Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Teething Is No Joke

Wah, and I thought it was bad when his first couple of teeth started cutting in. MOLARS ARE WORSE. Poor boy wakes up screaming at night cos of the discomfort. 

He's got 16 teeth now, with his 4 molars making their appearance slowly. Apparently there are 4 more molars, but they will only come out later when he is about 2 or so. 

Time flies and the boy will be 18 months soon. We were initially planning to put him in a childcare centre but the one we registered him for was really slow in replying (if at all) to my emails. Plus we weren't that keen cos every time I walked past the kids would be playing legos or looking out the window or napping - I don't think I actually saw any class time. 

Looking for a new childcare centre but that's a challenge considering how many young families there are in the Sengkang and Punggol area. On the waiting list for a number of them, so let's see how that goes. 

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