Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How Things Are Like So Far

In the last 10 over hours or so that I've been at KKH, I think I've taken at least 5-6 BP readings. Most of the readings were in the normal range (110ish - 120ish) and only one at 830pm which was 160ish.

No idea why the fluctuation. 

Managed to snooze for abit from 12ish to 1ish, but was woken up for a reading at 1.15am. Stayed up till 2ish thinking they'd take a reading again an hour again but they didn't and I managed to sleep and got woken up at about 5.15am for another reading. The latest one was 113/-.

Also gave 3 pee samples in the time I was here, thankfully I drink a lot of water so am able to perform. Hehe. And everything seems normal. I'm hoping to be discharged before 11.30am later today. 

One thing I've noticed is that it isn't that easy to rest well in the hospital. For one, the beds aren't all that comfy (no fluffy pillows) and that waterproof plastic layer just makes your butt sweat. Lol.

The constant people walking in and out is also distracting. I'm in the C-class ward which is the 6-bedder, but it's really very open so I can hear people snoring, chatting, and babies crying. 

Newborns crying sound like cats meowing. 

Anyway I'm glad that my blood pressure seems to be ok. Hope the doctor does his/her rounds early so I can know what's going on. Meanwhile, I'm going to try to snooze a little bit more. 

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