Monday, June 8, 2015

We Have Limited Time In The Sun

+3 and I bought some gundam toys (is that what they are called?) over the weekend. We got the limited edition SG50 one cos we are so Singaporean, and another green one called Hi-Mock.

The result of this gundam filled weekend was a couple of gundam related dreams. I can't remember the details of my dream but it has to do with me giving +3 a white one.

+3's dream was less complicated but much sweeter.

He dreamt that he was looking at a movie poster which had a huge gundam and at the bottom, some small pictures, one of which was a couple hugging (which turned out to be us). The movie tagline was "We have limited time in the sun" which was a reminder that we only had a limited time on earth.


I'm so thankful to be blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who is compatible with me in so many ways. Gotta really remember not to take our time together for granted.

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