Sunday, March 13, 2016


It's 4am and I'm absolutely ravenous but I have a sleeping baby on my chest and if I put him down, I'm pretty sure he'd wake up cos it's time to feed him. 

Anyway, my hungry little caterpilar is a little over six weeks old now and things have gotten easier compared to the first couple of weeks. In the initial weeks, we didn't really know what we were doing and my milk hadn't come in, so we struggled and had to supplement with formula for two weeks or so. 

The third and fourth week, we kinda got into the swing of things, and was mostly tired due to cluster feeding. Pumping was also starting to become a little bit more encouraging, as I was able to express slightly more. My hungry little caterpillar had bad gas and we learned the importance of really burping him properly after each feed. 

The fifth and sixth week was better. My hungry little caterpillar is getting better at sleeping at night, waking to nurse and not fussing as much when he wakes up. This translates to +3 having a better night's sleep. Hehe. 

Back to the sleeping baby on my chest. We headed out to a wake just now and didn't bring the baby, so I'm stocking up on cuddle time after his last feed. It's really my own fault cos I could have put him in his crib earlier. Ah well. 

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