Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our New Setup

We've got a new set up for watering our plants. The last time we went for a 2 week trip to London, we tried to buy those gel ball things and cover our pots with them. Didn't work too well and we came home to three pots of very dried basil plants.

The recent trip to Indonesia was only four days, and we tried a new method to keep our plants watered. What we did was to set our pots in a shallow basin and fill it with water, and let the soil absorb the water. It was a gamble but when we came back, not only were our plants still alive, they actually looked happier!

We decided to keep this system of watering the plants but now we had to worry about whether mosquitoes would breed. +3 then suggested keeping tiny fish in the water to eat any mosquito larvae/eggs, and the fish would also fertilise the water to give our plants added nutrients.

He also suggested adding plants in the water to provide oxygen for the fish (I think).

Finally got some fish and plants and the set up is perfect. The fish were a little stressed at first and kept trying to jump out of the basin, but they calmed down and were much happier after we added the plants to the water.

Plus we have breakfast at the table and can also throw in some bread crumbs for the fishies. Hehehe.

I'm so happy we have this set up and it makes me really thankful to have a partner like +3 who does these projects with me. As my sister rightly said, this guy's a keeper!

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