Monday, February 29, 2016

One Full Month

Today, we celebrated babyAC's full month. We catered dinner, invited family and friends and neighbours, and had a simple do at home. The caterer we used was recommended by our neighbour, and the food was pretty good (approved by papa) and decently priced. We also ordered red eggs, ang ku kueh (or rather, the "boy" version, ang ee) and glutinous rice. 

How quickly time has passed! I love calling babyAC my hungry little caterpillar because when he is all swaddled up, he looks like a caterpillar. Hungry part is self explanatory hehe. 

The first two weeks back home was challenging. After being "pampered" by the nurses at the hospital, it was diving into the deep end having to feed and burp and change diapers and bathe the baby and change his clothes. 

My new-mom arrogance and idealism kicked in and I was all "I'm going to exclusively breast feed my baby!", except that my milk hadn't come in and I was actually starving my child (quite the opposite of what I was intending to do), and eventually +3 convinced me that supplementing with formula was the best thing we could do.

I also quickly learnt to let go of my ego, and more readily accepted the much-needed help of my mom and nanny, both of whom were more than happy and eager to burp and bathe and change his diapers. This gave me more time to rest and more time for them to bond with him and let me learn the ropes. 

By week three, things were starting to get a bit better and by the fourth week, we were definitely in a much, much better place than our first night home. 

We now know what makes him unhappy (being hungry, and being gassy- sounds just like me), and try hard to minimise whatever may cause him to cry.

Anyway, this is the start of an exciting adventure with the little one. I'm looking forward to many more months and years of this journey. :)

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