Friday, May 14, 2010

And Good Triumphs Over Evil Once Again

The rotten apple has decomposed completely and has finally tendered his resignation with the company. He obviously wasn't happy once all of us wised up to his sneaky ways and guarded against him taking advantage of us and stealing our credit.

I'm tickled. Did he really think he could cruise on by without having to put in a single iota of effort? Lol. The department has claws, you know.


I went to see TKFKMM yesterday at Ruq's place. She has named him Kunyit (I think that's the spelling. It's Malay for tumeric) and he's been getting better under her care. Although he shouldn't be putting too much stress on his leg, he can now run around quite well.

The cat is so manja though. Had him on my lap for almost 3 hours and he was content to just lie there be scratched and massaged. He's got the most adorable face ever, and it was so hard to stop and leave him. *love*

Ah well. Ruq's gonna bring him to the vet to get the bandage changed. It's getting a little tight around the belly, which is good cos that means he's putting on some weight. And the cutest thing ever- if you scratch him under the bandage, he'll start licking you! So. Cute.

Hehehe. Ok, off to work. I scratched my eye yesterday and this morning it's all swollen. But it's ok. Won't miss the rotten apple's last day. Whee!

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