Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's All Wonky

Ah, one of the downsides to having a (super) long weekend is that you end up getting used to sleeping late and waking up after 12 hours of sleep. In other words, ones sleeping cycle gets screwed up big time.

It's now 2am and I'm wide awake. I've tried everything I can think of to help me sleep- read a book, put on some lavender scent, drink warm water (too lazy to heat up the milk) but my mind is still alert and body pumped. Even the 100 squats that I did earlier in the evening doesn't seem to tire me out. (Unless it's because I did squats that's why I can't sleep? Hmm.)

Had a lovely day out with LGG and Ching today. Went to the temple and I burnt one of the curly incense cos the guy who was writing names had beautiful handwriting and I wanted to see him write my name. Lol.

Grabbed lunch at Sakae Sushi at Icon, had coffee (oh no wonder I'm still up!!!) at Tom n Tom's, bought lottery tickets, walked to Chinatown, then walked to Clarke Quay, had dinner at The Tapas Tree, then walked around Meidi-ya. An awesome day just eating, chatting and doing absolutely nothing.

Hmm now I know why I'm still so wide awake. Lol. Totally forgot about the 2 cups of coffee I had just now. Yikes.

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