Thursday, December 29, 2011


I'm finally back home! Too lazy to pen a proper post but I think these things are brilliant:

1. If you're at the Delhi airport T3 and sick of Indian food, check out Smoke House. Had a really yummy smoked tomato and brie sandwich and pretty decent mojitos there. Do not bother with Indian wines (they suck).

2. Have 3 drinks and pop a melatonin and you'll conk out during the flight. Best combo ever.

3. Ear plugs. Oh my, why haven't I discovered these before? Especially useful because flights to and from India are usually SO noisy. While I could still hear the high pitched shrieking of Indian girls laughing and chatting across the aisle, the ear plugs managed to reduce quite a fair bit of the noise.

4. If you're a parent, seat your children together and then take your own seat 10 rows behind. You don't need to look after the buggers but yet you're close enough if there's an emergency,

Stuff no one talks about:

1. OMG the pong. I didn't realise how badly I reeked till I landed in Singapore and was waiting for LGG to buy breakfast. I do not look forward to opening my backpack.

2. Hello, Sasquatch. Being all bundled up during winter and taking 2 minute long showers means that you tend to neglect certain grooming habits.

3. Airplanes have really, really dry air. I think my throat got dried out during the flight and now I'm coughing. Drinking two bottles of water during the flight apparently wasn't enough.


Anyway I'm lying strarkers in bed and trying to muster up the energy to get changed for work. 2 more working days till the new year!

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