Monday, November 28, 2011


You don't realise how important your skin is until you lose it. Methinks our plans to go cycling at Rottnest Island today was just not meant to be.

Darwin booked our tickets, we got on the ferry to Rottness, picked up our bikes and headed to Dome for breakfast. We deliberately sat within sight of the bikes but conversation got in the way, and when we looked up, the bikes were gone. Apparently this is a common occurrence, cos when we went to the jetty to tell them what happened, they just gave us 2 more bikes.

Cycled about for about half an hour. I was going downhill when I realised I was going a bit too fast for my liking, tried to slow down, hit my brakes too quickly, and hit the pavement.

I must have skidded on my side cos I scraped the skin off my forearm, triceps, armpit, boob, belly, thigh and knee. Lol. An injury that only ten year old kids would get.

Ah well. Not looking forward to the recovery.

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