Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Shapewear Saga

For those of you interested in the shapewear saga, I've finally found something that fits relatively well!

Went to OG (since I'm a member now) and headed to the lingerie section. I was looking at Triumph's range of shapewear when this salesgirls approaches me and asks if I need any help. Naturally, I ask for the most-control underwear, and the most-push up bra available.

She picks out a few pieces of super-tight-dress-like things, some high waisted panty-looking things, and some push up bras with various widths of straps (apparently the thicker ones are good to hold in back fats hur hur).

I have to say, salespeople at OG are generally quite genuinely friendly and helpful. We try on a few pieces and none are as much of a struggle to put on and pull off as the M&S ones. The level of control and shaping is quite decent, and I'm pleased.

The shocker is when she shows me the push up bras that she picked out. After taking my measurements, she whips out a D-cup bra.

Me: I'm not D-cup.
Salesgirl: The cutting is small. Just try first.


I don't know how to process this information, but I'm glad I manage to get something that fits. The cost is a bit steep (I've never bought underwear that cost SO much) but I guess that's the price to pay to look good. At least I hope I look good and not fakely well-endowed in my new D-Cup bra. Lol.

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