Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cornflake Cookies!

I got this really simple recipe for cornflake cookies from Trina couple of days ago. The first time I remember eating cornflake cookies was some time ago, when I was visiting one of my Malay friends during Hari Raya (no, it wasn't the HTB). I've always wanted to try making them, but have never been very successful at locating a recipe. My friend's mom refused to share her recipe (sheesh!) and online websites didn't really seem to have anything that was similar to what I wanted to make.

Anyway, with this recipe in hand and me being back home early today, I decided to try it out so that the HTB can have some before his dental surgery tomorrow morning. As with all other yummy sinful recipes, once you know how much sugar etc goes into the mix, you don't really want to eat it anymore. Lol.

It's fairly easy, with only 4 ingredients, but rather tedious. Actually, I find making any types of cookies a hassle because you can't bake it all at one shot. Well, you could if you had a big enough oven and enough baking sheets, but my oven is a teeny tiny one, so I just have to keep baking and cooling and baking and cooling. Ick.

Cornflake Cookies
All ready and packed up

It's a very tasty cornflake cookie, but a tad too sweet for my liking. I'm not sure if it was because the recipe is too sweet, or whether my conversion from grams to tablespoons went wrong down the line. Or perhaps it's just my taste buds (I usually prefer baking stuff that doesn't have too much sugar so that my dad can try it. This is definitely too sweet for him.) I'll type out the original recipe here anyway. I didn't use any walnuts at all, I just replaced the amount of walnuts needed with more cornflakes. *grin*

Cornflake Cookies

125 gm butter
250 gm conflakes (nestle)
80 gm sugar
50 gm honey
80 gm walnuts (wash, dry and chop)

1. Melt sugar & honey in butter
2. Add cornflakes and walnuts in mixture
3. Bake for about 5-7 mins, +/-175 degree until golden and yummy


I baked mine a little longer because I baked them in larger (muffin) cups than those normally used for baking these cornflake cookies. You've got to wait till they cool down 100% before packing so that they harden up somewhat and don't fall apart while handling.

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