Friday, December 16, 2011


Ok I know we're here during winter but it is so cold here in Darjeeling. OMG.

Was on the road yesterday, flying from Singapore to Delhi, and then from Delhi to Bagdobra. Then it was a good 6 hour and really bumpy car ride to Darjeeling.

Have I mentioned that it's cold? (It's really cold.)

Spent this morning unwilling to get out of the warm coccoon of the sleeping bag that we thankfully brought along. Walked around the bazaar, bought tickets for the toy train ride, got our permits for Sikkim, checked out the bookstore, had breakfast and lunch at Hasty Tasty and bought gloves and beanies.

Still deciding what to do for the rest of the trip but it's been chill (haha) so far. Probably will head up to Peling and do some trekking. But it's so cold. Lol.

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