Monday, June 17, 2013

The Small Things

In my last post, I wrote about some of thing "big" things in my life, the so-called "pillars" that I am thankful for. Today,  I thought I would talk about the small (and maybe)  silly things that I'm glad I have.

My zhang-da-le bag. This was a bag I spotted at a small shop at Arab Street,  after dinner and drinks with D and N. The shop was called Spoil Market and it had such an eclectic range of bags and shoes and random knick knacks.

I spotted my bag and thought that this would be the perfect grown up version of my army bag- a canvas sling bag that costs all of $4.50 from the Army Market. My zhang-da-le bag is made from a mix of canvas and leather, is much larger (can easily hold 3 days worth of clothes)  and still manages to look rugged yet sophisticated at the same time. A good buy, I must say. 

My S4. While I'm still navigating the phone and figuring out which are the best apps for me, I'm really enjoying the better battery life and the larger screen. Initially the phone felt clumsy and made my hand cramp when i held it for too long, but I've gotten used to the larger size. 

I have yet to port my contacts over but it's not that big a deal thanks to my next fav thing..

Whatsapp. Seriously the best app ever. Whoever decided to create this app is a genius. I love being able to chat with my sister and brother in different countries, without racking up huge global SMS bills. Wheee!

I also love that there is a group chat function so that it makes communication so much easier. My mom has certainly learned how to use the group chat, creating various family groups. Hehe.

Anyway. It's the start of the week and already mid-June. Time flies too quickly. So best to be happy with what we have already.

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