Tuesday, July 31, 2012


For someone who isn't particularly tech-savvy, I have to say I'm quite proud of myself for (finally) updating my iPhone to the ios 5-point-something. Hehe. Nevermind that all I had to do was click on the button "Update" and let my macbook / iTunes do the rest. Point is, I've updated my phone! By myself!

And what pleases me even more is that I didn't lose any of my apps! My VLC player is still there (with all my episodes of Brothers and Sisters), my games (Dragonvale Level 23 oh yeah!) and everything else. The only thing that's missing was my ringtone, which was that annoying laugh from that cartoon and I can't even remember what it was. I'm now using a duck quack sound. Hehe.

And the reason for my recent technological bravado? I wanted to buy this app- Zombies, Run! It's an app that narrates a background story about erm... I don't know what, but there are zombies chasing you. Lol. And you have to complete missions.. and.. well, zombies are chasing you.

In other news, it's been two months at the new job and so far everything's been great. I like the proximity between my office and home, making it easier to motivate oneself to walk or jog home. I think the total distance is only 7+ km.

Food is cheap, so I've really been able to save money. This really helped, what with my dad's 70th birthday being such a huge expense this month.

My colleagues are really nice, but I do miss the folks at my old workplace. Buying kopi in the morning is just not the same without my daily morning chatfests with babycakes and bitching sessions are not as catty.

I do have my fair share of guffaw-inducing moments in my office with my boss too, so I'm glad she is someone that I can get along pretty well with.

Other than that, everything else seems pretty good. And I'm guessing that things can only get better. :D

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