Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Having 9 Hours Of Sleep Is A Pretty Awesome Feeling

Slept from 10pm to 730am this morning. Hadn't been able to get a very good night's sleep ever since I came back from China, and it was only when I was with the grasshopper that I was able to knock out and sleep all the way through. Apparently I started snoring 2 seconds after saying goodnight. Lol. Of course, sleeping at 2am in India = 430am Singapore time, so naturally I'd be knackered. Heehee.

Feels good to finally be fully rested. Not that I have any intention to be more productive at work today (lol!), but at least I'll have energy while not doing anything at all. Dozed off a couple of times at my desk yesterday.

Anyways. I need to find a dress. My sister is getting married in 2 weeks time (or less?) and I gotta find something appropriate for the occasion. Given that my shopping attention span is only 5 minutes, I really should have started the search for something to wear a little over 3 years ago. Heehee. But no worries, I have shopaholic friends like the Fashion Jeannie who will be more than happy to take over this job from me. (I hope!)*grin*

Alright, time to head to work. I'm awfully late. Yikes!

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