Sunday, November 1, 2015


So CH has introduced the evil game, Ingress, to +3 and I. It's a game app that you install on your phone, where landmarks around you are "portals". You choose a side (green or blue) and try to hack or capture as many portals as you can. 

It's bloody addictive and CH is an evil woman.

Anyway apparently the blue folk are leading worldwide, and CH got us to team green. We have a few portals in our 'hood that were green (yay) but then today found out that they were taken over by some blue folks (boo!). 

Long story short, +3 decided to go around this evening and take them back. Woohoo! It was fun skulking around the neighbourhood, and I think we actually saw the person who was defending his portals while we were attacking them. Hehehe.

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