Monday, January 27, 2014

Things I Learned This Weekend

It's been a great weekend spent with my brother and his family, and I'm glad I decided to come over to Penang to catch up with them before they go back.

It was a little different from the type of holidays I'm used to though.

For one, holidays with children means that food and activities will be centred around what they will or will not eat, and what will keep them entertained.

They had booked themselves in a hotel that had a big-ish pool so that the kids could play in the pool in the afternoons. The downside was that the hotel was a little far from town, and nearby food options were quite limited.

My first meal in Penang? MacDonalds. Lol. Which, of course, the kids loved. We had tze char from the nearby coffee shop for dinner that day.

The plan was to explore the street art along Armenian Strert in Georgetown so we booked a taxi to head down. It was a very nice and pleasant walk around, looking for the street art and exploring the town.

After having roti canai for breakfast, we walked around and took the free shuttle bus, and went hunting for the famous Penang assam laksa.

The shop was packed and we had assam laksa, rojak, char kuey teow and cendol while the children ate bread buns.

Took the bus back to the hotel, an hour's ride but really convenient. Spent the rest of the afternoon napping while the kids played in the pool again.

Dinner was at a nearby western restaurant because the kids wanted spaghetti. Lol.

Had dim sum the next morning while my brother went to MacDonalds to pack breakfast for the kids. Then we headed back to the hotel to pack.

I had originally booked an extra night in the same hotel as my flight was the day after my brother left. But after chatting with +3 we decided to book me in a hotel that was actually in town so that I could easily find food and walk around easily. (Gotta love +3!)

Took the bus to town again and checked in. Am so glad that I changed my room! Walked about, had the assam laksa again, went to the market, got back when it got hot. Went out again in the evening, had a ramlee burger, and back.

Location really does make a difference hehe. I enjoyed my walk about last evening- there are so many beautiful old buildings around.

Anyway I am having the hotel buffet breakfast now, leeching off their wifi, and planning my day. Back home today!

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The Beauties In Our Lives said...

My kids and I went to Penang and gorged on all things Malaysian - never touching a single bit of western or Mac's! I think it is essential to let kids experience local cuisines...and as you may know, my kids do not have a say in what they can eat...which expands their palates a lot! So bringing kids on holidays doesn't always mean doing the things they like :) - Linette