Thursday, May 6, 2010

Updates, Or The Lack Thereof

Haven't been blogging very regularly cos there hasn't been much to write about. And in a way, I guess it's a good thing. Life is simple, peaceful and calm.

Weekdays are spent in the office. There's no more office drama, and my days pass by rather pleasantly. I have an awesome boss, great colleagues, a job that I enjoy, and a comfortable working environment. And the one person that I really couldn't stand? He just quit. Whee!

Evenings are spent catching up with friends over dinner. Either that, or I head back home and just spend the evening chatting on msn and surfing the net. On days that I feel hardworking, I'll go downstairs for a jog and climb up the stairs to train for my upcoming China/Tibet trip. More often than not, laziness wins though. Lol.

We've bucked up our training on Saturdays and Sundays, and head to walk along various trails in Singapore. Bukit Timah hill, MacRitchie reservoir, Dairy Farm quarry- slowly but surely we try to cover these places. After a couple of hours of walking, we head for a meal and then back home. By the time we're back, we've still got half a day! Hehehe.

I chat with the grasshopper when I'm at work for a bit, and then we have longer sessions in the evenings just before I go to bed. Marathon skype sessions are usually delegated to the weekends. And of course, we speak on the phone every day too (even though it's a brief call).

I'm happy. Things are going well and I like how there's no drama at this point in my life.

I have several goals that I'm working towards, but I think I'll start on them when I come back from China/Tibet. Hehehe.

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