Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Mystery Of The Missing EZLink Card

Had a strange encounter last week. Was heading home from work on Monday with my colleague and took the train from Yio Chu Kang station to Chinatown station. Usually I keep my EZ link card in the front pocket of my bag for easy access.

The next morning, as I was making my way to work, I couldn't find my EZ link card. Used my spare card instead (which is usually kept in my wallet) and took the train to YCK as usual.

Got to my desk, thinking that I had lost my EZ link card, and there it was! On my desk!

Told a few people about this and everyone said I must have forgotten about leaving my card in the office. But if I had used my spare card I would have remembered because the gesture of having to dig for my wallet then subsequently dig for the card would be something I'd recall.

Anyway I found out that one could track transaction histories of EZ link card, so I went ahead and checked the histories of both my cards.

What I found out proves that my story was what I told - there was a transaction from Yio Chu Kang to Chinatown on Monday evening on my usual card, and a transaction from Chinatown to Yio Chu Kang on my spare.

So how does one explain how the card mysteriously appeared on my desk the next morning? Spooky.

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