Friday, November 4, 2011

Stressed? Me?

The lady who I go for massages asked me if I'm very stressed at work. Apparently my back and neck muscles are really tight, and as soon as she manages to get them fairly pliable, the tension comes back again.

I don't know. I certainly don't think I'm stressed at work, at least not now. Peak period only starts next year. Perhaps it's all the traveling I've done, perhaps it's just poor ergonomically designed furniture in the office. Maybe it's time to get a new bed and pillow.

Many people have said that I ought tp get into yoga. All the sequences will help with posture, strengthening and stretching the muscles, but it's just so boring la. *pouts*

Oh well, let's see. Plus I'm rather averse to large classes and prefer to have lessons in small groups where you get a better instructor to student ratio. So if I am able to find a studio that I like, maybe. In the meantime I guess I'll have to practise being a rubber band at home and do my stretching as often as I can.

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