Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Art Of Procrastination

I've realised that +3 and I have very different working styles. He likes to be productive in the office, and I like to slack off. A good example of this is how we both approached working on a deadline for our respective upcoming projects.

+3 planned his time well. He paced himself, making sure he did enough every day, yet not working too late so that he could go home and get a good night's rest. By the time his project deadline submission was due, he had worked a couple of late nights, but did not have to pull any all-nighters.

As for me, my submission is due tomorrow and in the time I've had to work on my stuff, I've ..

- not done any work
- cooked
- shaved +3's hair
- gone to SGTCC (or is it STGCC?)
- gone for the Eames exhibition
- played PVZ2
- fallen sick
- rediscovered old favourites on youtube
- napped
- cut my toenails
- blogged about how I've not done anything

It's 2.36am and I need to submit my stuff tomorrow. So I've downed 2 cups of coffee and plan to burn the midnight oil till it all gets done. Of course, I'm not doing it *now* seeing how I'm writing about it. Haha.

Ah well. Better get cracking. Clock is ticking.

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