Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY Greetings

Haha I didn't realise I've already done the mandatory "Gong Xi Fa Cai" post and was going to do it, but since it's already been done, I guess I'll have to blog about something else. *grin*

This is my 6th day on "holiday". Was actually on MC on Thursday and Friday, thanks to an unexpected topshell (yes, very specific) allergy that left me with congested lungs and a really swollen puffy face. I was taking pictures all day and sending them to everyone I knew- it wasn't a pretty sight. Recovered by Friday afternoon and met Wen and Ching for Turkish food at Far East Plaza and then martinis at Mezzanine.

All of us got so sloshed that night- I think I easily had 8 martinis or so. But they were good, so good. Got back home, broke a glass, had some noodles, threw up, spoke to my dad in Hokkien (probably the most hilarious part of the evening), told my dad I was not drunk, and chatted with the grasshopper till I pretty much sobered up.

Spent Saturday in recovery mode, lazing in bed watching How I Met Your Mother and just bumming around. Had our reunion dinner, sang songs on the KTV and struggled to stay up for as long as possible (something about kids having to stay up for parents' longevity or something). Stayed in most of Sunday, watching more of How I Met Your Mother and finally got up and showered and put on a new dress and enjoyed a lovely lo hei (we did it twice lol) and dinner with the relatives. Played some blackjack, drank lots of choya and then crashed.

Woke up yesterday to a call from Wen and then met up with her at the supermarket. The queues were too long so we decided to ditch plans to make tom yum soup and headed back to her place to chill and stuff ourselves silly. We made egg muffins, drank the lychee martinis, ate the lychees that had been stewing in vodka for over a week, cooked japanese curry, ate that, ate chips, drank homemade mulled wine (a winner) and ate cheese and crackers. A non-stop eating fest for over 8 hours.

Finally watched Goodfellas and then don't know how many episodes of Gilmore Girls. By the time I left her place, I was thisclose to exploding and so so so so so full.

Slept early, which explains why I'm up so early this morning (was up at 4.45am haha). Probably going to go back to sleep after I'm done with this. :)

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