Friday, February 13, 2015

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 20/30

Had dinner at a teochew restaurant a couple of days ago as a pre-CNY celebration. Metamorphoenix suggested the restaurant, and it was an interesting experience having teowchew dishes instead of the usual cantonese or hokkien fare that we typically get.

Started the dinner with yusheng, it's not CNY if you don't lo hei! This was definitely a different style from what we usually have. There was tang-oh in it and instead of salmon, they used some other white fish. Was tasty!

Had cold crabs, deep fried prawn balls, pigs intestine (for chingaling), white bait soup, bamboo shoot, and kway teow fried with cai po. That was probably my favourite dish as you drench it with chinese vinegar. So yum. Ended the meal with orh-nee. Slurp.

So I'm thankful that I have friends who are foodies and that there are always new and interesting food places to discover and enjoy.

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