Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was going to start this blog entry by going on about how it's been ages since I last posted, but realised that almost all my entries these days start off like that. Lol. So I have decided to just start writing about what I was planning to write about (*points to blog post title*) but obviously, I haven't actually done that since I'm writing about how I'm not going to write about how I've not written in a while. *phew!* That was a mouthful. I blame the coffee.


I just got back a couple of days ago from a weekend trip to Chennai. Tiger and most airlines have cancelled their direct Singapore-Bangalore route, which leaves us with 3 choices if the grasshopper and I want to meet up.

1. Take a Singapore Airlines / Silkair flight from Singapore to Bangalore.
2. Meet in another country.
3. Meet in another part of India.

SQ flights are ridiculously expensive for weekend jaunts, so that's out of the picture. Although, I did see some Silkair flights to Bangalore that were about 600 bucks. Almost double what I used to pay for my Tiger flights, but still fairly affordable. The only problem with these cheap-ish (in comparison) is that you have to fly on weekdays. Thursday and return on Tuesday type of flights. And I don't have enough leave  to do so.

Meeting in another country is also possible, but that means that both of us would have to fork out money for flights. And then accomodation. And if you're going to be forking out that much money, might as well take a longer break and have a nice holiday. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of leave we can take. *sigh*

So the best option so far would be to meet in another part of India. Tiger still flies to Chennai so I can get cheap tickets there. And the grasshopper can take a train ride down, which isn't very expensive either. The only additional cost would be accommodation, and that's not too expensive in Chennai.

.. Ok I haven't even started writing about the actual weekend and I have to end now. Lol. Shall continue later.

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