Monday, May 4, 2009


Was chatting with Ki this morning. Rather, I was complaining about not knowing where to go for lunch. And the best part is? I wasn't even hungry. Lol.

Anyway, decided to walk around Raffles City to buy some Lysol and hand sanitiser (sanitisor?) but they're all sold out! Was too lazy to see if other malls had any, so bought me a stick of sotong balls, and a stick of crab claw and walked around window shopping.

Felt thirsty and hankering for something sweet, so am now at Starbucks sipping a Chai Tea Latte and having a chocolate chip muffin. Delicious.

Anyway, it's already May! 2008 seems like a lifetime ago, and in manyways, it was. I'm just so glad to be where I am today, that I'm not feeling bitter or sorrowful, and that I'm generally in a good mood every day.

Other things I should have blogged about but was feeling lazy. I attended the Aware EGM and even helped out as a volunteer for the We Are Aware camp. It was an amazing day as thousands of women stepped up to make their voices heard.

The atmosphere in the hall was riotous and just being in there (shouting and screaming as well) was such an amazing feeling. I got to meet people I wouldn't have otherwise known, and I do hope we'll be able to keep in touch.

After the EGM, a few of us went to watch Wolverine. Woot! According to one of my temps, the storyline wasn't accurate, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Spent the rest of Sunday veg-ing out and watching movies, finally finished watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I'm smitten.

I also watched Muriel's Wedding, which I thought was so-so.

Hmm random people have been smiling at me. Do I have something in my teeth?

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