Saturday, February 2, 2013


We left Vegas on Wednesday, and started the long drive to Tahoe. The original plan was to leave early in the morning, stop and see Mono Lake, and onwards to Lake Tahoe.

By the time we left (not as early as we would have liked), it was dark when we reached Mono Lake. So we had to satisfy ourselves with googled pictures. Lol.

Stopped by the Rhino's Pub and Grill to grab a quick bite, and we continued on our way.

With the snowfall that we experienced at the Grand Canyon, we were expecting Tahoe to be colder with much deeper snow. But after checking in and chatting with the hotel staff, I realised that it hadn't really snowed for a couple of weeks.

So we skipped the plans of snow mobiling, headed up the mountains anyway, and just watched people ski and snowboard.

Drove around the lake and stopped at various viewpoints, then had a simple dinner back in the hotel room. Safeway rotisserie chicken, for the win! Also finished 3 bottles of wine, soaked in the jacuzzi, and played at the megabucks slot machines at the casino.

It's the tail-end of the trip, and we drive back to SF today. Just need to hit a couple more shops to pick up stuff requested by friends, and spend the next couple of days nua-ing and packing up for my flight home.

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