Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maybe Sleeping So Late Wasn't Such A Good Idea

Had a late day in the office yesterday because my boss and I had to finish some work. By the time we were done discussing and updating the document, it was almost 11pm.

Grabbed a quick bite after and then headed home. Took a shower and then got on skype to chat with the grasshopper for a bit.

Perhaps I'm in denial about my actual age, but I refused to go to bed despite the grasshopper's constant reminders that it was getting late. From 12.30am, to 1am, to 1.30am.. By the time I logged off it was already 2am.

Don't worry! I said. And kissed him goodnight and tucked myself in.

Fast forward to this morning. The 2 alarms that I set went off. And I was still in bed. The only thing that forced me to wake up was a sharp shooting pain in my belly, probably the result of finishing a bag of chips and a pack of gummies for dinner.

So now I'm on my way to work, my eyes barely able to keep on while I sit on the train. I think I'll nap for a bit.


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