Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reflections - 2010

I was initially too lazy to sit down and pen my thoughts about the past eleven months, but I left my earphones in the office. And since I can't watch 30Rock on the train, or listen to any music either, why not try to make sense of the jumbled thoughts in my head and reflect on how the year has been.

All in all, I'd have to say the year has been a pretty awesome one. The number of chops on my passport attest to the amount of traveling I did (for both work and personal). Numerous trips to India where I went to Chennai and Hyderabad for the first time, and alsomet the grasshopper's folks; the unforgettable Bali trip where I famously said, "I know I'm talking rubbish, I just can't stop myself!"; two trips to Beijing and painful China visa applications (and also where I had the bestest Peking duck ever); the epic Tibet holiday where we took a 2 day train ride to Lhasa from Beijing and camped in below zero weather and made it to Everest Base Camp while barely breaking a sweat; and the handful of work trips to Jakarta where I discovered that Indonesia could be pretty cool. And I still have one more holiday to Krabi with the grasshopper, where we'll be counting down to the new year together! :)

Things on the family front have been good too, with two new additions to the clan: my sister and Mark finally tied the knot, and Windy and my brother welcomed baby Gideon to the world. My sister's wedding was a wonderful opportunity for the extended family to get together, and I managed to spend more time with Karen and Darwin (after not having seen them in yonks). I also made up with my brother.

My life at work have been good too. Nothing much to say about the work front (it's just work, after all) except that I feel that I'm getting better at wht I do, and still enjoying what I do. There's a new colleague in my team who has been a good fit, so the workplace has been quite fun and full of jokes and laughter too.

My relationship with the grasshopper has been interesting this year, with us going from strength to strength and also seeing the worse fight we've had. But it's all good and we try to work things out and communicate as best we can. The distance between us has been an issue that's been brought up more frequently, but I reckon that's normal as our relationship moves through different stages. He'll be coming to Singapore this Christmas though, and will be meeting my folks and friends. How exciting! I hope we have enough space and stamina to eat all the food I have lined up to eat though. Lol.

I also took up a new sport which I'm quite excited about- Muay Thai! I've been going for slightly over a month now, and unlike previously where I'd draaaaag myself to the gym, I'm quite happy to go for class during lunch or after work. The workouts are fun and I'm being trained by the best- world champions in Muay Thai! No more shit training by wannabe Muay Thai "fighters". Whee!

Hmmm I think I covered most of what's been going on this year. In the next post, what I want to do for 2011.


Anonymous said...

Hey where are you learning muay thai? I'm thinking of taking up a martial art. Was considering Aikido but I like muay thai too!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me. Used the wrong nick :)

bunnygoeszen said...

Lol mushroomfarmer? :)

I'm taking Muay Thai at Evolve MMA. (Sorry for the late reply).