Next day in Edinburgh, we took a day tour to the lowlands. Went to Holy Island, Alnwick Castle and the Alnwick Gardens. Alnwick Castle is apparently where they filmed the quidditch scenes in Harry Potter.

Took a "Lost Cellar" tour at the Alnwick Castle as well, a 20min ghoulish performance. Have to say it was pretty good. Also visited the Poison Garden at the Alwnick Gardens, and learnt a bit about poisonous plants (did you know rhubarb leaves can kill you? We only eat the stems).

Went to Glasgow the next day, visited the Scottish Parliament House (designed by Enric Mirralles) as well as the Riverside Museum (designed by Zaha Hadid) which had a trasport museum exhibition.

The thing about traveling with architects is that you learn a thing or two about landscapes, public realms, buildings and architects.

Took a 3 day tour to Isle of Skye while K and S went back to London. Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands are gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful. Our tour guide was a history graduate so he had lots to share about the history of Scotland.

Random things I remember:

- Scotland has lots of water. Take all the water in all the lakes in the rest of UK and it would only fill 3/4 of Loch Ness.
- Loch Ness is the second longest and the second deepest, which makes it the biggest lake in Scotland.
- Scotland has an estimated 31,000 lochs (lakes).
- People in Scotland pay a flat fee and can use as much water as they want.

The highlight of the Isle of Skye trip was that +3 proposed. It was a gorgeous day and even the tour guide said that it would be a pity to spend this day indoors (having lunch) when the weather was so beautiful.

Will post about the proposal in another entry heehee.

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